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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Statements about the omnipotence of the Ukrainian intelligence seem to be boasting of a traitor

More recently, military and political structures of the Russian Federation was literally Packed with Ukrainian spies, and she Ukrainian intelligence was a reference from the point of view of technical support. At least, it follows from the statements of the former head of the foreign intelligence service of Ukraine. But in fact this is a banal boast to hurt the traitor.

That under President Viktor Yushchenko, the Ukrainian scouts was the concept of working for Russian spies Kiev successfully operated in the political and defensive structures of the Russian Federation, said the former head of the foreign intelligence service of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh, who led the foreign intelligence service from 2005 to 2010. Mostly retired General Malomuzh resentfully criticized his coworkers, including and existing, for “incompetence,” but simultaneously said that it SZRU was selected to entangle with tentacles all over the world. Here are some quotes:

“Could not parse his speech about “thousands of agents” in Russia, if it were not part Malomuzh in one military operation against Russia during his tenure as intelligence chief”

“Periodically we have had powerful capabilities, and Russia, and third countries on the basis of what the company was working high-level professionals, primarily, the Chairpersons, Deputy Chairpersons and heads of departments. Accordingly, developed the concept of the Russian Federation – the penetration of their political, defensive structures, and definition of geopolitics in Ukraine. That is, when the head of the leaders who had a high level of professionalism, was not engaged by the political leadership of both internal and external, which was focused on Russia, then, accordingly, the level of protection of Ukraine. We have not lost the Crimea, we did not allow in time of war, we have not made explicit the priorities of Russia against Ukraine”.

“It was thousands (of agents – approx. OPINION), based on the priorities is not only close, but far as the exploration has not appeared out of nothing and agent positions accumulating for decades.”

“All the leaders, and hundreds of people, starting with the head, Malomuzh, who had most valuable agents, and hundreds of people in various countries around the world, the highest grade, is gone.”

“In the years 2005-2008 we have almost updated the technical intelligence to the level of world standards. We competed with Germany, Britain, France, Russia. Online, when we sold some tools India, Ukraine, five countries have won the tender – in a live recording. That is, have heavy-duty capabilities. Ilyashev and other leaders who then came, just destroyed this technical intelligence.”

“These are all strategic means of technical intelligence was received in the Gulf of Aden. We have a development that led jointly by the Academy of Sciences, Communist party and our professors – we are 138 professors in the technical intelligence.”

“I spent eight years in contact with the team of trump, in different periods, and in international forums we meet. The whole team, when we met with 1 to 5 December in Washington, said that is pragmatic policy towards Ukraine. Developed a settlement plan under the auspices of the United States – “twenty” plus Russia, Ukraine. Given the geopolitical world problems, the “road map” on Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan.”

Here, of course, you can omit the veil, although Malomuzh said a lot of things, especially in the current situation in the Crimea. But it’s worth mentioning “eight years in contact” and the Gulf of Aden.

Mykola Malomuzh is still not old – he was born in 1955 and Alzheimer’s has not been noticed up to this interview. And now – please, the Gulf of Aden. Meanwhile, the Soviet base on Socotra island was eliminated back in the days when Malomuzh worked as a KGB operative in the USSR in the section “exploration areas” and focused on the hunt for Catholic priests. This activity, incidentally, later led him to the position of Chairman of the State Committee of Ukraine for religious Affairs.

Now contacts with the team of trump. Malomuzh for seven years as dismissed from all his posts in reserve military service with the right to wear a military uniform. And it’s not just “Pro-Russian Yanukovych”, which connects the retiree lose all your “conquests”. In 2014, “in a Board” Alexander Turchinov deprived Malomuzh last “tchotchke” retiree – positions non-staff adviser. But he is still met with “team trump” and developed the “settlement plan”, not only in Ukraine, but also, “because of the geopolitical issues” on Syria and Afghanistan.

