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Friday, March 23, 2018

Missiles “Onyx” have been a baptism of fire in Syria

Another example of Russian weapons for the first time tested in Syria – defense Ministry showed the work of cruise missiles “Onyx”, speaking in tandem with the “Calibers”. Thus, military experts predicted the mass activity of the Russian troops in Syria began, though not as it was predicted originally.

On Tuesday, the Russian military launched massive strikes on the forces of the “Islamic state” and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” in the provinces of Idlib and HOMS. At the end of last week it became clear after the arrival of the squadron led by the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” to the shores of Syria Russia chooses the moment to start such a large-scale operation.

“The goal is to break all the weapons that are in the Armed forces. Such frames, which we had seen only from Americans, promote patriotism”

Many observers assumed that the Russian group will strike a volley, and as a target Aleppo will be selected so that the effect of such impact will be particularly evident. However, the command obviously decided to strike at different targets in two different provinces. It is clear that a spectacular volley start-up is meaningful against a well organized enemy with an advanced air defense system, since only a volley allows this defense to break through. But the rebels defense is not, in principle, it was therefore decided to choose the most important goal, and gradually, upon receipt of intelligence data, not to waste ammunition in vain.

Nonetheless, it is evident that the operation for which the Russian flotilla went to sea a month ago from Severomorsk began. As reported by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the attacks were directed primarily to the production of toxic substances. “It’s the plants, not the plant, namely a plant for the production of different kinds of media is pretty serious mass destruction of the population, – quotes “Interfax” words of the Minister. – It is clear that this is a well-established industrial production, it is for these purposes and to apply today strikes. They will be continued.”

Shoigu noted that for the first time in the history of the Navy in the battles involved “Admiral Kuznetsov”. With his side, he said, the militants worked for the su-33. “Before that, we were very careful, thorough reconnaissance of all the targets. On this basis determined the main of them is the ammunition depots, clusters and centres of training of illegal armed formations, and to be precise – terrorists”, – said the Minister.

Ministry of defense released footage of combat use of carrier-based aircraft. The footage shows how the plane takes off from the deck of an aircraft carrier with ammunition and then returned without ammunition. The video entitled “aviation”. In addition, on Board the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich” was released to the terrorists cruise missiles “Caliber”.

In the same video there are shots and hit targets with cruise missiles “Onyx” land mobile systems “Bastion”. And this is the first ever combat use of these missiles.

P-800 Oniks (index URAV Navy – 3М55, export name – “Yakhont”, classification MO U.S. and NATO – SS-N-26 Strobile) is a generic supersonic anti-ship missiles and medium-range missiles intended to fight with surface naval groups and single ships in heavy fire and electronic countermeasures. Can also be used against ground targets, and confirmed its application in Syria.

The first battle of the “Admiral”

As noted by the editor in chief of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski, was first tested by real combat readiness and effectiveness, “Admiral Kuznetsov”, including control system flight deck aircraft. “Proven ability to make the long transition to a remote theater of military operations and to ensure the work of the aviation group on Board, the waste management system. It is known that it requires good channels of communication and automated control systems. All of this is tied to the national control centre of the Ministry of defense eventually,” Murakhovsky said the newspaper VIEW.

The expert recalled that “Bastion” previously lit up on one or two photos from the base Hamim. “The main objective of “Bastion” – the fight against surface ships. But he has the opportunity to work on ground targets that have a radar contrast. Checked here this opportunity,” – said murakhovski.

The expert noted that the footage with the UAVs seen the missiles hit the targets. “Is hit within the target objects. That is, the goals worked. But to think that this decisively affect the situation in Syria, it would certainly be too optimistic,” warned murakhovski.

