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Friday, March 23, 2018

For statements about “violations” by Russia of the INF Treaty are worth $ 400 billion

Senator McCain after the American media said that Russia allegedly deployed unit of the new cruise missiles in circumvention of the INF Treaty. Statements devoid of evidence but soon Congress must decide whether to allocate for the next ten years hundreds of billions of dollars on modernization of nuclear forces. Will it be possible to convince the new owner of the White house to fork out for “protection from the Russian threat”?

Russia is not taken seriously by American media about a possible violation of the Moscow Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty), such statements are unfounded in nature, said the Director of the Department for nonproliferation and arms control of the foreign Ministry Mikhail Ulyanov. So diplomat commented on the publication, which appeared yesterday in the New York Times.

“Americans are already running, the modernization of tactical nuclear weapons, they practically complete the work on modernization of nuclear bombs”

The American edition, citing sources in the White house, claims that the Russian military allegedly launched a fully operational unit cruise land-based missiles of a class “earth – earth”. This is emphasized by the NYTimes, is a clear violation of the INF Treaty, signed by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan in 1987.

After the New York Times spoke known for his anti-Russian stance of Senator John McCain. Saying that Russia has deployed missiles with nuclear warheads, McCain said Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to test the administration of Donald trump. “In light of recent events, it’s time for the new administration to take immediate action to strengthen our deterrent position in Europe and to defend our allies,” said McCain. In particular, he added, it is necessary to modernize US nuclear forces for readiness “to confront Russia’s nuclear doctrine”.

As noted by the Director of the Department for nonproliferation and arms control of the foreign Ministry Mikhail Ulyanov, Washington still has not provided evidence of their statements – there are links to some anonymous sources.

Russia will respond to Washington’s claims only if they are received in the prescribed manner, emphasized in his turn, the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky. “As for the INF and accusations of cruise missiles, in this case Washington knocks the blame on others. Russia and the INF Treaty was not violated and does not violate” – said the Deputy.

We will add that on the eve of the US Navy fired off the coast of California test launches of two ballistic missiles Trident-2 on Board the nuclear submarines of class Ohio.

“Russian threat” from the air and from the sea

In the publication New York Times mentioned type of missile allegedly deployed in the Russian Kapustin Yar: the SSC-X-8 by the Western classification. We add that the letter X has been removed from the latest intelligence reports, it says that US intelligence agencies believe the new system moved from the development stage to the stage of operation.

As explained by the American edition, we are talking about 9М729 – cruise missile long-range land-based. According to Western estimates, the missile is a land version of the missile 3M14 missile complex “Caliber-NK”. According to other assumptions, it is a land-based version CBRC KH-101 has a range of over 5500 km. it is Noted that this distance allows us to circumvent the INF Treaty because it provides for a ban on missiles with a range up to 5,500 km.

In the United States is not the first time accusations against Russia in an attempt to circumvent the INF Treaty. In 2014, the Obama administration accused Russia of breach of contract in connection with the testing of a new cruise missile. In Moscow, then accusations are called unfounded.

This time the discussion of the theme of “Russian threat” was not limited to the mention of cruise missiles at distant range – we are talking about the Russian military ship off the American coast. The Fox News channel, close to the Republican party, citing an unnamed source reported the Russian intelligence ship “Victor Leonov” conducted patrols near the East coast of the United States. This is the first case after the entry of Donald trump as President of the country, stresses Fox News. The ship was 70 miles from the coast of the state of Delaware and went North at a speed of 10 knots.

Ten countries with the largest military expenditure (click to enlarge)the Ship “Viktor Leonov” project 864 (according to NATO classification – Vishnya Class) is equipped with reconnaissance equipment and weapons, including anti-aircraft missile complex.

It remains to convince trump

The frequent reports of threats on the part of Russia can quite explain the Pentagon’s plans to update and strengthen the “nuclear shield” of the United States. As reported by the American military-analytical portal of Defense News, the new estimates of the White house, the current plan for the modernization of US nuclear weapons will cost $ 400 billion. The plan is for 10 years and involves the modernization of the nuclear triad.

Among the key programs in the next decade – the replacement of the Navy class nuclear submarines of the type Ohio, to work on a new bomber B-21, capable to deliver both conventional and nuclear strikes, replacing the existing Intercontinental ballistic missiles Minuteman III and the development of an advanced cruise missile air-launched long-range LRSO (Long RangeStandoff).

On a nuclear program estimated budget of the committees of the houses of Congress, will take approximately 6% of the total defense budget during this 10-year period.

However, in the report of the Congress does not take into account the factor that the tramp can change the current plan, inherited from the Obama administration. President Donald trump in this regard has already ordered an official report, which has been defense Minister James Mattis, said Defense News.

The new administration, the claim – old

Current media campaign aimed at including and to convince the public of the need of spending $ 400 billion, “is one of the elements of information war”, said in comments the newspaper VIEW military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski.

Claims for violation of the INF Treaty was put forward by Congress and the Obama administration for a long time, for at least five or six years, since the testing of Russia’s cruise missiles in the complex “Iskander-m” and the new Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

USA “claim that a cruise missile flies further alleged 500 km, that is, falls under the restriction of the agreement of SMD and Intercontinental flying closer to 5500 km, that is also falls within the range, limited by the Treaty”, said murakhovski. He recalled that Russia in accordance with the INF Treaty exchange of information passed to the Americans official data that refute these statements.

For its part, Russia also has claims against US for breach of contract, “in particular at the location of the launchers of cruise missiles of sea basing on the subject in Romania, which can launch cruise missiles, ground-based,” he said.

Russia also indicates the use as targets for testing missile defense systems missiles that fall just under the treaties, i.e. in the range of several thousand kilometers.

“This exchange of complaints we have going on for a long time. The current members of Congress have charged them once again. But the new administration of the President of the United States, as we have seen, comes in the Wake of the Congress and seems to be also supported such claims,” – said the expert.

“Give money”

Victor murakhovski indicates that US already carried out the update of the terrestrial component of the strategic nuclear forces. “Now the modernization of tactical nuclear weapons, they practically complete the work on modernization of nuclear bombs dropped from aircraft and their deployment in Europe”, – said the expert. He also said that several NATO countries are the warehouses where the already modernized tactical nuclear ammunition.

In addition, according to Murakhovsky, the United States intends to modernize Intercontinental ballistic missiles Minuteman, which now form the basis of the strategic nuclear potential of the terrestrial component.

So statements about the alleged violations of Russia can play a role, said the source. “Naturally, when such claims are voiced for all English-language media, plus their support of foreign media German, French, Spanish, and so on, it is a massive informational impact on the minds of ordinary people. General background of military-industrial complex – give money. He also needs to live somehow,” – said the expert. He recalled that General Dynamics, General Electric, Raytheon and other major U.S. companies are among the top ten world producers of weapons.


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