Interview Malomuzh is a collection of typical boasting hurt the retiree who first wiped away, but now don’t want to draw even at the level of a consultant. In the interview he rails against and the current head of the Ukrainian foreign intelligence service Viktor Gvozd, and replacing Malomuzh in this post under Yanukovych Gregory Ilyashev and does – devil with horns. While Malomuzh quite willing to share their own opinion about the situation, for example, he believes that in the Donbass Victor Hvozd too focused on military problems. And Debaltsevo and Ilovaisk overlooked because they didn’t listen to the speeches of the Malomuzh Savik Shuster, and he’s “said it all”. Same story with the Crimea: “I passed Turchinov through his aides that it is necessary to act quickly, passed the model of action”. In the country he is apparently a model of action pasted.

Basically, after all this, could not understand his speech about “thousands of agents” in Russia, if not for the participation of Mykola Malomuzh in one military operation against Russia during his tenure as intelligence chief. It was an attempt to prevent the exit of Sevastopol black sea fleet in August 2008. It was assumed that the Ukrainian intelligence is on the Russian Navy a number of agents, which could make acts of sabotage. This did not happen, but the attempts were, and out through the agents (those “thousands”) and then through Malomuzh to the leadership of Ukraine was informed that any attempt of provocation or sabotage against the Russian black sea fleet will lead to retaliatory military action. The role Malomuzh was to ensure that he “got scared first.” Subsequently, the right choice was made by President Yushchenko.

No one can rule out that RF can act a certain number of staff members of foreign intelligence of Ukraine or people somehow associated with it. The vast majority of them probably come from families with Ukrainian roots or were in a difficult position at the time of recruitment. In recent years, however, there was a group of people, ideologically associated with the current regime in Ukraine, but they lack the capacity for intelligence activities do not have and cannot have access to political, industrial, and even more so to military information. So speech about “thousands of agents” sitting in “high offices” and owns strategic information of the highest level, are still more similar to Alzheimer’s.

Resentment of the General Malomuzh around at all humanly understandable. He survived two opals and don’t like in the circle of security services of Ukraine of all appeals, especially military professionals. His main enemies – the inhabitants of the “Island” (as in the Ukraine called the natives of the main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry, because the building is located on a small island on the Dnieper). They are now caught senior positions in the intelligence system of Ukraine. Mainly due to the active cooperation with the NATO system in former times, as the same General Victor Hvozd.

The life and exploits of Nicholas Malomuzh further highlight the terrible human calamity that has overtaken the 80 years of the KGB and led to the catastrophe geopolitical scale. “Questionnaire” method of selection of young cadres provided a massive influx of KGB uneducated people. From worker-peasant families, often from the national republics, to the Executive, no questions asked, a lot of silent nodding and members of the Komsomol, but not too activists, campaigners, intellectuals from far away. Inexplicably, these people were not only in the heads of departments the first number of factories, but also in foreign intelligence, and in the section “exploration areas” (a structure on the ground, trying to recruit visiting foreigners, but for the most part performing technical functions) they were the majority.

A country boy from the Ukrainian heartland, promoted on emergency service senior Sergeant kontrdiversionnoy group due to the ability to skillfully hide behind a tree in wait – not a candidate for exploration. But he had perfect profiles – all his relatives probably “was” and “was not”. At the Institute he was a member of the Komsomol and taught Soviet law. And taught diligently the witnesses to show that he could even stay in graduate school, for a guy from Skalivatka – the ultimate dream in the early 80-ies, the intelligentsia was not found and was regularly driven home to the village.

This man first of all the structure of the KGB of the USSR in December 1991 has made an active betrayal. Just took the Ukrainian oath, abandoning the Soviet and hid the intelligence files of the control “intelligence areas”, not bringing Nikolai Golushko to take her to the Central office in Moscow. And we do not know where then went the filing Cabinet. Not the fact that it was something fundamentally important: “exploration areas” of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR of the active idleness notes in the “agents” almost any foreigner, who asked that the hour in the capital. But this is the real betrayal that could cost people’s lives.

Such an interview – always food for thought. Resentful retiree – an extremely talkative character. It is only necessary to separate the rural bravado from reality.


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