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Friday, March 16, 2018

Before Putin’s visit to Japan, the Kremlin specifies Tokyo its place

Tokyo tries hard to Putin’s visit to Japan on 15-16 December, was historic and brought real tangible results. However, his active efforts in different directions accompanied by undisguised cool against Moscow. And maybe it’s not only and not so much in the Kuril Islands, much to the General disappointment of Russia into a vassal policy of the Country of the rising sun.

Ahead of a highly anticipated visit of Russian President to the Country of the rising sun, which have 15-16 December in Japan for obvious reasons, intensified the related processes.

“Japan is a country with limited sovereignty, whose ability to make decisions have limits”

In particular, the Japanese media reported that Tokyo “has not taken note of the objections of” Washington, who did not like too warm a planned reception of Vladimir Putin. At the same time, do not take these messages at face value.

Japan is a country with limited sovereignty, whose ability to make decisions have limits. On the other hand, in the moment of a radical change of administration and the prospects for large-scale change of the foreign policy of the United States, maybe she did get a few more freedom of maneuver. There is a possibility to ignore the “wishes” as yet formally in power, but, in fact, has lost most of his influence the administration of Barack Obama, and have not won the White house the administration of Donald trump.

However, with considerable probability, this leak is simply a PR move, but have no serious background. As you know, the previous date of Putin’s visit to Japan was disrupted due to the requirements of the United States. Against this background, the current leakage allows Tokyo to present themselves in a favorable light.

The reasons for this are quite obvious. For Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a breakthrough in Russian-Japanese relations is actually an obsession. Under the breakthrough means the conclusion of a peace Treaty and resolving territorial dispute.

In the last time from Tokyo, there are steps in various directions with the explicit aim to mitigate, westite the Kremlin (Russian public opinion) to make progress on the Kuril issue. In particular, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Japan announced the easing of the visa regime with Russia. But Japanese media reported that their government has plans to mitigate the sanctions regime.

There are also rumors that Japan was ready to be very attractive for Russia cooperation in the fields of medicine and communications. A separate theme is bilateral cooperation in the field of fisheries and tourism, as well as a possible joint activity on the four disputed Islands.

In General, Japan is making every possible effort to demonstrate their hospitality and cooperation.

However, the main problem is that all these movements are only by application to the main territorial problem, and here the situation for Japan does not look too optimistic.

On the one hand, Tokyo is locked in a trap of its own multi-year propaganda, firmly standing on the requirement of all four Islands is agreed upon in the Declaration of 1956 two. However, progress and work with public opinion in this respect is.

And on the other hand, in recent months Russia at the highest level demonstrates a very tough stance on this issue.

The result for Tokyo on the eve of Putin’s visit is not very pleasant situation, when all attempts to soften Moscow’s position on the Kuril Islands bump into a concrete wall.

Another very significant point was Moscow’s refusal to accept a gift to Vladimir Putin another dog breed Akita inu. It is hardly possible to interpret otherwise this step as yet another demonstration of the Kremlin, its at least cool relations before visit of the head of state.

Looks like Tokyo will be tough in all ways and with very dim prospects of the visit of the Russian President.

On the other hand, deserves something other openly vassal behavior of the rising sun, which she shows in recent years?


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