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Saturday, March 24, 2018

“Battalion of the Majlis” killed squabbling leaders

APU broke up the camp of “volunteers” who organized the self-proclaimed Crimean Tatar Mejlis near the Russian border in the Kherson region of Ukraine. As explained the newspaper VIEW, the representatives of the Crimean Tatars, the incident is guilty of the Mejlis, the leaders of which ruined the housing problem. Until now, Kiev does not care about the fact that on Ukrainian territory settled personality with radical plans, and dubious past.

The militants “volunteer battalion. Of Noman Çelebicihan” whose camp near the Russian border on Monday “attacked” Ukrainian military seized weapons. This was announced by acting press Secretary of the 57th brigade of the APU Lydia Vasilenko. “List of confiscated items will be published later. The commander (battalion) is now at the checkpoint Chongar and will be there to clarify all the circumstances”, – said Vasilenko Ukrainian media.

“Choosing between a thief Dzhemilev and extremist Islyamova, Kiev has made a choice in favor of Dzhemilev”

Thus, the Ukrainian security officials confirmed the statement of the leader of the banned in Russia “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people,” Refat Chubarov about the “unwarranted and law-enforcement activity” base “volunteers”. On his page in Facebook Chubarov wrote that the servicemen had damaged the facilities and property of the organization “Asker” (obustraivalis camp) and made the “attempted use of physical force” to its members. He added that on a scene left the representatives of the national police and the security service. There are also the representative of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people in Kherson region Abmazhit Suleymanov and coordinator of the “action “Civil blockade “of the Crimea” Lenur islyamov.

APU argue the opposite: that “the activists of the Majlis” gave a conflict with Ukrainian security forces.

As reports the UNIAN with reference to the operational command of the armed forces of Ukraine “South” division that “performs combat missions in the Kherson region, on the border with the occupied Crimea, by order of the commander settled in a fighting position” when they arrived “the most armed representatives of the illegal armed formation”. “Given the specificity of the units and the conditions of the situation, the party has been detained and disarmed all of the requirements of statutes and other legislative acts concerning actions in similar situations”, – stated in the command South.

We will remind, last year one of the initiators of the food and energy blockade of the Crimea is the above – mentioned oligarch Lenur islyamov – announced the creation of a “volunteer battalion. Of Noman Çelebicihan,” which focused on the border with Crimea in Kherson region of Ukraine and, according to Islyamova, employs 560 people. Crimean investigative Department of the FSB of Russia opened a criminal case on the fact of the creation of this battalion.

Blackmail Kyiv and internal conflicts

“Ukrainian security forces would not go to the liquidation of illegal armed formations (which controlled islyamov), if it were not for the internal conflict in “the Majlis”. This would not have happened without the approval of the organization’s founder Mustafa Cemil, in conflict with islyamova,” – said in comments the newspaper VIEW Duma Deputy from the Crimea, the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Ruslan Balbec.

Up to this point Kiev did not respond to the “freemen” of the Crimean borders. As noted in comments to journalists the head of the state Committee on the Affairs of interethnic relations and deported citizens of the Republic of Crimea Zaur Smirnov, the Crimean authorities have repeatedly received complaints from people crossing the state border with Ukraine, and the population of the Kherson region on the intimidation and “outright thuggery” on the part of the representatives of the illegal battalion.

Earlier it was reported that the structure differed little handling. In September last year, two soldiers “battalion Islyamova” the brothers Rustam and Mayor Osmanovi have surrendered to Russian forces and said that the group is ready to act not only against the Crimea, but Kiev. In task groups, in addition to acts of sabotage and provocations against Crimean includes blackmail Kiev government, which turns a blind eye to the excesses of the radicals in the South, said Zaur Smirnov after the escaped soldiers testified.

“Personality with a questionable past”

“What happened is not surprising. Training was conducted long ago, numerous “experts” of the APU,” – said in comments the newspaper VIEW of the Crimean Tatar public figure, participant of the 2014 campaign in support of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia tanai Cholhanov.

