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Friday, March 23, 2018

Regional permutations demonstrate the personnel policy of the Kremlin

A series of personnel changes among the regional leaders seem at the moment, finished. At least this view is held by politicians, government as causes rotation of governors and the requirements that put forward to the governors the Federal government.

On Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin accepted the resignation of the head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen and appointed acting head of the region Artur Parfenchikov. Parfenchikov still headed the Federal bailiff service (FSSP). Elections of the head of Karelia scheduled for September. The khudilainen, head of the Republic since 2012, he prematurely resigned.

“Is accented on the rate of successful managers with varied experience, both at the Federal and at the regional level”

At the meeting, which took place on Wednesday in the Kremlin, Putin suggested Parfenchikov to lead the Republic is the head of the Federal bailiff service has been accepted. He said that he is originally from the Karelian heartland – from the village of kurkieki. Commenting on his appointment, the new head said: “I understand that this is a special responsibility and the right to failure no.” “I am absolutely sure that many people will help me. In the region many people know me, and I know many of you. The Republic is very good and the people are very good, – quotes the new head of Republic Kremlin website. – Someone thinks that Parfenchikov – a man in uniform, it will be difficult in the economy. Of course, it will be difficult, will be difficult in the economy, it will be difficult in everything.”

State Duma Deputy, member of the Central headquarters of the popular front Mikhail Starshinov said Arthur Parfenchikov has the understanding of the situation in the region, also noting its professionalism and integrity. The Deputy noted that this personnel decision of the President shows that in a series of appointments of governors “there is no reference to any particular lobbying group”, and the important experience of effective activities and “person of good moral character, professional, competent managers”, the words Starshinova newspaper VIEW.

Starshinov said that familiar with Parfenchikov know personally. According to him, this is a deeply decent person, the maximum vykladyvaya in the performance of assigned tasks. “Karelia is his homeland, he knows it, there for many years he worked in various positions,” he recalled.

While Starshinov noted Parfenchikov and youth. “The man is a huge prospect, age allows him to plan work for the long term. The energy, the desire, therefore this personnel decision, I can only welcome,” he added. While Starshinov said that the resignation of Judilynn was expected. “Many predicted and groundless”, – he said.

We will remind, since February 6, five governors announced the early resignation instead of the Governor of Perm region Viktor Basargin Putin appointed acting Moscow Maxim Reshetnikov; instead of the head of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn – Alexei Tzudenova; instead of the Novgorod Governor Sergei Mitin, Andrey Nikitin; instead Ryazan Governor Oleg Kovalev, Nikolai Lyubimov.

Of the 15 regions in which this year’s election, 10 President nominated new candidates. That is the update before the election has reached two-thirds.

As you know, the election of governors by direct vote will be held in the following nine areas: Belgorod, Ryazan, Saratov, Sverdlovsk, Tomsk, Yaroslavl, Kaliningrad, Kirov and Novgorod. Elections are scheduled in three republics – Buryatia, Karelia, Mordovia and in Perm Krai. Direct elections of the Governor planned and in Sevastopol. The 15th region will be Adygea, however, there is the head of the Republic will be elected in the Parliament.

Earned the new evaluation criteria

According to political analysts, if earlier, the criteria for assessing the activity of a management of regions has been set, but now their number has decreased dramatically. The General Director of media holding “Expert” Valery Fadeyev called the obvious that the President is promoting the Governor’s office of young, energetic professionals. “This vector will continue. The President relies on a new generation of specialists. Obviously, in the President’s administration created the system of personnel selection and it works. The bench is created for those people who can take a strong position,” – said Fadeev, the newspaper VIEW.

Fadeev said that the first criteria on which to assess the region remains socio-economic status, including level of investment, unemployment, wages, tax collection. The second condition is electoral performance, as all appointed in the last days the leaders have to go through elections. “What matters is not only the election results, and the very atmosphere, the turnout, what a activity in the region. The third is the confidence of the President. If you have any information on relatives for jobs, the transfer of the contracts to your people, all it causes a negative reaction. I will not mention the obvious corruption crimes,” he said.

