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Friday, March 23, 2018

Men argue whether to put up with Fourcade

The Russian blogosphere with indignation discuss the conduct of the French biathlete who dropped the track on his Russian opponent. Russians are convinced that He did it on purpose, and stand in solidarity with them many veterans of the biathlon. However, in the coaching staff of the Russian team set up a much more peaceful.

The media and the blogosphere is actively discussing the scandalous incident that occurred Thursday during the mixed relay at the world Championships in biathlon in Hochfilzen. In the beginning of the final stage of the French biathlete Martin Fourcade ran over a ski Russian Alexander Loginov, already had time to pass the baton to Anton Shipulin, Loginov and then fell. Subsequently, the Frenchman, already moving Shipulin, rebuilt in the left corridor, which the Russians lost and failed to make the final spurt. In the end, the Russian team took bronze, the second were the French, and first place went to team Germany.

International organizations should provide guidance to national, to pacify their “fighters for justice”, and the latter would do well, before you start “wrestling” in the mirror to see”

“It was a great battle with Russia,” – commented on the incident to the newspaper L’equipe Sam Martin Fourcade.

However, the reaction of the Russian biathletes, for obvious reasons, was quite different. During the ceremony Anton Loginov and ignored the Frenchman, not becoming to shake his hand, that He broke a deliberate round of applause to the Russians, and when they began to reward, left the podium. However, he came back after he asked the President of the International biathlon Union Anders Besseberg. Subsequently, the French biathlete explained his action by the Norwegian Agency NRK is the fact that Anton refused to shake his hand and turned back to him. And then, according to TASS, even tried to present their actions as unintentional:

“If I consciously decided to shoot down a little more, it would put at risk the disqualification of the entire team – was justified Fourcade. – I apologize to him for hitting him, but I had no intent to do so.”

In turn is held after the relay press conference, commenting on the behavior of his counterpart, Anton Shipulin said:

“Our team is a close-knit family, and when Martin Fourcade has not behaved very well towards one of its members, in this case to Alexander Loginov, he showed his attitude to the entire team. Athletes must compete, not to engage in politics, and various kinds of statements keep to yourself.”

Words about politics were spoken Russian biathlete is not a coincidence: Loginov was admitted to the competition after a two-year suspension for doping. In late January, he celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary, and the Union of biathletes of Russia congratulated him with that date on his page in Instagram. Review this greeting among others wrote and Martin Fourcade, calling the disqualification “best trophy” Loginova. Subsequently, the Frenchman has deleted his account, and the French Federation of biathlon has apologized to the athlete and biathlon Union of Russia for his provocative act.

For its current behavior Fourcade has already apologized himself, however, before… Germany. “I apologize that it happened when you won the gold, I am ashamed,” said the athlete, that the German biathlete Vanessa Hinz said, “No, it’s all right, it’s not your fault, and them.”

Originally behave and French officials from the sport, which this time tried to justify his charge: “Martin every day fighting for the purity of the sport. Now he was confronted with it and feels a little cheated” – quoted the words of technical Director of the Federation of ski sport of France Fabien sages of the French edition of the Huffington Post.

President ski Federation of France Michel VION expressed confidence that “Fourcade and Shipulin respect each other as athletes,” and he does not think that “Martin had anything specifically against Anton”.

To smooth out the corners in the emerging confrontation attempted by the Russian side. In particular, the President of the Russian biathlon Union Alexander Kravtsov, “R-Sports” has decided not to appeal against the outcome of the race, as did not see the abuses by Fourcade. And Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Vitaly Mutko in his characteristic manner declared that “it is necessary to prove his strength in the race and not pay attention to these things.” The head coach of Russian national team on biathlon Alexander Kasperovich, and all said “Sport-Express” about the readiness to invite Him to visit:

“We are considering various options, the publication said the Kasperovich. – There is an idea to invite the French to yourself, drink tea, chat. Oblique views are not necessary to anybody, it’s time to finish this”.

However, this is very diplomatic reaction to the antics of the Frenchman showed not all Russians. So, the President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov in an interview published on the organization’s website, called actions Fourcade “blatant provocation” and urged the organizers of the tournament and the leadership of the International biathlon Union (IBU) to give an official assessment of the incident.

“It is the actions of the Frenchman, provoked further scandalous situation at the ceremony, spoiled the impression of the great race,” – says Zhukov.

No less severe was the reaction to the behavior Fourcade from the Russian fans, who greeted his return insulting shouts. Commenting on the awarding ceremony of the journalist of TV channel “Match TV” Dmitry Guberniev and even called athlete “pig”.

“All I wanted to say about this, I said during the live broadcast, and his words did not refuse”, – said the newspaper VIEW the emotions of the presenter.

Solidarity with the position of Zhukov the newspaper OPINION was expressed by the double Olympic champion and world champion in biathlon Dmitry Vasiliev.

“It’s obvious that He purposely provoked Russian athletes who tried psychologically to bring them out, – says the expert. But he did not take into account the fact that our guys have due to pressure from various international bodies have already developed immunity to this and they do not respond to such things. However, if things continue in the same spirit, the case may go to blows, and to outright war between the athletes.”

Vasilyev is convinced that the international biathlon Union (IBU) needs to assess the actions of the French athlete, but that the Union of biathletes of Russia should decide and request.

International agencies should provide guidance to national, so that they themselves suppressed their “fighters for justice”, – said the athlete. – And the last would not hurt before you start this “fight” in the mirror to see.”

Two-time Olympic champion and two-time world champion in biathlon, member of the Duma Committee on sports, tourism and youth Affairs Sergey Chepikov in conversation with the newspaper VIEW also expressed the view that the Union of biathlonists of Russia should not remain passive in the situation.

“Must be an appeal to the IBU, the MP believes. – It is clear that the behavior of the French was intentional. And it certainly does not paint him as a professional. The athlete must follow a, because it turned millions of eyes. I understand the feelings of Alexander and Anton, I think you need to write a protest, and international organizations have already will determine sanctions against erring”.


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