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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ukraine is preparing for the collapse: a regime energy PE

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman called an emergency meeting of the Cabinet on energy situation in the country. After the radicals have blocked the delivery of coal to Ukraine from the NPT and the LC, the situation in the energy sector is on the verge of crisis. TPPs do not have the opportunity to work and to produce electricity. What it is for the country — is understandable.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

Opening the meeting, Groysman said that he was forced to introduce a regime of emergency measures in the energy system of Ukraine. According to him, under the threat of power outages were all the major cities of the country. “In fact, I believe that this question is in the first place, vulnerable to every Ukrainian citizen… Today we raised the government in order to make a decision on the introduction of emergency measures in the energy system of our country. Emphasize that the shortage of coal created completely artificially, and the list of names of people who did, knows the whole of Ukraine. I stress that the government is ready to fight hard and fight any manifestation of smuggling in any part of Ukraine. But the fight with the Ukrainian society, with people is unacceptable,” – said the Prime Minister. What measures can include this state of emergency is not clear. But, most of all, we are talking about rolling blackouts of the housing stock, as well as the suspension of some energy-intensive enterprises. What else can cause the introduction of state of emergency, “MK” told the President of the Center of system analysis and forecasting Rostislav ISHCHENKO:

– It is clear that the fact of consideration of a question on introduction of state of emergency in the energy sector testifies to a crisis situation. The Minister of energy spoke the day before yesterday and said that in two weeks we will begin to stop thermal power plants, and within a month, Ukraine is waiting for the collapse of the energy. Even if something is exaggerated, it is not very much. Here we are not talking about that somewhere can of the battery and the light to turn off. In the end, it’s March already occurs somehow without heat live. But we are talking about that will stop the remains of the industry. It is clear that businesses cannot operate in the mode of rolling blackouts. In addition, it virtually paralyzes life in big cities. In the 90 years, Ukraine has experienced a period of rolling blackouts, but they were local and very limited time. If you talk about the rolling blackouts on a regular basis — it’s the same energy collapse. And in conditions when the population and so it is hostile to the government and the President and their acts against consolidated Maidan opposition, the one which overthrew Yanukovych is leading to serious socio-political consequences. And the fact of blocking the delivery of coal is very transparent actions of the political opponents of Poroshenko, aimed at the final destabilization of the regime and its overthrow in terms of the energy and social collapse. So these people and clear the railway tracks so hard. Some of the power structures that obey Poroshenko, tried to remove them. But I understand that the government does not have enough resources to stop this blockade. Because not only these battalions, which are now all included in the National guard, but regular part of the APU that existed before the coup and who are on the demarcation line in the Donbas, too, are set out sharply against trading with the DNI and LC. Because – and this is “treason and betrayal”. And stop this fuss Poroshenko is very difficult. Therein lies his problem.Now he is trying in terms of information, to seize the situation — to convince people of the need to implement drastic measures, otherwise all. But given the fact that he does not believe it will be difficult to convince people.

Coming February 20th — anniversary of the shooting of the Heavenly hundred, which the people again convene at the square. And the introduction of the energy emergency may result in the fact that people will go EN masse on the Maidan. And whether it is necessary then in addition to energy to introduce state of emergency and even martial law?

– And you think this blockade is the anniversary of the Maidan podgadat by chance? And 20 February convene the National Assembly precisely in order to excited people created the picture you want to put pressure on Poroshenko. It while trying to get to leave on good terms. A state of war for Poroshenko — a double-edged sword. He had long frightened his opponents that if it will be too much pressure, he will impose martial law. But the scare was last year, when his position was stronger. But now with the introduction of martial law is not the fact that the armed forces will obey Poroshenko. Because under the current legislation, with the introduction of the EP a significant part of the authority for the direct control of the armed forces passes to the Secretary of the security Council Turchynov. In this situation, the big question — who will benefit will serve as a military position. So Poroshenko is a very difficult situation, they have virtually no good moves. All the opportunities he has already exhausted, and his opponents are stepping up pressure. And they are deliberately destruction of the remnants of the Ukrainian economy and social stability, to remove Poroshenko. And since Poroshenko did not agree. They push harder. Stronger and stronger. It’s all in the style of Yulia Tymoshenko, which has always crushed their opponents, showing that she will go to the end, no matter what will be the end. But Peter is also the man who demonstrated that he will go to the end, especially because he had nowhere to go. So the situation is on the verge of armed conflict. To avoid large-scale confrontation they can only be the case if a significant part of the armed forces will be on the same side. And all will understand that resistance is futile. Don’t know how real it is.

– If Poroshenko will break the resistance, then where did he run. He can’t, Yanukovych, hiding in Russia, and in the US it is not waiting?

That’s why Poroshenko and resists to the last, because he had nowhere to run. He understands that for him the renunciation of power means a terrible end immediately. And to find the power, the horror without end, but not really for him. So he tries to resist at any cost.


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