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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Assistant trump fell into a carefully prepared trap

The resignation of Michael Flynn from the post of assistant to the President for national security was the first serious defeat of Donald trump. However, to accuse the new President of weakness is not worth it. Operation against Flynn connected with its dealing with the Russian Ambassador in Washington, began under the Obama administration, and was conducted with a rare sophistication.

The fact that Russia remains the main topic of the us policy after the inauguration of trump, of course, very significant, but familiar. But that conversation with the Russians already fired, it’s something new. It is clear that this is a joke – but not so rough: a conversation with the Russian Ambassador in the US cost position one of the leaders of American foreign policy.

“We see “Watergate in reverse” – when the intelligence agencies are blackmailing the President of their own country by recording his assistant”

Although General Michael Flynn himself resigned understanding, as stated by adviser to trump that becomes a scapegoat. Three weeks on a post of the assistant to the President for national security and one of the key team members leaves the property. Why? Because framed Vice-President Mike Pence – not on purpose, but was framed, or because the American establishment absolutely does not want to improve relations with Russia?

No, it’s much easier – because trump is trying to politically destroy it, to bind hand and foot, deprived of command and sent into retirement. The war Trump declared, not the Clintons, not the Democratic party. He declared war a large part of the establishment, cosmopolitan and essentially anti-American. And the first victim in this war fell General Flynn, or hid them the President, or substituted under bullets of the administration of the trump. However, it is more accurate to say that the General has fallen into the trap set by the enemies of the trump.

The operation of knocking out Flynn took a month and a half – from 29 December to 13 February. And exactly half of this period came during the reign of Barack Obama, that is all started with the Democrats and with them, in fact, and was made the main part of the case. But about all under the order.

29 Dec Barack Obama imposed new sanctions against Russia. Among other things, they concerned the 35 expulsion of Russian diplomats. On the same day, trump aide Michael Flynn – that he will be appointed to one of key posts in the new administration, was long since known – is on the phone with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak. The next day, Vladimir Putin, contrary to expectations, said that “we will not stoop to the level of “cooking” irresponsible diplomacy” and won’t anybody to send. Trump, commenting on the statement of Russian President, calls it “an excellent course – I always knew he was very smart.”

And it was at this point the Obama administration begins to search for the culprit – that is, who has advised Putin to do so. As written this week, before the resignation of Flynn, the Washington Post:

“Restrained reaction of Putin caught White house officials by surprise, caused some of them suspect that Moscow had promised liberation from the sanctions, this has motivated an investigation into the American residentsthe in search of clues.

“Something happened in those 24 hours” between Obama’s statement and the response by Putin, said the former top official of the United States. Officials began to analyze reports of residents, intercepted conversations and diplomatic communications, and saw evidence that Flynn and Kislyak communicated by SMS and by phone about interested in their time.”

No matter how presented by the newspaper is true. In any case it is legalized through the press version of the Obama administration. Thus, intelligence agencies and the White house decided to strike at the Trump. It is clear that they have already had a recording of the conversation Flynn and Kislyak – and we had only to arrange the trap.

And that was done. 12 Jan appears information about what Flynn said Kislyak – it was poured in the Washington Post in which David Ignatius published an article “Why Obama hesitated in adopting measures in response to hacker attack Russia?”. The article is not about Obama, but about how insidious Putin gripped the whole of America with their espionage.

One of the four questions that pathetically asked to Ignatius, is generally beyond common sense. He hints at what is clearly invented data from the famous “dossier trump”, that is the report that the Russians have on trump, collected by a former officer of MI-6, due to the fact that the Russians were counter-intelligence game with the Englishman, and “deliberately peddling a British agent about details of a controversial dossier to sow even greater chaos.” That is, the Russian slipped a Linden – then to laugh at unsuspecting enemies trump.

But that was not the main point of the article Ignatius. It was first reported on Flynn’s conversation with the Russian Ambassador:

“Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, whom trump has chosen as his adviser on national security issues, and maintains close relations with Russia. He spoke, and even received royalties for their performances on cable TV channel Russia Today (it should be noted that the press service of the RT in December of last year stated that Flynn had not received money for appearing in the channel – OPINION) that the declassified report about the hacker attacks Russia, published last week, was called “the main source of Kremlin propaganda in the world.”

According to a senior official of the U.S. government, Flynn tried several times to call the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on 29 December, i.e. the day when the Obama administration announced the 35 expulsion of Russian diplomats, as well as the introduction of other measures against Russia in connection with hacker attacks. What was said by Flynn and if it could somehow wipe out the US sanctions? The the Logan act (not in force) bans US citizens from unauthorized negotiations with the official representatives of foreign States having differences with the US. Is not violated if Flynn requirement of this law? Representatives of the election headquarters trump did not respond to a request for comment.

If the team contact trump helped to convince Russia of the necessity to retaliate, maybe it’s even good. However, we need to find out what had really happened”.

It turns out that Flynn was charged that he violated some law of Logan – although everyone understands that for more than two months after the elections, the team of the elected President always comes to the different contacts with the authorities of other States. It has always been, not to mention the fact that the Logan act for two hundred years never used. However, in the war with trump all the ways are good, so it was clear that the theme of “Flynn has violated the Logan act” will actively promote. Before the inauguration then remained a week, and the trump team had to react quickly.

Here also were made the only mistake by Flynn and team trump. The next day they acknowledged the conversation, but to deny the fact of the discussion of sanctions. That is, afraid of persecution by reason of “violations of the Logan act”, but just needed to recognize the fact of conversation on various topics, not narrowing the maneuver. Because in the hands of the beaters was the transcript of the conversation Flynn and Kislyak – and these beaters have been leaving the administration and intelligence agencies. Trump and his team seem to have fully felt took office, forgetting that on the calendar the 12th, not January 20, and the levers of power is not in their hands.

