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Monday, March 19, 2018

Trump “passed” supporter of rapprochement with Russia

Donald trump donated a key player of his team. So experts evaluated the resignation of adviser to the President for national security Michael Flynn, appointed less than a month ago. Flynn “ate” suspected in close contacts with Moscow, and the immediate reason for the resignation became the talk of the assistant to trump with the Russian Ambassador in Washington, Kislyak. Flynn was accused of the intention to discuss the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

On Tuesday it became known that Donald trump has appointed a new presidential adviser on national security. Is Michael Flynn (appointed to this post recently, on January 20, and to have resigned in scandalous circumstances) acting judge became a retired Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg.

“Flynn was an active supporter of reformatting of Washington’s foreign policy, in particular to establish close friendly relations with Moscow,”

CNN, consistently criticized trump during his election campaign, first announced the resignation of Flynn. CNN linked the decision of the adviser with the recent scandal surrounding his telephone conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. The fact this conversation has caused a flurry of attacks from the Democratic party and its supporting media.

In particular, according to several reports, Flynn allegedly discussed with Kislyak a matter of lifting Russia sanctions – which, judging by the reaction of the opponents of the trump, almost been assimilated to well action.

In particular, The Washington Post claimed that the White house was regarded by some as the future negotiations of the assistant to the President Flynn and the Russian Ambassador Kislyak inappropriate and potentially unlawful signal to Moscow that sanctions may be weakened. By the way, recently the same The Washington Post predicted Trump’s impeachment two years later, after the Democrats regain the majority in Congress.

Michael Flynn, confirmed reports of his resignation, published a confession: “unfortunately, due to the rapid change of events I inadvertently gave the elected Vice-President Mike Pence and other incomplete information about my telephone conversations with the Russian Ambassador”.

Members of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress – Democrats John Conyers and Elijah Cummings has already sent a request to the FBI and Department of justice to conduct a “full closed briefing” regarding the actions of Michael Flynn. This was announced by the same television channel CNN. “We in Congress need to know who sanctioned the actions of Flynn, made them, and then gave him access to confidential information on national security, despite the realization of how risky it is, – TASS quoted the statement by the congressional Democrats. – We need to know who else in the White house represents a threat to our national security.”

Flynn’s resignation was the first loss in the team’s trump since his inauguration as head of state, says TASS.

At the right hand of Putin

As previously noted the newspaper VIEW, trump, announcing the future designation Flynn, noticed that will to work with him, “to defeat radical Islamic terrorism.” As explained by the expert americanist Victor Olevich, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn represents a group of senior officers of the General staff, who stood in opposition to the military strategy of the Obama administration and, in particular, did not agree with the line pursued by the leadership of the Pentagon.

After his resignation Flynn supported trump and joined in his election campaign. In that capacity he visited Moscow and met with President Vladimir Putin spoke on Russian TV in the middle East and Ukraine issues.

Known footage from celebration of the anniversary of the Russia Today TV channel on 10 December 2015 in Moscow. At one table sat the chief editor of the channel Margarita Simonyan, President Vladimir Putin, the head of his administration Sergei Ivanov press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, as well as two guests from overseas – the candidate in US presidents from the green Party, Jill Stein and General Michael Flynn. However, as noted, Flynn was sitting on the right hand from Putin.

Flynn was regarded as one of the candidates for the post of CIA Director. General marine is related to intelligence, but to the military. Since 2011 he worked for some time in the office of the Director of National intelligence. However, as noted by the newspaper VIEW, ties with the military-industrial complex at Flynn is not.

“Blow, much stronger than all the protests”

Americanist, Professor HSE Alexander Domrin in an interview with the newspaper OPINION described the resignation of Michael Flynn as the biggest loss in the team trump since the inauguration.

“It’s a blow far more powerful than all the protests, marches or riots,” – said the expert.

Sam Flynn, the expert believes, if he conceded that his conversations with Kislyak’s not listening if he was discussing some sensitive issues, which are not reported to the Pence, and the other members of the administration formed of trump, very strongly framed. “I don’t think Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak was initiated by trump, but the fact that now there is reason to celebrate in the Democratic party and the American media, is beyond doubt. And, of course, will not stop. It is necessary to look who from the team, trump will be the next victim,” said Domrin.

