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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Trump suddenly changed its rhetoric about China

It seems extremely harsh rhetoric of Donald trump against China came to an end. All of his campaign promises “to put China on the spot” ended after a single telephone conversation with the leader of China. The press service of the trump immediately disavowed the idea is to pressure Beijing on the non-recognition of “one China”. What happened to the White house?

President Donald trump on Friday evening said that the US and China can get along and are already on the way to it. “As most of you know, yesterday I had a very, very good conversation with President of China. It was a very warm conversation. We are in the process in order to get along” – quoted trump, RIA “Novosti”. Such a confession he made after a conversation with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, so he added that improving relations with Beijing will benefit, and Tokyo.

“It was a subject of bargaining in the early 70s, when I agreed to Mao Zedong and Richard Nixon. Then it was agreed, that the United States recognizes that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China”

Yesterday’s phone conversation was the first conversation of the American and Chinese leaders since, as trump 20 Jan entered the office. “The conversation was long, very sincere, President of trump at the request of the President XI agreed to respect the policy of “one China,” the White house said. This statement indicates the return to the traditional policy of the United States, emphasizes Reuters.

Thus, the results of the first phone call, both parties were given to understand that the issue of “unified China” is solved and they can continue to build a normal relationship.

Both leaders wished the best peoples to each other and exchanged invitations to make visits. “President trump and President XI are looking forward to further negotiations and hope for their very successful result”, – concluded the White house. “I believe that the United States and China are partners seeking to cooperate and together we can bring the bilateral relations to a new historical high,” – said in his statement, XI Jinping.

Recall that immediately after his election victory trump suddenly questioning the policy of “one China” policy, saying that it was nothing more than a subject of negotiations. Moreover, trump not only questioned the policy of “one China”, but also held a telephone conversation with the head of Taiwan Cai Inven. In this regard, the OPINION then noted: in Beijing, there are increasing concerns about the failure of the trump from the policy pursued by all his predecessors, from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama.

However, in January Rex Tillerson at the hearing in the U.S. Senate to approve his nomination to head the state Department said he was not aware of any plans trump to change the position of “one China”. “The United States needs to send Beijing a “clear signal” that access to the disputed Islands in the South China sea “will not be allowed,” he said.

Head of the Department of Oriental studies of the HSE Alexey Maslov believes that pre-election threats trump fit into the concept of a number of American economists and sinologists, calling to limit the growth of China due to the imposition of Beijing a number of problems.

“Trump really was not going to abandon the policy of “one China.” In his campaign speeches he outlined the pain points that will be applied to the punch… This is a problem of “one China,” Islands in the South China sea, the problem of the return of American businesses in America, the anti-dumping measures and so on. Beforehand it was assumed that all of this set some items will be “delivered” – to indicate the starting position of the negotiation process,” – said Maslov newspaper VIEW.

As expected, the most painful point for Beijing was the question of Taiwan, both from the point of view of China it is generally not negotiable. “At the same time, China almost did not argue on the issue of economic interaction model. So trump immediately passed this position, noting now that the problem of “one China” for him, too, resolved the issue and immediately identified the issues for further discussion. Tactics trump will be, not to harm economic relations, but it is constantly pressed China on political issues. And due to this and to limit its growth,” – says Maslov.

As for the telephone conversation, then the political scientist is sure that C nothing is promised Trump. “It’s not in the manner of China. Willingness to make concessions on economic cooperation models is usually designated not by the President of China, and at the level of his advisers,” – said Maslov.

Chief researcher, Institute of Far Eastern studies, member of the Council on foreign and defense policy Alexander LOMANOV said that trump really did not invent anything new. Its predecessors during the election campaigns in the nineties and zero cool also promised to deal with China, to throw economic challenge, to prevent the leakage of jobs.

“Unlike its predecessors, trump expressed the same thesis in an unusually harsh, rigid form. He is a businessman. He was used to a different style of communication, behind him there are no diplomatic and political school. But every time, the candidates became presidents have entered the Oval office, they immediately realized that such promises are unenforceable,” said LOMANOV newspaper VIEW. “Obama also promised pivot to Asia, promised to deploy some additional forces… trump because of the inherent extravagance he was trying to scare the Chinese that will abandon the principle of one China. But the consequences would be devastating, as mentioned many times already. This can lead to the outbreak of large-scale conflict in the Pacific” – said the expert.

“To discuss the identity of Taiwan with China is absolutely useless. The only thing you can do is to roll back everything to the beginning of 70-ies, to the breaking of diplomatic relations, which will cause a violent chain of negative consequences for the world economy as a whole. For China, membership of Taiwan was not a negotiating position. China is already strong enough, confident” – reminded LOMANOV.

“It could still be a bargaining chip in the early 70-ies, when he agreed to Mao Zedong and Richard Nixon. But then it was agreed, that the United States recognizes that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China, and the topic is closed. Apparently, Trump explained that bargaining on this issue can not be. You have to bargain on comparable sites. It is impossible to demand from China something in the economy using the levers that will be perceived as an attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country”, – concluded the expert.

However, on the island don’t consider the subject closed. They believe trump for a time pretended to be. One of the Taiwanese scientists, who wished to remain anonymous, said the newspaper VIEW: “Obviously, trump decided to gather forces to strengthen relations with Japan and South Korea (not by chance, he immediately sent his Minister of defense) to later return to the issue of confrontation with China. His goal is to negotiate with China on issues important to Americans: this is, in particular, trade and passive trade balance. When trump spoke with the Taiwan leader Tsai on the phone, he frankly said that he would not comply with the principle of “one China.”

“Now trump seems to be promised to the leader of China to respect the principle of “one China.” But here we must note that the principle of “one China” there are actually a few different versions. The American version may not coincide with the version of Beijing. In any case, the administration of Taiwan must carefully monitor the situation. After all, security and prosperity are the most important things for the people of the island”, – said the interlocutor of the newspaper VIEW.

As you know, China considers the island a “rebellious province”, which over time will need to be returned. China refuses to have diplomatic relations with countries that recognize Taiwan. The leadership of the Taiwan, until recently, was also proclaimed a policy of “one China,” but put in the opposite sense. From the point of view of the authorities of the island they remained the legitimate government of the whole country, but all of the mainland of China Taipei legally declared “rebel” territory seized by Communist insurgents in 1949.


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