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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Meeting trump and Netanyahu will be challenging for both

After Barack Obama, which is so adjusted US policy on the middle East issue, he was accused of “Pro-Palestinian” position, the White house came to be unambiguously “Pro-Israel” trump. However, as the outwardly-and internal political situation in the United States is developing in such a way that particularly enjoy tel Aviv is not necessary.

Today 15 of February in Washington, will meet President Donald trump with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. This meeting, which both sides initially pinned great hopes and expectations probably will be in a much more mixed feelings and with much more modest results.

“Despite the loud ambient effect, essentially the situation is not as optimistic as we would like and as would be for Israel”

To “sweeten the pill”, before the White house made a statement that produced a bombshell. The representative of the administration said that the US does not insist on the principle of two States in the middle East. This principle implies the creation of two States – Jewish and Arab – like mechanism to resolve the middle East conflict.

It means giving up position, which is the cornerstone of the current international approach to the Palestinian-Israeli peace process and has consistently supported States.

The White house announcement has caused a stormy reaction in the world, including from the UN. The Secretariat of the organization said the immutability of support for the principle of two States in solving the middle East conflict.

However, in spite of very strong external effect, in essence the situation is not as optimistic as we would like and as would be for Israel. However, as for the White house.

On the arrival of Donald trump in the White house by Israel were pinned very high hopes. As you know, Barack Obama is so significantly has adjusted US policy concerning the Israeli-Palestinian issue is that he was accused of changing the American line with traditional Pro-Israeli to Pro-Palestinian.

In turn, Donald trump is known for his tough Pro-Israeli position for many years and even decades. In his election campaign he had proved it, repeatedly attacking with harsh criticism of Obama’s policy in this matter.

He began his presidency trump the hard anti-Iranian statements that it was also extremely well received in Israel. The traditional bitterness of the Iran-Israeli confrontation is well known.

The problem is that for a period of less than a month of finding a new President in the oval office demonstrated enormous limitations and obstacles they faced in their work.

First, almost all foreign policy initiatives of trump face harsh criticism and direct rejection, both within the country and outside it. It should be noted that the situation is understandable, given that he tends to put forward proposals that run counter to years of established trends. The fresh statement of two States in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a very good example. But in the same Treasury is and announced the intention of the cancellation of the Iranian nuclear deal, the promise of moving the us Embassy to Jerusalem, and more.

Secondly, for all his external refinement and populism trump the rational player. He is well aware that his Pro-Israel sympathies are obvious limitations, not least associated with traditional U.S. allies in the Arab world. Accordingly, he can’t overreact to his steps in support of Israel has not caused the irritation of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and etc. this is why the experts tend to believe that the promise to move the Embassy to Jerusalem will remain unfulfilled.

Thirdly, and this is probably the most important, the last days showed, that card is under heavy attack their opponents within the United States. Moreover, he has suffered a series of extremely painful hardware failures. The most notorious and iconic in their series, of course, was the recent resignation of his Advisor Michael Flynn.

If in the last years of his presidency, Obama joked about him as “lame duck”, the last months in the presidency, trump is forced to wonder whether he does to rule and to do something intended.

Moreover, foreign States and their leaders find themselves in an unpleasant situation. We can not exclude the scenario, when building a strong relationship with the current administration may come back to haunt them, if trump won’t stand in the current political battle.

In this situation, the Israeli Prime Minister – and, in General, the Israeli state is in a situation when it is easier to maintain strong relationships with traditionally strong Pro-Israel lobby in the American establishment, but not too close and show his location to the current American President whose future becomes increasingly vague.

In the end, the totality of the circumstances the first meeting of the tramp and Netanyahu, which could really open a new Chapter in us-Israeli relations, with a high probability will not bring any real results. Although after a significant cooling period, Obama even dramatic warming of mutual rhetoric can be called achievement.


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