Opponents of trump felt the taste of blood

The analyst, americanist Victor Olevich, in turn, believes that the resignation of Michael Flynn – the first serious blow to the foreign policy ambitions of the new American administration. “Flynn was an active supporter of reformatting of Washington’s foreign policy, in particular to establish close friendly relations with Moscow for a joint struggle against Islamic terrorist organizations in the middle East. That is why he was the object of constant attacks from congressional representatives and, in General, the American political establishment who wanted to keep the new administration from sudden foreign policy changes,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

In addition, according to Olevia, judging by the speed with which the trump passed Flynn, opponents of the changes of US foreign policy could put pressure on the new administration.

“Trump did not protect a key player of his team. He was not just one of the new appointees, he was a key adviser to trump during his entire election campaign. His resignation suggests that Donald trump at least has preferred not to risk”, – explained the americanist. Olevich believes the resignation of Flynn’s first major victory to those members of the establishment who wanted to make a new team to go in the Wake of the former’s foreign policy.

“These conversations Flynn Kislyak became a convenient pretext for attacks. In addition, the story is not over his resignation. Those who had been behind the attack, felt a taste of fresh blood and try to squeeze out the maximum of the situation. We can expect attempts to organize a hearing “of the case Flynn” in the relevant committees of Congress, attempts to continue the investigation into his activities and ties of the former adviser to trump with the Russian Federation, to accuse him of activity incompatible with us law,” predicts americanist.

The new acting assistant for national security trump Keith Kellogg, in the opinion of Olevia, although it is quite tough soldier, but has the experience of cooperation with Russian leaders, foreign policy ambitions, diplomatic horizons, which was Flynn. “This is a inadequate substitute. In addition, Kellogg, while only acting, and ultimately can appoint another, such as retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward” – suggests the expert.

“There are rules that comply with the most extraordinary presidents”

The resignation happened late night, around 11pm, points out in his comments to The Guardian. The publication refers to statements by us officials that Flynn and Russian Ambassador Kislyak discussed sanctions on the eve of the inauguration of the trump, when Flynn was part of the team, but not yet in the position of national security adviser.

Meanwhile, the social network, including Twitter, are already full of speculation that Flynn can weave your own conspiracy theory along with Hillary Clinton.

Political columnist for the Washington Post Chris Cillizza, said that the resignation of Flynn proves that there are still rules that keep even the most extraordinary presidents. Flynn kept the defense the last five days, denying statements to The Washington Post that he had discussed economic sanctions Kislyak. For Flynn stood up even Vice-President Mike Pence, who confirmed that the issue of sanctions never came up in conversation Flynn with the Russians. “As a result of conflicting revelations between conflicting assistants, and you – resignation”, – said Cillizza.

At first it seemed that trump will go against “common wisdom” and will hold on to Flynn, refusing to succumb to pressure from the political establishment and the media. However, trump appreciates Pence, he knows that Penny is his right-hand man in Washington and in the Republican party. And although Flynn apologized to the Pens for his “zapletanie” talks about sanctions Kislyak, the Pens still shocked by this story.

“Sacrificial lambs should be given. The resignation of Flynn’s has all the traditional acts to the Washington drama,” notes columnist for the Washington Post Chris Cillizza.

“Flynn is trying to “warm up” relations with Russia”

Reuters recalled that the U.S. Department of justice a few weeks ago, before the inauguration of trump, warned the White house that Flynn can become vulnerable to blackmail by Russia, after his contacts with Ambassador Kislyak.

Meanwhile, a us official in an interview with Reuters noticed that Flynn did not give any promises about the lifting of sanctions. However, he made it clear that the sanctions imposed by President Barack Obama against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, “not necessarily to catch the administration, which seeks to improve relations between the U.S. and Russia,” the official said. Flynn is has repeatedly attempted to convince trump to “warm up relations between the US and Russia”, reminded Reuters.

Another official said that the departure of the most ardent supporters of warming relations with Putin amid Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and Syria, as well as protest from Republicans in Congress to oppose the lifting of sanctions “can make a significant course change of foreign policy (trump) at least in the near future,” he said.

Another interviewee, an American official said that the departure of Flynn may strengthen the position of other members of the team of trump, in particular the Minister of defense of Jim Mattis and Secretary Rex Tillerson.


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