Expert I not surprised that the attacks on ground targets are applied primarily cruise missiles, not the air group “Admiral Kuznetsov”. Basic aviation group Russia is Mamimi. “Each day is made 40-50 sorties. If the aircraft does not work directly on Aleppo, it does not mean that she smokes at the airport. It works for other purposes,” – said the expert. According to him, the main task of the group “Kuznetsova” – air defense.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW, before the “Admiral Kuznetsov” has suffered the first – albeit non-combat – loss. Crashed ship MiG-29K, which fell into the water, as stated, the result of a technical fault. Although officially the defence Ministry did not stop all flights from aboard an aircraft carrier, it is possible that in fact such a ban was introduced on Tuesday, until the conclusion of the investigation into the death of a fighter.

Separately murakhovski spoke of the tasks for the MiG-31, whose presence in Syria started talking in social networks. By the way, information about the appearance of these fighters have appeared in Israeli and Turkish media last summer. It was suggested that these aircraft are deployed on the basis Hamim. However, according to other versions, we are talking about the base Queries in the province of Aleppo. Official confirmation of this information yet.

According to Murakhovsky, these planes are designed to enhance the air defense of the Russian troops deployed in Hamima and Tartus. “It is known that the MiG-31 has one of the most sophisticated radar among Russian aviation. In addition, its avionics allows you to work in the aviation group, that is, to transfer from their radar information to other aircraft and ground command post. Control of the airspace becomes more efficient,” – said murakhovski.

Military expert Yuri Lyamin in conversation with Defence.ru earlier also suggested that the MiG-31 will be used for air defense. “The MiG-31 is not designed to strike at ground targets. The aircraft will be used for air cover fairly large distances. It is a powerful radar that lets you track air targets, to monitor the situation and, if necessary, to hit the target using long-range missiles R-33 (“air – air”),” – said the expert.

“To break all the weapons”

The head of the research Department of middle East conflicts and the armed forces of the region of the Institute of innovative development Anton Mardas notes that released images are quite impressive. “We’ve never seen, especially shooting “Bastion” on a range. The same and cruise missiles,” Mardas said the newspaper VIEW.

“Putin stressed that the operation in Syria has revealed certain shortcomings. These triggers including are to test and run all existing weapons that are in the Armed forces. And this is a positive experience. Such frames, which we had seen only from Americans, promote patriotism,” – said the expert.

According to him, the defects of which, Putin said, and touched the missile. But in terms of Syria to launch missiles “extremely difficult”. The problem is that most of the Sunni population sympathized with the rebels. “We see this in all lines of the fighting. In Idlib province concentrated a lot of the civilian population – even compared to three months ago. Any strikes must be strictly verified. These are objects which are not intended to be civil by definition. So, you select the objects, which under some canopy is armored, or there are loaded with Shahid-mobiles or ammunition is stored. There are no more strikes on their barracks, as they can be all mixed spectrum of the opposition. Blows everything indiscriminately will only radicalize all groups and the radicalization of the population. That is the big problem,” – said the expert.

Aleppo has not yet touched

With regard to the situation in Aleppo, defense Ministry spokesman major General Igor Konashenkov said that in the framework of the Tuesday a massive fire strike with cruise missiles was no purpose in this city. He also recalled that the aircraft of Russian air force and Syrian air force for 28 days did not cause any strikes on Aleppo.

Informed and military experts, and analysts have noted that a massive blow HQs in Aleppo in the moment is not in the interests of Moscow. In the city such an attack could cause mass casualties among the civilian population of the city and the angry reaction of the Sunni population of the region, and from a political point of view – to encourage the newly elected President of Donald trump’s score in his administration more “hawks” than people tend to compromise on Syria. However, Moscow believes that massive strikes on Idlib and HOMS will affect the events in Aleppo.

“I believe that the air strikes with the support of the Navy on targets of militants in the provinces of Idlib and HOMS have also a strong psychological effect, after which the sweep of Aleppo, which is also not without the decisive participation of the Russian HQs will end successfully”, – told RIA “news” the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich. He noted that the Russian military is now able to conduct major operations on virtually all fronts in Syria.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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