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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Work trump is destroying his own administration

Leakage of communication Donald trump with foreign colleagues took such a scale that it without a doubt is a sabotage of his work by his own administration. It threatens to turn to the American President severe consequences if you do not manage to solve the problem of preserving privacy in no time.

Problems with confidentiality in the new US administration adopted such a scale that the White house was forced to give an official comment on the matter. “We are studying the situation, it is alarming,” said White house spokesman Sean Spicer.

“Walking leak directly hit the tramp in the foreign policy area, including personal contact with foreign colleagues”

We are talking about that details of telephone conversations of Donald trump with foreign leaders regularly become known to the media, and from the pages of their publications to the General public.

The most notorious leaks of reports from insiders that trump “yelled” at Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turbull and threatened the President of Mexico Enrique peña Nieto to send troops to his country, if the Mexican army cannot cope with the “bad guys”.

Very recent case was the news Agency Reuters that during the first telephone conversation with Russian President trump criticized the Treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (start), calling it bad for the United States.

In the latter case particularly noteworthy is that Reuters got insider information directly from the two officials. The extent of the leaks as a whole are such that there can be no question of coincidence. In the case of conversation with Vladimir Putin, it was demonstrated that the new American administration have the multiple pockets of vulnerability in the line of confidentiality.

The current situation reveals a number of problems facing the American President. Moreover, these problems are of a completely different level, ranging from quite local (the need to tighten official discipline within the administration) to global, which can directly affect the US foreign policy.

First we need to understand what is the cause of the ongoing leaks: lack of professionalism among employees of the administration who tend to spill the beans to journalists extra, or deliberate sabotage of the new President? Given the circumstances of the arrival of Donald trump to power and the number of his opponents in Washington at all levels, the question is not idle. More likely seems the second version.

The situation is compounded by the fact that these leaks cause a painful shock to the White house from several directions.

First, the current situation demonstrates, both inside the country and abroad that Donald trump can’t trust his own machine. If sabotage has taken such a massive and blatant forms in this direction, then what happens in other areas, not so open to the public?

Second, it describes the problem that must be addressed – and fast. Moreover, the speed and efficiency of this solution will be in the eyes of many evidence, what chance does trump in the implementation of other plans and programmes. Because if it promptly will not be able to completely solve the basic problem of maintaining the confidentiality of their telephone conversations, you can hardly expect that he be able to succeed in much more complex issues.

Thirdly, running leak directly hit the tramp in the foreign policy area, including personal contact with foreign colleagues. The goal is to achieve trusting relationships and direct conversations with foreign leaders can be unsolvable, if they are to understand that any word after a few hours chatting with the American President may be on the pages of the world press.

Moreover, the situation is trump in a narrow circle of rulers of the world’s destinies in a very unfavorable light – as a weak President, unable to solve a banal problem, whose work and plans to successfully torpedo one’s own employees.

This is especially striking in contrast with Russia, which in recent years has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to maintain the highest level of confidentiality. The latest such example was the deal to sell a stake in Rosneft to foreign investors, which made a bombshell as there was the slightest hint of such a development of events. Conversations of the head of the Russian state with foreign colleagues have the highest level of security, and any leaks about them has traditionally been based solely on the other side.

The result is an urgent restore order in the work of his own administration is becoming Donald trump’s high priority, as opened problems hit to his status and reputation as the head of the United States. If the situation will be started, it will have a lasting and extremely negative consequences for him, as can be thwarted all the plans of the trump in the international arena.


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