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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

An assassination attempt on Kim Jong-Nam complements the long list of mysterious deaths

Seoul and Washington accused Pyongyang in the murder of a representative of the ruling in the DPRK, the Kim dynasty. Recorded versions of the assassination attempt on Kim Jong-Nam is the eldest brother of North Korean leader – look exotic one another. And very stacked in a long list of political murders that were organized North and South Korea.

On Wednesday in Malaysia, the doctors made an autopsy of the body of Kim Jong-Nam – brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. As reported by Japanese Agency Kyodo, the cause of death is not yet established. Also still not decided who will be given a body – the North Korean government or the Kim family living in China.

“It is possible that the murder took place on the basis of personal conflict or business interests, in the end, he previously lived in Macau, a city where business and crime are not always disconnected”

Recall that Kim was ousted during the life of his father, Kim Jong Il, he lived outside North Korea and was not interested in politics. As reported Wednesday, the Director of the National intelligence service of South Korea Lee Byung-Ho, five years ago Kim sent his younger brother, North Korean leader Kim Jong Ynu a letter in which asked to save the life of him and his family. The message said that Kim and his children do not aspire to power and just want a quiet life outside of the DPRK. Ex-wife Kim lives in Beijing with his son, and the current remaining now a widow, lives with her two children in Macau. All of them are under protection of the Chinese authorities. In Macau 45-year-old Kim was going to fly at the time of death.

A scarf or needle

According to TASS, the police of Malaysia said: on Monday afternoon, Kim asked for the assistance of ground personnel with complaints of severe dizziness. According to this version: Kim managed to report that an unknown splashed him in the face with an unidentified liquid and disappeared. However, there are other versions published in the local press. On one of them, an unidentified woman brought to face Kim soaked in an unknown substance fabric. On the other – the attempted used poisoned needle.

In Seoul suggested that the security services of the DPRK Kim hunted for the last five years – ever since his younger brother came to power, however, it was unable to set the security. Obviously convenient for the murderers of the case presented only now – in Malaysia.

Malaysian authorities believe that the murder is the DPRK. According to sources in the White house, the same are firmly convinced U.S. authorities. It is assumed that the killers were two women. In the network appeared the image of one of them, made by surveillance cameras at the airport. There is a woman of Asian appearance wearing a white blouse, short blue skirt, and on her shoulder hangs a small bag.

It is reported that the Malaysian police have detained the suspect, who at this point was trying to fly to Vietnam. Also arrested the taxi driver who drove the killers to the airport. According to some reports, law enforcement agencies are searching for five more suspects.

It is clear that it is not clear anything

“Now consider the version of the elimination brother, Kim Jong-UN, DPRK intelligence agencies, but it is only one of the versions. It is also possible that the murder took place on the basis of personal conflict or business interests, in the end, he previously lived in Macau, a city where business and crime are not always disconnected. North Korea is now accusing the government generally in South Korea and in the USA, but I treat the allegations with skepticism and believe that we need to wait for more specific findings of the investigation,” – said the newspaper VIEW, the orientalist, a citizen of Korea Vladimir Tikhonov (Pak But JHA).

It is known that Kim was in China doing some business, but it’s unclear in what capacity he lived in Macau and other parts of China. “There are suggestions that he was a commercial representative of the ruling clan of the DPRK, somehow was involved in the investment management of this clan in the Chinese economy, however, this is difficult to confirm some facts. Also made a version that his stay in China was something of a political polysilk,” – said the expert.

Pyongyang could substitute

Expert on Korea, associate Professor, SPSU Irina Lantsova said the newspaper VIEW that “the North Korean trace” – although the main, but only one version of the assassination. Indeed, in his speech to the Parliament, the head of South Korean intelligence now reported that the first assassination attempt on Kim was undertaken in 2012. “After that Kim wrote a letter to Pyongyang, in which he indicated that he did not aspire to power in North Korea and begs you to save his life and family. Before the assassination attempt 2012 nowhere there was no information,” reminded Lantsov.

“In North Korea about this murder have not yet been reported. Apparently, if the information appears, it is too late. Even the victory of trump, it did not immediately announced. At the same time, Pyongyang could blame this action of the South Korean or American intelligence services,” she said.

However, according to Lanovoy, it is possible that with killing someone is trying to denigrate the North Korean regime. Another version is that Seoul was interested in the death of Kim. However, “now is not the international situation, when it is necessary to muddy the water.” “The Republic of Korea is not the easiest situation in the region. In recent months, has seriously complicated its relations with China and Japan. The arrival of the trump is also a cause for very great concern in South Korea. In these circumstances, to add to his problems in the relations with the DPRK is not exactly a need,” says Lantsov.

Previously, the Western press wrote about the scenarios under which Beijing would use Kim as his protege for the change of power in the DPRK. “I wrote, China is betting on Kim Jong-Nam, to displace his brother. However, Kim Jong – UN is a charismatic leader, appeals to the memory of his grandfather, including due to the fact that they look very similar. In recent years, he has managed to strengthen the power vertical. And his older brother no longer lived in the DPRK, the authority was not used, for it was not a real political force. So it’s speculation,” concluded Irina Lantsova.

Send secret assassins – a local tradition

It should be noted that in South Korea political killings have also been widely in Vogue – especially in the 1970-ies. “In particular, in 1975, killed well-known dissident Jang Joon Ha, criticized the South Korean dictatorial administration from liberal democratic positions. According to the official version, he fell while climbing a small mountain in the outskirts of Seoul. However, many suspect that the fall helped him,” – said the expert.

Another famous murder, recalled the orientalist, happened in 1979. “The former head of the CIA, Kim Hyun lived in the UK as a political refugee in the United States. But then, the intelligence agencies of South Korea lured him to France and destroyed,” he said.

Tikhonov recalled that the last loud murder outside the country in which the suspected North Korean security forces, was committed in 1990-ies. “A distant relative of the ruling family, too, escaped to the South and the local press revealed unpleasant facts about the life of the ruling circles of the DPRK, was shot and killed. Again, evidence was little”, – he explained.

In 1968 Kim Il sung – the grandfather of the current ruler of the DPRK, sent South the subversive group, the target of which was to be the already mentioned President Park Chung-Hee, but the group was destroyed, was able to escape only one of her party, said Tikhonov. “After that, in Seoul, in response, began to train his commando group to destroy Kim Il sung. But three years later, relations between the two countries has improved, and the group was disbanded. These events are reflected in the 2003 Thriller, “the suicide Bombers, Silmido” – said Koreish.

Also, noted orientalist, one should remember the failed attempt of the North to kill another President of South – Chun Doo-hwan during his visit to Burma in 1983. In a time when the South Korean delegation in Rangoon entered the mausoleum of the founder of modern Burma, Aung San, in the building the bomb exploded, however, Chun Doo hwan was late and survived.

In 1974, President Park has survived another assassination – he was shot at the rally, the intelligence agents of the DPRK, when PAC spoke from the rostrum. In the result the President himself survived, but killed his wife.

Five years later, President Park still died. It happened shortly after he – according to rumors – I personally have shot the former chief of the CIA. And Pak have died at the hands of not the agent of the North, and the new CIA Director South Korea Kim Jae-Kyu who shot the President, but was later arrested and sentenced to death by hanging. By the way, left by an orphan his daughter Park Geun-Hye in 2013 she became President, however, a few months ago was suspended during impeachment.


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