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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Media: Russia sends to Europe spies under the guise of migrants

On the German channel ZDF showed a documentary film “Putin’s Cold war”, which stated that a Russian officer-defector revealed the mechanism of transportation of the Russian spies in Europe disguised as migrants.

photo: youtube.com

According to the German newspaper Die Welt, spoke about the released of the film, the investigation of the documentary defector named Igor, a former FSB Colonel, head of the Department for combating terrorism and counteracting extremism. The film was shown a photograph of the source in which he is supposedly depicted with the top leadership the Russian special services. The person the source was closed, and his voice changed. However, the reporter noted that he saw the business card of the ex-FSB officer and other documents, but they could not show, not to reveal his identity.

In the movie, Igor said that sending Russian agents into Europe as refugees began, allegedly, in 2002. Then the FSB was dispatched to the Chechens who were given false documents and presented them victims of the regime. Then, the Chechens have created a “sleeping” agent network.

Igor said that these persons are first integrated into the Muslim community in Germany, UK and France. And then if they need, then they are given the appropriate tasks in the interests of the Kremlin’s policy.

In proof of these words in the film showed an interview with head of the Chechen cultural Association in the German city of Kiel by Timur Dugasheva. He stated that he does not work for the FSB, but followed his compatriots and passed on the information of the Chechen leadership.

While Igor does not negate the fact that this surveillance can be conducted for potential Islamists, who can prepare the attacks, and are associated with bandolim in Russia.

At the same time the head of the Federal Department of Germany on the protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maassen expressed concern that the FSB can consciously stimulate the influx of radical Islamists in Germany to destabilize the situation, since there was significantly increased numbers of Chechen refugees.

However, there was still no direct evidence of such approval, and the movie ZDF have not provided them.

The newspaper in turn said that it remained unclear motivation defector. “Why he left Russia? Why now he went to a public interview?” – the newspaper writes and notes that does not believe in the explanation that his conscience spoke up.


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