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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bribe Casurina: Aksenov promised to throw corrupt officials out of a helicopter

Former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea Oleg Kazurin detained on suspicion in receiving a bribe in especially large size. According to the investigation, the official during the period from August to December received a bribe in the amount of 27 million rubles in several parts. Contributed to the detention of the bribe-takers of his former chief — the head of Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

Oleg Kazurin. Photo: Press service of the head of Republic of Crimea

On the official website of the Investigative Committee of Russia today there was a message on detention of the former Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, but without specifying name and surname of the suspect. Guess that we are talking about Oleg Catherine is not difficult, in fact it until December 2016, were listed on this post.

According to the investigation, Kazurin brokered from August to December received some “payment” from an unknown construction company. “Pay” the official took for assistance in choosing a single Builder at the conclusion of contracts for the construction of housing on the Peninsula. Former Deputy Prime Minister appreciated the monopolization of the construction market in the Crimea in 27 million rubles.

Contributed to high-profile arrest personally the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov, who admitted that convicted the ex-slave in “dirty games” before his dismissal.

“In November I found signs of crimes under several articles of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation the Lord of Casurinas. Committee on anti-corruption was requested to verify the number of activities Oleg Casurina. Most of the materials were transferred to the interior Ministry, Investigative Committee, Federal security service of Russia in November-December”, — said the head of the region.

The materials collected Aksenov became the reason for detention Casurina, who was dismissed in December 2016 for failure to perform their official duties and public tasks. Interpreted his decision to dismiss Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Aksenov at the end of last year.

In addition, the head of the Republic of Crimea noted that this is not the first loud arrest in the region this coming new arrests involved in the corruption scheme.

“The process is not over. This is not the last detention. Can’t disclose the secrecy of the investigation, but claim that the situation is under full control, and this arrest is the result of great joint work of the Executive authorities and law enforcement agencies. Work will continue, no one from punishment will not leave”, — assured Aksenov.

Also the head of the Peninsula, said that to fight corruption it is necessary more accurately, and has instructed his subordinates to develop effective ways to fight against dishonest officials, but what exactly — not specified. “Outreach needs to set people on what the law should be respected. Read part of the speech of the President of the Philippines, who said he was one corrupt thrown out of the helicopter. Method is effective, perhaps, but for us it does not apply”, — said Sergey Aksenov.

The investigative Committee has been silent, the Crimean media from unnamed sources received information that the same unknown construction company, which, exacted bribes, could be a well-known firm “CREC-15” Roman Lukichev, which a few years ago dubbed the Crimean grief. Company is working in Crimea since the Ukrainian times, known primarily for “projects-Ghost”, as well as those that have repeatedly managed to fill government orders. According to the newspaper “Arguments of Week-Kerch”, thus a mediator, who transferred money Casurina, could be one of the Deputy head of the Kerch administration, responsible for the construction.

By the way, the former Deputy Prime Minister could never boast of great popularity. The first problem arose when he was the Director of the Department of municipal economy of Sevastopol. It was during his work Sevastopol increasingly complained about the work of public utilities. The representative of “Business Russia” and a member of the popular Front Oleg Nikolaev was surprised by the move Casurina from municipal officials in regional. “Of course, I was pleased that we were heard and Kazurin no longer works in Sevastopol, but the fact that he, in fact, gone on increasing, to put it mildly, surprised,” — said Nikolaev.

By the way, that activity Casurina gave rise to the appeal of the 22 thousand of Sevastopol Vladimir Putin in the summer of 2015. Then the inhabitants of the seaside town complained about the huge number of violations in the work of the administration. The results of the appeal to the President not long to wait — a state audit revealed 170 violations. In the end, several officials have left their posts, including Kazurin that instead of punishing you somehow got a promotion.

The facilitator, passing on a bribe to an official, has issued a recognizance not to leave, and he Kazurin detained and gives evidences to investigators. The maximum punishment that can be expected ex-official under article 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Receiving a bribe through an intermediary in especially large size”) — up to 15 years of imprisonment.


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