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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Turkey did not have any claims to Russia after the incident in al Bab

Ankara was satisfied with the actions taken in connection with the incident with the death of Turkish soldiers in Syria. The Turkish General staff, previously reporting an unintended strike of our HQs on the position of the Turkish military, points out: “the necessary contacts” with the President and Prime Minister of Russia helped to defuse the situation. Both sides rests on the fact that Russia and Turkey should continue to work together in the fight against ISIS.

Ankara is satisfied with the actions and statements of Moscow, taken in connection with the incident with the death of Turkish soldiers in Syria. On the eve late evening TASS reported a source in the Turkish General staff.

“This was an alarming incident. But we know that Russia is a friend of Turkey”

Recall that the Turkish General staff, on Thursday announced the death of the Turkish military in an unintended air strike of Russian air force near the Syrian town of al-Bab. It is reported that the incident killed three soldiers and 11 were injured, one of them in serious condition.

“This incident will definitely put both countries in a difficult position, – stated in the Turkish General staff. But from the beginning of the Turkish armed forces took the wise position. Was conducted necessary contacts with the Russian side at the level of President and Prime Minister. The Turkish side welcomed the position that Russia took from the very beginning, when the incident occurred”.

The representative of the General staff also noted that “for the last time in the relations between Turkey and the Russian Federation have been positive developments in the political and economic sphere and in the military field”.

Because of the inconsistency of coordinate

About the incident at El-Baba became known yesterday from the message of the General staff of Turkey. “Today, about 8.40 Russian military planes during air strikes on targets of ISIS* accidentally struck the building, where the Turkish soldiers participating in the operation “shield of the Euphrates,” – reports RIA “Novosti” message of the Turkish military.

About the tragedy announced in the evening, after mid-day the leaders of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the incident. Putin, according to his press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, expressed his condolences and said that the military death occurred due to the inconsistency of coordinates.

The Turkish side argues that Putin apologized, reports the BBC. However, according to Haber Turk, the Russian side expressed its condolences about the apology says nothing.

The chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces army General Valery Gerasimov also held a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Hulusi Akar and also expressed their condolences. As reported TASS, the chief of staff agreed to strengthen the exchange of information about the situation on the ground, work to improve the mechanism of coordination of actions.

The death of the Turkish military is a tragedy, but the parties must continue to work together, stated later, a senior military source in Ankara. According to him, now everything is “extremely saddened”. “However, we must proceed from the fact that in our region to combat terrorism and for peace, Turkey and Russia must continue to work together, shoulder to shoulder”, according to the RIA “Novosti”. According to him, many would like the deterioration of relations of Russia and Turkey.

“Are the reversals, the second”

We will remind, earlier it was announced that Russia and Turkey have begun to conduct joint strikes on ISIS positions at El-Bab.

As explained by the head of the research Department of middle East conflicts and the armed forces of the region of the Institute of innovative development Anton Mardas, the Turks are trying to surround the al-Bab from the North and East with the aim not only to take the city, but to get then to the position of their main opponents – the Kurds.

According to him, there is a corridor from the city that the fighters can leave the ring. However, the militants still remain in the city, and during the battle, moving quickly.

What made the army of Syria with the help of Russian troops (infographic)”Can assume that “Islamic state*” works there in small groups of 15-20 people. For example, troops come under fire near a settlement called aviation, but when the planes arrive and strike, the situation at this point may already be different than at the time of the decision to send reinforcements from the air. Pretty hard for there to coordinate. When the aircraft operates, the militants no longer there. And this place has sometimes come coming, that is there are the kickbacks, the SAG due to the rapid movement of militants LIH. This tactic, incidentally, explains why can’t take al-Bab,” Mardas said the newspaper VIEW.

According to sources the newspaper “Kommersant”, the cause of getting the Turkish military airstrike Russian videoconferencing could become inconsistent approach of the Turks (possibly pursuing the militants) in the square, scheduled our aircraft to strike.

Friendly fire

Anton Mardas said that such methods of rapid movements are not new for ISIS – jihadists use them in street battles in the Iraqi city of Mosul. The Iraqi army there often is collateral damage from Americans, even though they often use high-precision weapons. “Such incidents meet periodically, and no Commission is unable to correct them. It is clear that after this incident the parties will be much more careful to use the aircraft. But if al-Bab and soon completely surrounded, in the future, it is unlikely that this will happen again”, – the expert predicts.

There is a real war, reminded of Mardas. “In the course of street fighting “collateral damage” is inevitable happens. If everyone will stand still, and bomb no one will have. During operations in Aleppo, Palmyra, with tight quarters of the warring parties at the call of the aviation accident was covered by order of battle allies,” he recalled.

By the way, said Mardas, after the fall of Aleppo in the ranks of the former fighters was split. Former allies, the rebels delimited, and now some of them turned their weapons against ISIS, including on the streets of El-Baba.

“We can say that in this area we see really positive thing, when Pro-government troops conditionally, tactically fighting against ISIS, along with new allies – the forces of the Syrian opposition, supported by Turkish troops. The trick is that these units have recently been blocked inside Eastern Aleppo. In August, when he was punched the corridor, many of the units out of Eastern Aleppo and heading to the buffer. That is, those whom Damascus and Moscow were called terrorists, now with them fighting with ISIS. It is encouraging to see,” said Mardas.

Doctor of historical Sciences, Istanbul University Mehmet Perincek hopes that within the officer corps of the Turkish army confidence in the Russian allies now will not decrease, and overall bilateral relations will not deteriorate. “It will not be worse. Turkey and Russia should establish a strategic partnership that did not make such mistakes in the future. This, of course, a bad incident. But we know that Russia is a friend of Turkey,” Perincek said the newspaper VIEW.

“Russia should understand that the main problem of Turkey in Syria is Kurdish separatism. Kurdish groups in Syria openly say they remain strategic partners of the United States. Turkey and Russia should resist the plans of the Americans to terrorize Syria,” he said. “Russia should not support Kurdish separatists, the most important thing. It is a vital issue for Ankara and Turkish-Russian relations”, – said the expert.

“Kurdish corridor, which would open the United States from Northern Iraq to the Mediterranean sea, is Washington’s plan. The so-called plan for the creation of Kurdistan is aimed against Iran, Syria, Turkey and of course Russia”, – summed up Perincek, expressing hope that Ankara and Moscow agree on this issue.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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