Fadeev, in turn, also identified the factor of consolidation of regional elites. “On the example of Perm Krai, we saw that consolidation is not very good. Different groups of politicians, businessmen pull the blanket over himself. In these circumstances it is very difficult to steer the region back on the path of development. And these regions, unfortunately, are many. And the task of the Governor is to consolidate the elite around the development. The regions where the development is energetically, for example in Tyumen, Belgorod, Kaluga regions, there is always the elite consolidated. This does not mean that all dance to the tune of the Governor, but all working on the goal, which leads to growth of welfare of people,” – said Valery Fadeev.

The President of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov also considers that the personnel policy of the presidential administration now is a focus on successful executives with diverse experience. “The relationship of the new appointee with the region is welcome, but sometimes not perceived as a prerequisite. However, as a rule, the new governors are relatively young, therefore, there is a focus on fresh footage”, – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

Vinogradov noted that during last year’s reshuffle the rotation of governors was on the same criteria. “We can say, the Kremlin is acting in the same trend,” he added. The expert does not exclude that before the autumn elections, resignations will be no more.

“The positive managerial competence”

The criteria for personnel policy of the President was finally formed, agreed in conversation with the newspaper LOOK Professor HSE Oleg Matveychev, a focus on successful executives, with diverse experience. “The main criterion is the presence of a successful or, say, positive managerial competence or more positive managerial skills. That is, a person has a good experience, namely the experience of this implementation – whether at the level of region, town, as in the case of the play, or at the Federal level, as is the case with others,” said the source.

According to him, the future Governor needs to pass all sorts of tests and interviews designed to identify his personal qualities, potential, e.g. the ability to find common language with colleagues or to behave in stressful situations.

We should not expect new resignations

The head of the holding “Minchenko consulting” Evgenie Minchenko, speaking to the newspaper VIEW, also suggested that should not expect new resignations of governors before the upcoming fall elections.

Minchenko noted a variety of potential new leaders. “The most varied experience, probably, Lyubimov, who worked as the head of Kaluga, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly and the state Duma. In principle, the rest can be proud of. All of these people, with rare exception, one way or another worked with Putin and personally acquainted with him,” Minchenko said the newspaper VIEW.

President made personnel changes in the Governor’s building are marked by the Kremlin performance criteria aimed at rejuvenation of the elite managers and fit into the agenda of elections in the regions, which are indirectly correlated with the presidential election, according to the head of the Foundation for civil society development (Fargo) Konstantin Kostin.

“I believe that the new appointees is a little more than six months in order to get into the swing of things, to formulate development priorities territories, to consolidate the regional elites, to ensure that all levels of government of the territory of the subject worked in a unified team to seek support for its programs to residents of the regions during the single voting day in September”, – said Kostin, “Interfax”.

According to Kostin, there is every reason to predict that appointed acting heads of regions that will solve the problem successfully. “They all passed clear system of professional selection and meet the criteria formulated by the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, – the ability to ensure economic development of the territories to be political leaders to consolidate the regional elite and receive high ratings of trust from the population, the absence of claims related to conflict of interests and corruption”, – said the expert.

Fit into the agenda of elections in the regions

About the retired governors, experts note that the big claims to their activities was not, however, in these regions had its own problems – or low electoral potential of the head, or intra-elite conflicts, which the Governor could not suppress, or the problems in the economy. If, for example, in Karelia there are still serious economic difficulties, in Buryatia inhibited the overall development of the region, and Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn did not develop a relationship with local elites, with the result that the level of electoral support was low. Not by chance, as suggested by political scientists, in Ryazan was now appointed a successful Manager from a neighboring Kaluga Nikolay Ljubimov. In the Kaluga region the initial conditions are similar, but the situation with economic development much better. It is expected that Lyubimov will bring positive experience to the area.

Kostin also believes that a reshuffle of regional leaders at the moment is over. Answering the question whether more personnel changes at the level of heads of regions, Kostin said, “For such forecasts, I currently don’t see reason. Of course, this cannot be ruled out, if there will be bases on the results of work of law enforcement bodies”.

While Kostin does not exclude personnel changes at the Federal level. “I think that generational change is a process which concerns not only regions, but all authorities. But it is extremely important to avoid braking kompaneyschiny and throwing. Rotation for the rotation does not make sense. It is justified only when the management at a particular position comes to a person who is able to work more efficiently predecessor, to achieve higher results”, – he stressed.


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