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Saturday, March 17, 2018

March 8, Medvedev will sign a landmark “women’s Strategy”

Russian feminists will receive a gift from Dmitry Medvedev at the meeting with Valentina Matvienko, the head of the government stated that on 8 March, will sign a National strategy for women, which will save the Russians from sexism. In addition, the head of the Federation Council and the Prime Minister promised to deal with excessive corrections legislation. Now Russian laws, in their opinion, similar to quilts in which all confused.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The question of the quality of the legislative process at a meeting of the leadership of the Federation Council and head of government raised Valentina Matvienko. But boiling, as it turned out, both. According to Medvedev, his long striking “extraordinary lightness”, which in Russia changes in the legislation.

– I have always causes tension when one of the Ministers or deputies, come to mind to promote some idea, he immediately writes a law to change the most significant bases of the legislation of the country, – said the Prime Minister.

As a lawyer, I can say that the Codes need to touch it in the least. It is sufficient to refer to the practice of a number of major countries, he added, citing the example of “Code Napoleon,” not endure significant change over the last 200 years.

Valentina Matvienko, in turn, has compared Russian legislation with the quilt, which confused everyone – business and citizens, and the officials themselves. As shown by recent monitoring of the Center of strategic research, since 2004 a new law in Russia practically are not accepted, and all legislative activity focused on the adoption of amendments to already existing documents. On average, the Codes change more often than once a year. And such key laws as the Tax code, administrative code, criminal procedure code, and also Land and Forest codes – about once a month. According to experts, such instability for the benefit of anyone not talking. People are not able to track the constantly changing rules of the game and therefore can not fulfill the statutory requirements. And businesses, faced with the need to constantly adjust their plans and budgets suffer losses and try to go under someone else’s jurisdiction.

Matvienko complained to Medvedev at the haste with which the lower house churns out amendments to the laws. As well as their questionable quality. For the second reading, according to the head of the Federation Council, the bills often made changes that completely change their concept and essence, but also the object of reference and scope. In other words, under the same name, the country gets a completely different law – a real “pig in a poke.” And these “bags” (or “cats”? ) I have accumulated a few dozen.

Matvienko, Medvedev excitedly called an end to the vicious practice – for example, to establish a rule that allows amendments to the code no more than once in a parliamentary session. But internally both could not understand that the head of government and Chairman of the Federation Council, in this case a little that depends. To the state Duma has ceased to work in the “mad printer”(and the Federation Council to agree on its solution) without the administrative resources of the Kremlin can not do. And although Vladimir Putin several times publicly called, not speeding up with amendments to the legislation, a clear signal to this effect, the deputies, apparently, have not received. Moreover, the President generally signs all of their earlier bills.

Taking advantage of Valentina Matviyenko also asked Medvedev to sign was developed on the initiative of a National strategy for women, which aims at eliminating gender inequality by 2022. The document contains proposals to combat stereotypes about the place of women in today’s world, sexism in the movies and on television, violence in the family and at work, and economic inequality (women now earn on average 26% less than men in a similar position).

– I’m sure this document will be a worthy gift to our women on 8 March and will inspire them to even greater participation in the life of the country, – said Matvienko, Recalling that “wonderful, smart and talented” women make up 54% of the population, and those who have higher education, among them more than among men 58% to 42%.

Do not resist under the pressure of the most important women of the country (and the Head of the Federation Council in the “table of ranks” in the third position), the LADIES promised to produce a Strategy straight 8 March. And to the representatives of the stronger sex did not feel deprived, February 23 “do something good” for men – but not for everyone, but for defenders of the Fatherland. Orthodox activists and advocates of family values have already criticized the Strategy Matvienko, stating that it promotes ideas of feminism and blurring of the traditional role of women in society.


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