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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Contenders for the governorship expect a four-hour stress tests

In the presidential administration, has earned the system more effectively assess candidates for high positions. In particular, it includes a four-hour interview with a group of experts with a wide range of issues. Few experienced politicians recently refused to pass a job interview and thereby lost the chance to lead one of the Russian regions.

As it became known to the newspaper VIEW, in presidential administration (AP) a new system of personnel assessment evaluation and selection of candidates for senior positions. She was involved in the selection of new candidates for the positions of governors appointed in the last week.

“For a day or two to take out the contenders for the Governor’s office, relatively speaking, for the city and play with them there in the role-playing game”

“So far, the candidates have to pass through the usual interview, inspection service personnel, check on corruption risks. In addition, they expect a two-hour computer test, which is already the place where many employees of AP, – said the source. But now a candidate for the posts of heads of regions undergoes a 4-hour interview on a wide range of issues in the course of which it evaluates a group of experts. Of course, the experts give their opinion”.

The complexity of this new procedure is the fact that some candidates, including high officials, refused it and thereby automatically eliminated from among the applicants, said the source from the AP. At the same time, he noted that all these interviews mean is still only a preliminary screening. Ultimately, the administration proposes to the President on the selection of qualifying applicants. “But decides it’s still the President, and he, as you know, can take unexpected personnel decisions,” the source recalled at the Old town square. However, according to him, it is the system selection process there are Reshetnikov and Alexey Tsydenov, received in the week destinations in Perm Krai and Buryatia. Note that Reshetnikov, and Tsydenova still have elections in the regions.

Career consultant, founder of PRUFFI and head of the project “Antipasto” Alena Vladimirskaya new methods of AP called very effective. According to her, similar methods used in many of the world’s major companies: for example, in Google the candidate to increase must undergo many hours of collective interview with all the people he will have to interact on a new post.

“This system is not revolutionary, and that it is good. The principle as in the defense of the thesis. If at least one person put a black ball, you’re out. The result is you see everything, who will work with you. They ask what is important to them, and see your reaction,” – said Vladimir newspaper VIEW. Such a versatile view of man allows us to minimize errors in the selection. “You just get acquainted with the candidate, see how you match up with him on the biochemistry and other things. This is a very important thing,” she said.

The expert is not surprised that many high officials eventually refused the offer after such interviews because in-depth interviews helps to better imagine what to expect from a new position. “You better understand what I want from you. Candidates in governors sometimes it seems that they will do one thing, but actually it is a completely different activity. It is less romance and more rough work”, she explained.

“Useful for a day or two to take out the contenders for the Governor’s office, relatively speaking, for the city and play with them there in a role-play to create critical for future managers of the situation. This will help to understand how a person is able to work in a team, how a stress, the system. I think it is also very important” – suggests Vladimir Alain.

We will remind, on Monday, President Vladimir Putin appointed acting head of the Perm region 37-year-old Maxim Reshetnikov, head of the still Department of economic policy and development of Moscow. On Tuesday, Putin offered the 40-year-old Deputy Minister of transport Alexei Tsydenov become acting head of the Buryatia Republic. He agreed.

As the newspaper view, the Kremlin has demonstrated to update the governors at the expense of the 30-40-year-old highly educated technocrats. In the past six months of political heavyweights being replaced by young professionals. So, the head of his administration the President has appointed Anton Vaino, the Minister of economy Maxim Oreshkin, and the heads of regions in Kaliningrad and Sevastopol sent two young managers – Anton Alikhanov and Dmitry Ovsyannikov.

Professor HSE Oleg Matveychev said that the first system of selection of heads of subjects have been invented under President Dmitry Medvedev in 2009-2010. “These were first, the Ministry of regional development, and then economic development. But they created a poor rating scale, too many indicators, it was almost 200. All this was confusing. No one could them to navigate,” – said Matveychev the newspaper VIEW.

By the way, added the analyst, was not clear and criteria for the evaluation of the work of the existing governors, because the parameters in Khanty-Mansiysk and Vyatka will always be different. “We needed a more compact system of assessment of candidates in governors, but it will be improved, because no system is perfect. You can always improve,” believes Matveychev.

The head of VTSIOM Valery Fedorov believes that the previous system was so extensive that few people seriously treated her. “It is clear that the new system must be tested by reality. After a while it will become clear whether the guys who were selected and received appointment from the President, his high office or is the target”, – Fedorov said the newspaper VIEW.

However, in his opinion, it is already clear that the new staff selection system in AP is much more logical and realistic. “It was obviously prepared by very experienced managers. On the one hand, technocrats, people focused on achieving results, and on the other hand – politicians who have experience of public activities and understand that these appointees will have a few months to be elected to the governors, to enter the public arena. So, in my opinion, quite balanced system”, – concluded the expert.


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