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Friday, March 16, 2018

Konstantin Zatulin: “I’m ashamed of Lukashenka and the Union state”

A week has passed since then, as a citizen of the Russian Federation Alexander Lapshin issued by the Republic of Belarus on request of the Republic of Azerbaijan and placed in a detention facility in Baku. Citizen Lapshin, whose only fault is not authorized by the Azerbaijan to visit Nagorno-Karabakh, faces up to eight years in prison.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Appeals and numerous petitions for the detainee’s release from Russian, and from Israel (whose citizen is also Lapshin) was left in Minsk dismissed.

Thus, the CIS created a dangerous precedent, according to which the complex issues of interstate and international agenda, over which, as in the case of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict for many years by official parties and the international mediators, izvodjaca to the persecution of citizens of third countries not participating in the conflict no direct involvement.

A citizen of Russia, without her consent and contrary to her opinion, is passed by one of our state-neighbor to another for imprisonment for political reasons. Special bewilderment, if not more, is the fact that the extradition decision taken in the Republic of Belarus, including with the Russian Federation within the Union state, the Eurasian Union and the Organization of collective security Treaty, i.e. in the closest possible relationship.

I have not the honour to know citizen Lapshin. But it is highly regrettable that the Azerbaijani side has chosen the hunt for a civilian blogger and journalist, even as you claim to be, cocky, as a way of self — affirmation in the fight for the return of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Such revenge only drops of the promotion of Azerbaijan in the public opinion of those countries that should be important to him. And brings to mind about such “evidence of national omnipotence”, as a ransom from Hungary maniac Ravil Sahib Safarov, who killed an Armenian colleague night in the officers ‘ course of NATO, and the elevation to the rank of national hero.

He wanted to prove to Azerbaijan? Once again confirm that for the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh would be madness to go back under his wing? It’s much better to pay attention to the experience of neighboring Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus that promotes the free visit both parts divided in 1974 and the island as never before close today to an agreement on the settlement of the conflict.

However, every blacksmith and his happiness and his unhappiness. Azerbaijan, at least consistent in their decisions — I know this firsthand, for many years, staying in the black list not entrance to this beautiful country, with Montserrat Caballe, Sergey Butman, Love Kazarnovskaya and the other “evil” from many countries attending at different times Karabakh without any weapons in hands.

I am ashamed of Alyaksandr Lukashenka and our Union state. If it is, of course, still exists. Agree, this is the last time it is permissible to doubt — on the background of the behavior of our allies and of his judgments on Russia at the most critical turning moment for us in modern history. Innumerable ways of getting discounts on gas, the quotas on oil or promote your own oysters on the Russian market — some of them quite decently. Trade citizens of Russia and other countries not called as such even while in captivity at the discreet charm of hydrocarbons.

“With don issue no.” — say my historical homeland. Just disgusting to hear an explanation why the issuance of foreign citizens in Belarus is now considered a heroic achievement policy. Mind you, I never condemned the head of the Republic of Belarus for what he gives Kyrgyzstan’s fugitive President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, much more involved in the difficulties of the Union of Belarus Kyrgyzstan, than some kind of Lapshin in the problems of Azerbaijan. Grabbed a tripod in the temple but will be untouchable, and I wish in this case to consider Belarus temple.

In the end, we are in Russia is to blame when you refuse to call a spade a spade, under whatever pretext it may happen. Still fresh memories about how in 90-e years of “geopolitical considerations,” we have given to Azerbaijan who fled to Russia, Prime Minister Surat Huseynov. And nearly gave Heydar Aliyev to his predecessor — former President of Azerbaijan Ayaz Mutalibov: thanks to the then General Prosecutor of Russia Yuri Skuratov this deal was stopped for five minutes before committing.

Intelligence agencies of some CIS States are still trying to keep Russia in the hunt for his dissidents and the opposition, using the fact that a kind grandfather Boris Yeltsin in 1997 issued a decree on the non-proliferation of political asylum in Russia for refugees from the CIS countries, with which our country enjoys visa-free relations. That roam today, the political refugees from Ukraine quotas of the Program of voluntary resettlement of compatriots in Russia, to avoid deportation to the “native” Bandera…

God forbid that the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has made the return of Alexander Lapshin. Otherwise, one never knows, in the near abroad, the epidemic of trafficking foreign nationals for political or economic reasons will affect the ordinary citizens of Russia, newly discovered in the summer of Crimea.

Read the story “Lukashenko at the Redline: who destroys the Union of Russia and Belarus”

Konstantin ZATULIN,

the Deputy of the State Duma of Russia


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