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Friday, March 23, 2018

The European Union too early hoping to help Libya in the fight with migrants

Implementation of large-scale plan for limiting illegal migration, adopted not so long ago the EU was under threat. The reason is the opposition in a country whose government was destroyed with the assistance of the European Union a few years ago. Officials of modern Libya refuse to give Brussels the same service, which for many years had Gaddafi: “It is unacceptable and illogical.”

Barely had time to die down a bravura comments of European officials about significant advances in resolving the refugee crisis after Malta’s EU summit, emerged as problems in the execution of approved the Declaration on measures to combat illegal immigration across the Mediterranean. Local authorities in Libya to speak out against the country’s participation in the implementation of the initiatives approved at the meeting in Valletta.

“The current situation demonstrates that the crisis of refugees in the EU is still far from final resolution”

Mustafa al-Baruni, the mayor of the city of AZ-Zintan, told EUobserver: “It is unacceptable and illogical that we have to solve Europe’s problems, while holding immigrants and refugees in Libya.” In AZ-Zintan, one of the largest Libyan cities, located in the North of the country, is currently about 20 000 migrants. The opinion of al-Baruni was joined by the Deputy of city Council from Tripoli, supported by the UN and the EU of the government of national unity (GNU) Ibrahim Aribi. He noted that if the refugees are deprived of the opportunity to reach the European Union and will remain in Libya, this will create serious problems that will exacerbate the already difficult situation in the country. As said Aribi, the responsibility for illegal migration is in the European Union, and the Libyans should not suffer because of this.

We can say that this is just the opinion of officials is not too high rank, but in fact, in conditions of anarchy and mnogoletie in which the lives of modern Libya, the leaders of the cities have very big impact.

The idea of the EU that Libya had to take on a major commitment to gain control of the southern borders of the country that provide the bulk of the refugees, to step up the fight against networks involved in their illegal transportation. It is also expected that the Libyans are stepping up Maritime patrols to detect ships with immigrants heading to Europe, and return them to the Libyan territory, where they will be placed in special camps.As many refugees moved to Europe

In addition, the EU intends to return to Libya migrants who do not fall into the category of refugees. In turn, the EU leadership plans to increase its assistance to the Libyan side, including to increase the training and equipping of border force and coast guard, to promote socio-economic development of communities on the migratory routes, conduct joint operations against smugglers, etc.

It is particularly noteworthy that such kind of agreements the EU has ever had with Muammar Gaddafi. While it is perfectly coped with the task of containment of the flows of illegal migrants heading from Africa to Europe, and predicted the emergence of a situation like this, in the event of his departure. But it was not heeded.

The representatives of the Libyan authorities believe that the EU should concentrate its support for the Tripoli on the stabilization of the political situation in the country, job creation, elimination of waste and other acute problems on the agenda issues. Instead, the EU is busy solving their own problems under the guise of aid to Libya.

Such attitude of the local authorities, in cooperation with which so hoped the EU leadership, compromises the intentions of Brussels to stop the flow of immigrants from the South. Suspended can be also voiced by the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini plan allocation of 200 million euros of Libya for the anti-immigration projects, as it becomes unclear where will these funds.

In addition to the opposition from the Libyan local authorities, there are other threats to the viability of the Malta Declaration. On power in Libya, in addition to the STUMP of Faiz Saraga, claims the self-proclaimed government of the caliphs al-Guella and the head of the Libyan national army, Khalifa Haftar, as part of its territory is in the hands of armed groups. Supported by the EU Sarraj does not control the whole country, and thus passing through her migration flows, the smuggling of weapons and human trafficking. He also has no a strong enough army and police to provide such control. In addition, contrary to the expectations of Europeans, for in the rubble of Libya, the refugee problem is not the key and the government Saraja not ready to give it high priority.

The situation is further complicated by the lack of refugee camps in Libya, which, according to official figures, 34, in reality, from 20 to 27. International organizations also repeatedly acknowledged that people held in these camps in inhuman conditions. Attempts of the EU to bring to the resolution of problems with immigrants in Libya, the UN Agency for refugees and the International organization for migration have not yet been crowned with success, as both entities are not ready to put their employees in the long term, explaining the threat to their lives.

Thus, the calculation of the EU make progress in resolving the refugee crisis due to the migration agreement with Libya on the Turkish model is unlikely to work. Yes, and the agreement with Turkey regularly erupt scandals with the requirements of EU significant efforts to save them. Ankara has repeatedly threatened the Brussels Treaty rupture. So, in July 2016, the Turks accused the EU of reneging on its commitments, and in January 2017, as noted by Euronews, the ultimatum demanded the extradition from Greece of the Turkish military, suspected of involvement in the coup attempt.

The current situation demonstrates that the crisis of refugees in the EU is still far from final resolution. Optimistic comment of the EU on this issue are merely an attempt to reassure the public. However, the approaching spring and summer season, during which the flow of immigrants across the Mediterranean are traditionally increases, and this may be for Brussels is another serious challenge.


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