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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Snowden’s extradition in the USA there is a reason

Russia has repeatedly said it will not give the US of former CIA employee Edward Snowden. In the same spirit that appears refuted media reports that Russia as a “gift” Donald Trump is mulling the extradition of a fugitive. If Moscow all-taki will allow such an option, it can be extremely beneficial to both parties, and Russia will avoid the image blow to the reputation.

The lawyer of the former CIA employee Edward Snowden Anatoly Kucherena has not found grounds for issuance of a USA customer. Information about the alleged preparation of the transfer of Snowden, he called the speculation “that go from the so-called sources of US intelligence”. In conversation with TASS, the lawyer said that this issue remains in the political arena of the United States, “but the runaround on this topic by the American special services periodically vbrasyvaya information.

“Russia does not trade the rights and freedoms of the person”

“If you put it on the scales of the abolition of the presidential sanctions against Russia and the extradition of Snowden, it is Trump to get the fugitive much more profitable”

He recalled that Snowden has a residence permit (in the beginning of the year it is extended till 2020) and in compliance with all local laws. And if he wants, in the next few years will be able to apply for Russian citizenship (you need to live in the country for at least five years).

“Even when the Obama administration States tried somewhere to drag, but let me remind you, Russia is not trades people, Russia does not trade the rights and freedoms of the person, and let it remain on the conscience of those who throws this kind of information,” said Kucherena, adding that “on any level – economic or political topic of Snowden cannot be the subject of bargaining”.

On Friday the American TV channel NBC reported that U.S. intelligence received information that the Russian special services consider the idea of granting Snowden to the us authorities as a “gift” to President Donald Trump. Lawyer Ben Wisner, Snowden provided to the American civil liberties Union, said that he knew nothing about such preparations.

Snowden gave information to NBC proof that he never cooperated with the FSB. Recall that in the United States have repeatedly expressed in that spirit that Snowden was granted refuge in Russia after agreeing to cooperate with the FSB. “Finally, irrefutable proof that I have never worked for Russian intelligence. No country will give their spies, as others (spies) will think they’re next,” wrote Snowden on Twitter.

What is happening on Facebook, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. In her opinion, such reports (except for Snowden, she drew attention to the message of the TV channel CNN about the found evidence of the details of the controversial dossier on trump) appear to be a “disturbance of public opinion.” And so it turns out “pressure on the new administration of U.S. President by political opponents inside the country”. “And that is why the foreign policy doctrine of the White house is still not formed,” – said Zakharov.

In late January, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov in interview of Bi-bi-si stated that the decision to issue Snowden can take only Russian immigration authorities or Vladimir Putin personally.

“Edward Snowden is a man who faces the death penalty in the United States because it is one of the few countries that practice it. It’s a decision that can be accepted by our immigration authorities or President Putin. I don’t know, but it is not a toy to pass,” – said Peskov on a question about whether such a development in the case of improving Moscow’s relations with Washington.

Trump himself commented on this story during the election debates. Then his opinion was clear: Snowden is a spy that “we need to get back.” “If Russia felt admiration for the United States, she would immediately gave it to us,” said trump last spring.

However, in January of this year a press-the Secretary of the trump Sean Spicer said that the issue of Snowden’s extradition “not a priority” for trump, who “focuses on such issues as economic growth, creating jobs”.

“Russia has a good hand”

Professor of the Academy of military Sciences, americanist Sergey Sudakov considers the case of Snowden, one of the good points of contact, which Russia may find in dialogue with trump. He explained that us intelligence agencies, including NSA, highly moderniziriruyutsya and almost everything is stolen by Snowden from the bowels of this structure, today obsolete.

“Information technology is not standing still. Updating the Snowden plummeted. Now Snowden – dummy. By and large, Russia now this person is absolutely unimportant, the country is interested in the global interests of the nation,” Zander assured the newspaper VIEW.

The expert explained that Snowden is not handed Russia any algorithms of the NSA, so there is no understanding of the process of development and improvement of U.S. intelligence. If Russia decides to extradite Snowden, showing a gesture of goodwill, it is a double-edged sword. The results need to be done in a way to eventually not be the losing side. “Trump can beat Russia simply. He can get us Snowden and show the Democrats that he’s a tough guy – did what has failed Barack Obama. But at the same time he can say thank you Russia for Snowden’s extradition and to do nothing, and to promise to lift sanctions only after the return of the Crimea to the Ukraine… What guarantees can we get that trump will play on our side? No. By and large, it is our good will, which will cost Russia loss of image,” he warns.

To result in the extradition of Snowden, both sides have benefited, then, emphasizes the perch, you need to clearly agree on this procedure and to understand “what we give Snowden, who now really need Trump to outdo the Washington swamp”. According to him, Russia, as a minimum, should demand trump the immediate lifting of those sanctions which can cancel the US President by his decree.

“It’s two acts of goodwill and our administration trump. This is normal. Trump understands that he would be very symbolic to Snowden. If you put it on the scales of the abolition of the presidential sanctions and receipt of Snowden, it is Trump to get the fugitive much more profitable. On this basis, it is necessary to understand that Russia has good cards on hand, but they need to play very well. If they give us a good price for our cards, let’s play,” predicts Sergey Sudakov.

We will remind, Edward Snowden worked as an analyst at the American security services. In 2013, he made public information on how electronic surveillance of secret services, including illegal wiretapping talks to foreign leaders. In the summer of that year fled the United States to Hong Kong and from there flew to Moscow with the purpose to go then to Ecuador. But in the end, he remained in Russia after U.S. authorities revoked his passport. Fleeing from prosecution, Snowden has sent requests for asylum to the authorities in more than 20 countries, including Russia. 1 Aug 2014 he has got a residence permit in Russia and since then never left it.

In the US, Snowden is charged with violating two articles of the espionage act. At each of these points he faces up to 10 years in prison. Representatives of the US administration repeatedly stated that they consider Snowden a traitor and not going to forgive him because he caused serious damage to the interests of national security.


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