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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Poroshenko expects to derive personal benefit from the coal blockade of Donbass

Ukrainian Prime Minister Groisman are screaming about the inevitability of rolling blackouts across the country if the “ATO veterans” will not remove the blockade of the DNI and LC. Even more stunning sounds in this situation, the silence of the Ukrainian President. There is reason to believe that Petro Poroshenko is silent for a reason – he is directly interested in what is happening.

On Monday deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko appealed to the President and Secretary of Council of national security and defense Alexander Turchinov with the request to convene the meeting of the Council for the blockade of railway tracks in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

“Akhmetov thus try to lead by Kolomoisky – to deprive of influence on his own holding. In this case, the blockade was a consequence of struggle financial and political groups in Ukraine”

“We consider unacceptable the actions of the participants of the blockade, which would undermine the fighting capacity of our state and have disastrous consequences for the economy and the social sphere!” – outraged one of the authors of the people’s Deputy from BPP Maxim Efimov in his Facebook.

The appeal appeared simultaneously with the meeting of the Crisis energy headquarters of Ukraine on the state of energy companies autumn-winter period. As reported “Interfax-Ukraine”, the Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik has proposed to introduce a state of emergency in the power system of the country. Nasalik also explained that the only alternative to coal supplies from Donbas can only be coal or gas from Russia.

Earlier, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, speaking together with his Moldovan counterpart Pavel Filip, who arrived in Kiev on a visit, admitted that the anti-crisis Energostal will consider the possibility of rolling blackouts due to the reduction of coal stocks in warehouses. Disable possible once in seven areas: Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Cherkasy and Chernihiv. The head of the Cabinet reminded that the power of the country annually consume about 9 million tons of anthracite coal, which is made on the temporarily uncontrolled territories (NCT) of Donbass. According to him, Ukraine has started implementing the program to transfer the thermal power plant with anthracite coal gas the coal group, but still dependent on such supplies, which since the end of January blocked.

In turn Sunday because of the blockade had already stopped the blast furnace for Ferroalloy plant of Kramatorsk, which employs more than 1,200 residents. The website vp.donetsk.ua quotes a press-service of the enterprise: if the process is not restored within 10 days, the furnace will fail completely. Stop will entail not only mass layoffs, but a complete blackout of the neighboring businesses and communities.

As the newspaper VIEW, in late January, the group “veterans of the anti-terrorist operation”, including deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, blocked the railway line Lugansk – Lysychansk – Popasnaya. According to them, this is done to prevent trafficking of “illegal armed groups”. Roadblock they called “Redoubt Bogdan”. It was later interrupted by the movement and the other branch is near the station Svetlanova. And last Saturday they were closed and the third railway line – section Kostiantynivka – Yasinovataya.

Besieged light Poroshenko

Despite the calls of members of his own faction, the Prime Minister and the Ministers, President Petro Poroshenko has no answer to the blockade. The Prosecutor’s office on January 26 opened criminal proceedings on the fact, but the attempts of the Ukrainian security forces to lift the blockade was very shy and did not bring success. The organizers threatened to shoot and promise to die right on the rails. “Better to freeze proudly with their beliefs than to live in the warmth as a traitor”, – wrote in his Facebook one of the organizers of the blockade, the people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk.

It’s funny that, while the government is in a panic mood, is preparing to turn off the light in the country, Poroshenko blue eye promises electricity supply of neighbouring Moldova.

“We also discussed the issue of resumption of a stable supply of electricity from Ukraine to Moldova. Cooperation in the energy sector remains an important factor in the integration of our countries into the European energy space to strengthen energy security of Ukraine and Moldova”, – he said after talks with Pavel Filip.

Parasiuk is mercenaries Poroshenko

Director of the Ukrainian Institute of society transformation Oleg Soskin believes that Poroshenko is not bluffing, promising Moldovans light, because in fact no blackouts should not wait. “There is a surplus, and the possibility of alternative supplies of coal from other countries”, – he commented the newspaper VIEW.

In fact, according to Soskin, for all the alarmist rhetoric hides the next stage of the struggle of different financial groups. “Poroshenko, who closed the Lipetsk factory, loses his assets in Russia. He needs a replacement, and now he wants the assets of the Donetsk oligarchy. The position of one oligarch Oleksandr Yefremov is already undermined. Now it is the turn of Rinat Akhmetov. For this it is necessary to “squeeze” two Akhmetov’s metallurgical plant in Mariupol, which use anthracite from the “occupied territories”, – explained the expert.

In his opinion, had organized the blockade, “ATO veterans”, in fact, play the role of mercenaries Poroshenko. “Maybe Semenchenko and Parasyuk themselves to the end do not realize it. They could even Finance or wise up through intermediaries”, – said Soskin.

As noted by the analyst, Groisman, Avakov and Yatsenyuk are a group in power, not interested in strengthening Poroshenko, and maybe they have an agreement with the same Akhmetov. “Therefore, Groisman now and telling stories about the trip. But the Groisman in Parliament – a difficult situation, his days as Prime Minister are numbered. Once Parubiy will be neutralized, it will be removed. He made a powerful enemy in the person of Yulia Tymoshenko”, – the expert predicts.

We will remind that Tymoshenko on Monday tried to put to the vote the question of a vote of no confidence in the government, and when the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy took the issue to a vote, Tymoshenko threatened him with court.

Akhmetov will lead by Kolomoisky

Director of the Institute of policy analysis and management, political scientist Ruslan Bortnik, in turn, also does not exclude that the blockade of Donbass is a unique form of raider attacks, directed against Rinat Akhmetov.

The President may not respond for two reasons. First, he doesn’t want to publicly come into direct conflict with the nationalists, despite all the harm they do. At the moment, the nationalists, among them the soldiers of the volunteer battalions, constitute a serious danger for the Ukrainian authorities”, – said political scientist newspaper VIEW. Second, the amorphous reaction Poroshenko gives the impression that he is interested in the blockade. “This technology follows the blockade of the Crimea from past years, which started volunteers, volunteers and activists, and finished the official guide of Ukraine”, – he said.

Bortnik does not exclude the fact that the blockade is part of some backroom political bargaining with Donetsk, Luhansk or Moscow, and possibly just fighting with Rinat Akhmetov, whose assets are mainly affected by the embargo. “Perhaps Akhmetov thus try to lead by Kolomoisky – to deprive of influence on his own holding. In this case, the blockade is just a consequence of the struggle of financial-political groups of Ukraine”, – suggested the expert.

At the same time, Bortnik does not exclude that the participants of this great game will not have the time to stop and make a real energy crisis, not only Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but the entire center of Ukraine. However, even in this case, turn off the electricity will be in the provinces, he says, and Kiev will try unless absolutely necessary in the dark immerse.


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