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Monday, March 12, 2018

What to expect from the new head of the Ryazan region

“The media is one of the best management practices”, “cope will work effectively” – with these words, the analysts comment on new changes in the Governor’s case. The acting head of the Ryazan region became the closest ally of one of the most successful governors of Kaluga, Anatoly Artamonov. What to expect from Nikolai Lyubimov?

On Tuesday, the acting Governor of Ryazan region appointed Nikolai Lyubimov. The decree about it was signed by President Vladimir Putin. Prior to the appointment Lyubimov was a member of the state Duma from the Ryazan region, and before that held several major posts in the Kaluga region.

“We work as a cohesive team. He was one of the most active members of the team and all that we’ve done, there is a part of his work”

Before the appointment of Vladimir Putin took Lyubimov in his Novo-Ogaryovo residence and asked him to think about the possibility of working in Ryazan. “Vladimir Vladimirovich, of course, I would have worked in the Ryazan region. I believe that this area is very promising, very beautiful, with a rich cultural and historical past, with rich potential in tourism and, of course, an industrially and agriculturally developed region”, – said the candidate.

“I think that a very rich potential, including human potential of this region, much more serious develop, although it made a lot of good, we see, in recent years the Governor and his team. However, I think we need to develop further, – quotes Lyubimov, the website of the Kremlin. – I think my experience could be useful just in Central Russia, in the field, which is very similar to Kaluga. There are, of course, a lot of their nuances and differences. Nevertheless, the Central Russia, proximity to Moscow, the industrial potential, personnel potential, most importantly, allow me, I think this area to develop much faster.”

Earlier Tuesday, the Governor of Ryazan region Oleg Kovalev, who headed the region since 2008, announced early resignation. “In the Ryazan region, I worked for almost nine years. In September, the next election for Governor… I took the decision not to run for new term”, – quotes its TASS.

No “behind-the-scenes processes”

Kovalev said that he had submitted his resignation just over a week ago, because I felt that already completed the task you set before him by President Putin. “The region is very good and growing, he has great potential. The society trusts the authorities. This is confirmed by the results of the elections of recent years, – said Kovalev. – Because I’m one of the oldest governors in the country, according to the most correct change regional leader right now.”

This is the fourth resignation of the head of the region since the beginning of February. We will remind that on Monday Putin accepted the resignation of the Governor of the Novgorod region Sergey Mitin, appointed acting head of the region Director of the Agency for strategic initiatives Andrei Nikitin. Last week, changes have taken place in the leadership of the Perm region and Buryatia Republic.

According to the Kaluga Governor Anatoly Artamonov, Lyubimov “passed the school, which is not every head”. “A young, educated, charming, sociable. I think he will cope,” – said the Governor. According to him, all the projects implemented in Kaluga region, in one way or another were implemented with the participation of Nikolai Lyubimov. “We work as a cohesive team. He was one of the most active members of the team, and in all that we did here, there is the share of his labor,” – said Artamonov.

Encourages the Kremlin not to look for “behind-the-scenes processes” in a series of resignations of governors. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has described the reshuffle as “normal rotation process”. “Why is this happening in a synchronized manner? I repeat this rotation process, there is the electoral calendar, each in its sole discretion under the calendar adjusted”, – he said. The spokesman stressed that all the governors had resigned on their own initiative.

Experience will be taken into account

45-year – old Nikolai Lyubimov- native of Kaluga. The civil service in 2004; in 2004-2007 he headed the Ministry of economic development of the region, in 2007 he was elected mayor of Kaluga, remained in this position until 2010. From December 2010 to September 2015 – Deputy Governor of the Kaluga region, headed administration of the Governor. In September 2015, was unanimously elected speaker of the regional legislative Assembly.

Experience Nikolai Lyubimov will be of great importance, explained the newspaper VIEW political scientist, the President of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov. According to him, over the past 15 years Kaluga region has made a significant breakthrough.

“The experience at the municipal level as mayor of Kaluga, regional and Federal lies in the trend of other recent appointments: the acting Governor of the Perm edge Maxim Reshetnikov and the acting head of Buryatia Alexey Tzudenova. Are in the mood to choose candidates for Governor not so much based on the profession, especially the profession gradually blurred, as the range of competences, from the point of view of their ability to solve problems of different scale at the level of region, municipality and the Federal”, – said the expert.

Vinogradov added that in the Ryazan region the population has the feeling that to drastically change something in the region impossible. “It is present in the Central Federal district, not only in the Ryazan region. It is clear that it is not the poorest Russian region, not the laggard, but the departure of people to other regions, in Moscow, typical of the regions located near Metropolitan areas”, – concluded the expert.

In turn, in the comment to the edition “Ridus” Professor HSE Oleg Matveychev described the new head of the Ryazan region Nikolay Lyubimov as a person who “knows everything inside and out”. “Lyubimov is one of those people who know everything, that is, from and to: he and the mayor of the city was, therefore, familiar with the communal and social policy, and the Deputy of different levels. In addition, he worked at the time in command of the Governor of Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov, who is considered one of the best managers in Russia. And Nikolai Lyubimov in this sense, the media is one of the best management practices,” the expert believes.

Kaluga is developing despite the criseswith

The head of the Foundation for civil society development (Fargo) Konstantin Kostin in comments TASS also noted that the experience of the mayor of Kaluga and Vice-Governor of the Kaluga region, Nikolai Lyubimov help. “If you look at his experience, there is reason to say that he can handle it and will work effectively. He has different experiences and political, and managers in the economic sphere”, – said Kostin.

He noted that Kaluga oblast is developing, despite the crisis. “Diversifitsirovat economy, find internal reserves, although the Kaluga has been seriously damaged, a large number of Assembly plants have closed. However, they found something to replace the lost income, there is a very good performance in terms of industrial production”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

“If we look on Oleg Kovaleva and other outgoing governors, we understand that many of them are distinguished people who honestly worked at the Federal and at the regional level. But now, in the current environment, it is necessary, despite the crisis, despite the other difficulties, still to ensure the development actors to improve the quality of people’s lives, change the structure of the economy, to attract investments”, – said Kostin.

The Kremlin recently demonstrated to update the governors at the expense of the 30-40-year-old highly educated technocrats. As already wrote the newspaper VIEW, in the administration of President earned system to better evaluate candidates for high office. In particular, it includes a four-hour interview with a group of experts with a wide range of issues. Few experienced politicians recently refused to pass a job interview and thus lost the chance to lead one of the Russian regions.


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