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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Expert on faulty British submarines: “the Battle is already lost”

The information that almost all multi-purpose submarines of the British Navy are in a state of repair or are not ready to perform combat missions, was presented by the British media as a sensation.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

The situation, which first emerged over the last ten years, agreed to comment on the “MK” the President of the St. Petersburg club submariners, captain 1st rank Igor KURDIN Kirillovich.

– It is reported that six submarines, equipped with missiles “Tomahawk”, are under repair. In the sea there is only one submarine Astute, but it is still being tested and will proceed to combat duty only a few weeks. How do you assess the situation?

It is a clear miscalculation of the chief of naval staff of the Navy of great Britain, because there should always be balance: what boats are under repair, when they come out which at this time fulfill combat training tasks and go on combat duty. This is called the cycle of use. Here he’s not just broken for a number of reasons, but simply collapsed, since submarines do not have the opportunity to go to sea. As they say, “the battle has not started yet, and they already lost.”

You need to take into account the moment that this news was published in the newspaper “The Sun”, which is listed among the yellow tabloids. But the coin has another side. The subtext here is: we have no combat-ready submarines, because there is no money. Such techniques are used. So it was in Sweden when they searched for non-existent Russian submarine near its shores. He immediately went to the query in the Parliament on the fascination of the military budget, including in the naval component.

– The situation when the Prime Minister of great Britain, Theresa may, didn’t know what was happening because she was afraid to report this, at all valid?

– Of course, this situation is unacceptable. But in this case we can assume that they are evil. Much easier Prime Minister to say: “I was not informed.” Because if she knew about this, then it is logical to ask the second question: “why was not taken the necessary measures?” I don’t think the question of the combat readiness of the Naval forces of the United Kingdom is secondary.

– Russia could take advantage of this situation?

– We use it. You think that our intelligence was not aware in what condition they are multi-purpose nuclear submarines? And that they are practically in their area of responsibility will not be able to resist our aircraft carrier group led by “Admiral Kuznetsov”? This was all taken into account when planning the operation. We say: “These are, but these – nothing can’t”, because any trek ships – combat service. The ships are ready and not with training, and normal weapons. And they must be prepared to use it. Therefore, the lack of opposition from the nuclear submarines, has played for us. It certainly was taken into account and route transit, and in the assessment of the situation.

Journalists reported that one impact of British submarines being repaired after a collision with a tanker, which occurred last year in the area of Gibraltar. This happens frequently?

– This is not surprising. I can’t say that they are bad sailors, again faced. And our boats have a lot of collisions, both with civil and military ships. The number of such cases we have them approximately the same. They will, because even good marine practices cannot prevent such collisions.

But it should be noted that all four strategic submarines of the Vanguard armed ballistic missiles, they are in a system. And they regularly serve.

The cold war at sea, as it did not want to talk about it, never ended. Confrontation under water did not stop.

The situation with British submarines presented to the public as a sensation. But experts see that it is well planned and the time issued. I have no doubt that in the near future, the Navy of great Britain will receive additional funding to address identified deficiencies.


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