Instead, the press Secretary of the trump Sean Spicer on 13 January said that Flynn responded to a message from Kislyak, who asked him about a telephone conversation – “Flynn took a phone call… the conversation was about the organization of telephone conversation between President of Russia and the trump after the election.” Another unnamed official from the transitional administration said that “during this telephone conversation the question of sanctions was not discussed at all.” That the media will not let go this topic, you might guess, when on 15 January favourites, but not entered into the position of Vice-President Mike Pence was asked about this on the CBS transmission. Pence, citing a conversation with Flynn replied that the General and the Ambassador “did not discuss anything that is related to the U.S. decision” on the expulsion of diplomats and the introduction of sanctions against Russia.” At this point a trap for Flynn shut.

Why everything was done by 15 January, although by the time Flynn has not even been officially designated (trump didn’t take office), and until his resignation, then needed another month?

Because Penny told the truth – that there was created a reason for conflict between the two power centers surrounded by trump. The national security Council, headed by Flynn and Vice President of the Penny is the most important point of the Assembly within the team trump. Flynn embodies the military and secret services, are in favor of a new geopolitical vision of the United States, and Pence – the Republican establishment, in the part that is willing to work with trump. That Penny lied because Flynn allowed the opponents trump in full frolic on the grazing of the two poles of his team. Which is what happened.

Most likely, it added. Flynn spoke about his conversation with Kislyak to Trump, but didn’t want to devote all of the details of the conversation. It is clear that Flynn is not advised Kislyak, what Putin is doing in response to new sanctions Obama – but the discussion on sanctions was. In the case of the recording of the conversation it turned out that the assistant to the President deceived the Vice President. And then there would be a question, the course was the President himself.

And Trump had to be or to say that he did not know, or to admit that Flynn told him. And in the second case began a howl that trump has not yet entered the White house, have already played a couple with Putin against Obama, simultaneously concealing everything from his Vice President. Here in front of such a choice would trump in the event of further proceedings in the “Flynn”.

In the end, it was decided to sacrifice the General. Flynn’s resignation was not a legal question but a question of trust, said Tuesday the press-Secretary of trump – the President was very concerned that his national security adviser was misled by Vice-President Mike Pence.

All this would have no value in normal circumstances – but it’s just not there could be a “conflict”. That is, to put it bluntly, to trump, and it was impossible to imagine “Watergate in reverse” – when the intelligence agencies are blackmailing the President of their own country that they have a recorded conversation of his employees with a foreign diplomat.

This unique situation made possible by the fact that trump is perceived by the supranational part of the American elite as an invader and enemy – and they are ready to fight it like the one that the guerrillas are against the invaders. And, of course, opponents of trump could organize such a trap only at the time of the interregnum, i.e., after the elections and before the inauguration.

After Pence January 15, his statement that slammed the trap, the beaters could only wait. In this case, before the end of President Obama’s term they haven’t heard from Trump. It is clear that quite deliberately, though now in the Washington Post this is served like this:

“The internal debate about what to do with information about Flynn and Kislyak, has reached a critical stage on January 19, the last day Obama is in power. The attorney General Yates, the Director of national intelligence Clapper and CIA Director Brennan insisted to inform the new administration that the incoming President could take a decision on this issue. They discussed different options, offering to transfer this information to either the Vice President or the new White house counsel or the head of the office of the President, or to Trump.

FBI Director James Comey at first did not want to notify about the incident, the White house, explaining that on the way the investigation might be impeded…”

In General, Trump said nothing – neither the succession nor in the first days after. Because it was necessary to tighten the knots on the noose:

“The turning point came after 23 January, when Spicer (press Secretary of the President) during his first official press briefing, was asked about conversations with Flynn Kislyak. Spicer said, “last night”, he again spoke with Flynn on this issue. “There was only one call,” said Spicer. During the conversation they discussed four questions: about a plane crash, which killed Russian military choir, of Christmas greetings, on the ongoing Russian negotiations on the issue of the civil war in Syria and the organization of a telephone conversation between Putin and trump. Spicer said that beyond that the conversation did not go.

Yates again raised the issue at a meeting with Komi Republic, which this time agreed on the need to inform the White house. Yates a senior official from the sphere of national security spoke on this subject with the legal counsel of the White house Donald Makhana”.

So trump told only after his press Secretary again, as a representative of the incumbent, said that Flynn was not talking about sanctions. Then Trump through his lawyer reported the presence of “dirt”, that is recording the conversation. A few days later the same Yates, the acting attorney General, was fired by trump for refusing to obey his decree on the migrants.

Of course, in this story the main target was not Russian-American relations. That is, Flynn was beaten not because he was in favour of cooperation with Russia where it is beneficial to the United States. No, of course, the hard counter to the intent of the trump to try to “get along” with Putin is among the most important tasks of the globalist establishment – but it was a major incentive in the “operation “Flynn”.

The main target was trump and his team as such. To destabilize the new administration, to embroil his entourage together. Against trump working as the press and the elite, as part of the state apparatus and the intelligence community. Goes forward with such force that in order to resist, Trump has to sacrifice close associates. But the stakes are high, and if the President will retain the power and life that America offers major internal changes.

Not only the internal and foreign policy too. With or without Flynn, Tillerson or without it, ‘bannon or without trump really had to “drain the swamp in Washington” and to expand America from “myths of globalization” towards nation-building. Russia is in any case profitable – and people who are able to talk with Moscow the language of real geopolitics around trump’s enough. Yes, and it is exactly the same.


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