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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Relationship with trump and Russia are becoming the key for Japan

The activity of the Japanese Prime Minister in both the USA and Russia is so febrile in nature, which is already facing a loss of face. However, to understand the Prime Minister can. Before Shinzo Abe is complex, so complex problems – from economic to military, directly threatening his country that no other way.

At the end of last week hosted the second in a few months the visit of Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe to the United States to meet with Donald trump. For their first meeting, when trump was still in the status of the elected President, Abe arrived in new York a few days after the victory in the elections.

“The Japanese government has in a very short time to try to resolve a number of important and extremely difficult to consistent problems”

The results of the last visit of the Japanese Prime Minister made several statements concerning Russia.

First, he noted, without mentioning any context that they trump discussed anti-Russian sanctions.

Secondly, he said that during negotiations, has secured the understanding of the American President on the importance of dialogue with Russia to resolve the current dispute over the Kuril Islands.

Thirdly, without going into detail for journalists, Abe described the Trump of the Russian President as “a man who keeps his promises”.

It is impossible not to pay attention to what the actions of Abe, the new President of the USA have the same high energy (not to say fussiness) that he steps in relations with Russia.

The reasons are quite obvious and lie on the surface.

On the one hand, Japan is in a very unpleasant situation the military-political tension in the region, when at least two powers of the Far East (China and DPRK) have serious tooth, and the reason for the conflict accumulate like a snowball. For example, on February 12, North Korea launched a ballistic missile medium-range “Musudan” that has traditionally caused a nervous reaction of the countries of the region. And on 13 February was marked by the protest of the Chinese foreign Ministry on the Japanese and American statements about the Diaoyu Islands, which are the subject of the Japanese-Chinese territorial dispute.

Events in the developing world so that the transition of the confrontation in the hot phase of the conflict, is unscientific fantasy.

On the other hand, the economy of Japan faces some very serious systemic problems. In addition, States are Japan’s most important partner, and protectionist intentions trump does not promise anything good.

On the third hand, limited the sovereignty of Japan, which since the end of world war II, in fact, under the protectorate of the United States, is increasingly jeopardizing its future, what can not see the Japanese elite.

In fact, Japanese leadership needs in a very short time to try to resolve a number of important and extremely difficult to consistent tasks.

First. Strengthen your own sovereignty, reducing their dependence on Washington.

Second. To save the national economy, including not allowing her drowning for the sake of American.

Third. To maintain good relations with the United States, in parallel having not less than good relations with Russia, and the main reason for this is the national security and defense in deepening the military-political confrontation in the region.

Fourth. To save face, as in the international arena, and to Japanese society. Although the current policy of feverish activity is harder to do.

Anyway, fresh rhetoric, Abe regarding the Kuril Islands and Russia is extremely significant.

Territorial claims of Japan to Russia during the last decades are the noose by which States did not allow settlement of bilateral relations. Now Abe is trying to slip out of this trap: to find more or less acceptable to Japanese public opinion, the resolution of the territorial dispute, for example in the form of joint economic activities on the Islands, to sign a peace Treaty and move on. But to do so he can only be the case if the U.S. administration is not will be objections on this issue.

Thus, the review of Abe’s of understanding trump the importance of Russian-Japanese dialogue is a sign of hope that the Japanese Prime Minister managed to convince the American President not to intervene in the process of bilateral settlement.

However, the question of how justified these hopes, remains open.


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