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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Case Lapshin: Belarus suspected of attempting the collapse of the EurAsEC and the CSTO

The scandal around the Russian-Israeli blogger Alexander Lapshin transferred by Belarus to Azerbaijan, questioned the future of the CSTO, the Union state and the Eurasian Union. Experts believe that their actions, Minsk drowns these organizations. On Wednesday evening in Yerevan, the protesters surrounded the Belarusian Embassy, demanding the expulsion of Ambassador — in protest against the fact that Minsk was given to a third country of a person just because he went to Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia as well as Belarus, a member of the CSTO and EurAsEC. But Minsk is now for them is a traitor.

photo: youtube.com

Blogger Lapshin was extradited to Baku.

On Wednesday, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in a telephone conversation thanked the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko for the extradition Lapshin. Now Baku is going to condemn a blogger for 8 years in prison for anti-government slogans and illegal border crossing. The Azerbaijani leader spoke out against any attempts to politicize the situation, Recalling the observance of the Treaty between the two countries on the extradition of suspects.

However, Aliyev was unable to stop the barrage of criticism that falls on the Belarusian authorities since his arrest in December last year. In particular, about his disappointment with the position of Minsk, said the Russian foreign Ministry. The Ministry reported that the decision of the Supreme court of Belarus to dismiss the appeal on the extradition of 7 February does not correspond to the allied relations of the two States. According to the press Secretary of Russia Dmitry Peskov, Moscow will continue to fight for the liberation Lapshin in Azerbaijan. The same position is held in Israel.

But how exactly they will do, is unclear. As told “MK” the press-attache of the Russian Embassy in Azerbaijan Denis APASHKIN, employees of the diplomatic mission have not met with Lapshin, so the Embassy doesn’t know how big his chances of release. Their visit to the prisoner the blogger could be held Friday or Saturday.

The furthest in condemning Belarus came in the parliaments of Armenia. For them it is a matter of principle, as the criminal case against Lapshin was initiated due to the fact that he first visited the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, and then on his Ukrainian passport from Georgia and moved to Azerbaijan.

First in front of the Belarusian Embassy in Yerevan gathered a few dozen activists, who demanded to freeze diplomatic relations with Minsk. As stated by their leader, a Deputy Nicola Pashinyan — for this Armenia should expel from the country the Belarusian Ambassador and pick up of the Belarus representative. Then the leader of the ruling Republican party of Armenia Vahram Baghdasaryan suggested to exclude Belarus from the CSTO, as, in his opinion, it is not the first time betraying relations with Baku for Yerevan.

In Minsk has rejected such accusations, saying that anywhere from CSTO is not going away.

Meanwhile, the lawyer blogger Alexander Lapshin Safar Huseynov said that his client normally feels in the Baku SIZO No. 1 and has no complaints. According to informed sources, the citizen of Russia, Israel and Ukraine will apologize to the Azerbaijani authorities in the hope that they will forgive it…

“MK” has decided to find out from the experts, whether on the surface to be released and how it will affect the relations of all States-participants of EurAsEC.

Vladimir NOVIKOV, senior researcher of Institute socially-political researches of the black sea countries:

— The chances of the release of his zero. For the Azerbaijani authorities in his case is a matter of principle. They want to put the man to demonstrate its rigidity in the Karabakh issue. So from now on everyone who came to Karabakh, will understand that he is going to jail. A blueprint of the Georgian law on occupied territories. The only thing that can count Lapshin, the efforts of Israel, which, in the case of the presence of political will, could convince Baku to free its citizen. With regard to the relationship of Armenia, Belarus and Russia within the CSTO and the Eurasian Union, then, by including this history, Minsk has been working for the collapse of these organizations.

Alexander GUSEV, head of the Center for strategic development of the countries:

In the end, Lapshin will be released, as this small, in fact, violations would be foolish to provoke the relationship between Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Common sense must prevail.

However, Russia should not intervene in the conflict between Armenia and Belarus in the case of obsession, as Moscow and the already difficult relations with Minsk. In particular, the question is Lukashenka’s participation in the meeting of the state Council of the Union state. Moreover, Russia should not react to calls for the exclusion of Belarus from the CSTO, as the country is an extremely important member of the organization.


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