According to the source, it was reported that “among the “Crimean Tatars” who were in the camp, “Asker”, there was little the Crimean Tatars, but was quite collected “every little helps” individuals with a strange past, including the Islamists of Arab descent”. “Most likely, was preparing a provocation and probably the story of the saboteurs was meant to be the last,” – said the source. Note that the leader of the Mejlis Refat Chubarov has already stood up for one of the defendants in the “case of the saboteurs,” Crimean Tatar from Zaporozhye Ridvan Suleymanov.

Also recall that in late January, the FSB held in Bakhchisarai special operation on the liquidation of the Crimean cell of the terrorist organization “Hizb ut-Tahrir al Islami” (Islamic party of liberation). At the same time was detained the lawyer of the Islamists, and activists “of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people,” Emile Kuberlinov. The lawyer was on his way to one of the leaders of the Crimean Islamists Seyran Salieva, which at the time was the capture of “hitbutton”.

“It’s very much tired of what is happening, says Tanay Cholhanov. – The fact that the Majlis demanded from Kiev to pay Chongar and in General, the areas adjacent to the Crimea, and to create an essentially Autonomous “Autonomous principalities”. Insisted and founder of the Mejlis Mustafa Dzhemilev, the current leader, Refat Chubarov, and initiator of the “blockade of the Crimea” Lenur islyamov, who was the most active supporter of the idea of autonomy.”

Contrary to the promises of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, “no it is this autonomy has not been given”, says Cholhanov. “Then they (the leaders of the Majlis) gradually began to become impudent”, at the locations of activists “began to appear men with guns, and it started to scare the local population”, said the source.

“Choosing between a thief and an extremist”

But, first, Kiev could not take into account the above-mentioned internal conflicts in “the Majlis”.

“It’s about the struggle for control over financial flows, which until recently was generously poured on the heads of the “fighters for rights of the Crimean Tatars” or “for the people’s happiness” – the Trinity of Dzhemilev – Chubarov – islyamov, – said the Deputy of the state Duma Ruslan Balbec. – Until recently, the excess funds were held this motley clique from strife”, allowing to work together to prepare anti-Russian actions. But after the Obama administration funding ceased, indicates Balbec.

The stumbling block, according to the source, “was the last major tranche of which was before the coup attempts in Turkey handed over to representatives of the banned organization “Majlis”. “Of course, the purpose of this amount was the resettlement of the Crimean Tatars living in Ukraine. But instead the funds were used again for personal enrichment entourage Cemil,” said Balbec.

In this case, “these funds were spent on purchase of elite apartments in Kiev, in a luxury residential complex PecherSKY”, he said. “Was purchased 10 luxury apartments and offices, and despite the fact that a square meter in this building is worth 3 thousand dollars and above,” says the source. “It is clear that Lenur islyamov was required that took into account the interests of him and his “invincible army”, – stressed the Balbec. Attempt to participate in the division have led to a conflict between Jemilev and Chubarov – “and all this against the backdrop of the struggle for control over financial flows coming from abroad for anti-Russian actions”.

“Choosing between a thief Dzhemilev and extremist Islyamova, who has sullied his name involved in looting and harassment of the local population in the Kherson region, Kiev has made a choice in favor of Dzhemilev” – concludes Ruslan Balbec.

The incident closed?

Afternoon Refat Chubarov said that the incident at Chongar exhausted. “By 11.00 place-based public Association “Asker” Chongar left the military and the police: members of the public Association “Asker” and the volunteers formed the Crimean Tatar battalion. Of Noman Çelebicihan returned to daily activities and life of camp deployment,” wrote Chubarov in Facebook.

It is alleged that a damaged structure of the camp was restored. However, reports that “volunteers” returned the seized weapons from them, have been reported.

Not disappeared and the cause of the incident. According to Chubarov, “the incident at Chongar” could not happen because unreasonably long delayed the decision on the establishment of members of the armed forces or the national guard under separate Crimean Tatar military units. “Permanent civil control”, i.e. independent “assistance” of people from the Majlis to the border guards and customs officers, according to Chubarov, was unprofitable kind of “shady dealers”. From the leader of the Majlis and got the security forces: “Some of the guilty troops resorted to fictional versions, directed against the Crimean Tatars”.


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