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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Azerbaijan speculates on the “Armenian Chernobyl”

Political pressure on the neighboring country with accusations of “insecurity, nuclear power plant” is becoming a fashionable reception on the territory of the former USSR. After the Baltic States, making such claims of Belarus, the same tool was to use Azerbaijan. And with the same level of demagoguery.

Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammadyarov on Thursday said the threat allegedly posed by located in neighboring Armenia Metsamor nuclear power plant. “It is quite outdated, the Chernobyl option. Fortunately, Rosatom gives some extra money. But, in principle, is already obsolete your term power. Because if, God forbid, something happens, everyone will suffer, not only Armenia. Chernobyl showed that until Sweden reached these pairs, and still no one knows the results”, – said the Minister, RIA “Novosti”.

“If, God forbid, something happens, everyone will suffer, not only Armenia. Chernobyl showed that until Sweden reached these couples”

It should be noted that the Minister was not telling the truth. Chernobyl used RBMK-1000 reactor at the Metsamor nuclear power plant is a VVER-440 reactor is quite a different type.

Azerbaijani political scientist Tofig Abbasov said that the first time suspended the work of the Metsamor nuclear power plant in the last years of the Soviet Union, just for reasons of safety. “Even then, experts feared that there might be an accident similar to Chernobyl. The station was mothballed. However, after the collapse of the USSR and the Armenian-Azerbaijani war, the government of independent Armenia re-launched the station,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

Abbasov said that, in fact, was commissioned a dangerous object. “In Armenia are forced to use this station to eliminate the shortage of electricity. But it is a threat not only for Azerbaijan but also for all countries in the region. It is not only inter, is a supranational problem,” he said.

According to Abbasov, this station does not have a perfect system of purification, and radioactive substances allegedly discharged into water resources.

As is known, the Armenian NPP, the only one in Transcaucasia, is located near the city Metsamor (about 30 km South from Yerevan). Construction began in 1970, the first unit was commissioned in 1976. Station stopped in March 1989 after the Spitak earthquake that killed 25 thousand people. Re-launched in November 1995 in connection with the energy crisis, in which the Republic was the result of the blockade imposed by Turkey and Azerbaijan because of the Karabakh conflict. Today, nuclear power generates about 30% of the total produced energy in Armenia.

In fact, Azerbaijan regularly raises this topic. As recently as may, the President of the country Ilham Aliyev during his visit to Istanbul reiterated that the Metsamor nuclear power plant poses a threat to the entire region. “There is information on the illegal use of the Armenia nuclear waste of this station,” he argued. “In April this year, the members of Parliament, politicians of Armenia have declared they have nuclear weapons – “dirty bombs”. The international community should respond to this. The nuclear threat Armenia must be prevented,” he said.

Radioactive MP

Indeed, in late April, former Prime Minister of Armenia, MP Hrant Bagratyan warned that Yerevan “has the possibility of creating nuclear weapons.” However, this statement by the Republic’s authorities hastened to deny. It happened shortly after another outbreak of fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh. Many Russian experts consider the fighting with the defeat of the Armenian side, which may have provoked the Yerevan policy on such a serious – and highly irresponsible – statement.

“The potential is there because this is a seismically dangerous place, said in may the portal “Moscow – Baku” Russian military expert Pavel Felgenhauer. – This was said in the Soviet era, when the Metsamor nuclear power plant mothballed and disabled”. To produce such a nuclear power plant the atomic bomb is too difficult, but a dirty bomb from nuclear waste, it is theoretically possible to do, acknowledged Felgenhauer. “It’s not easy, and it is unclear why the Armenians to do it,” warned a Russian expert.

We add that, according to the project, the plant is designed for an earthquake of up to 9.5 points on the Richter scale – it must be able to withstand it thanks to the strength of buildings and special hydraulic shock absorbers, which are of NPP construction. During the Spitak earthquake, the station suffered a jolt 6.25 points. IAEA had no complaints about the work and safety of the plant does not show.

In September Ankara is an ally of Baku is also required to close the Metsamor station, Recalling that the located 16 km from the Turkish border.

Russia has repaired the station

However, Yerevan claims that all nuclear power plants safely. So, on Monday the press service of the Armenian Ministry of energy has advised that this year “will continue work on extending the design life of the second unit of the Armenian nuclear power plant.”

A member of the Nuclear society of Russia, former Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for atomic energy Bulat Nigmatulin also said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that the situation in the Metsamor NPP calm. He reminded that 15 years ago Armenia and Russia conducted a major reconstruction, and now the station works in a regular mode. “Russia produced the repair station, supplying spare parts, has been supplying the fuel that runs the plant”, – said Nigmatullin.

In addition, according to physics, does not carry any threat and the age of the Armenian station. “In 2018, for example, is the 45th anniversary of the Novovoronezh station. The main thing – time to repair” – he said.

Meanwhile in another area of the CIS continuing debate about the other nuclear power plants of the Russian type, however, has not even built. So, the Baltic republics strongly condemn the construction of two nuclear power plant in neighbouring Belarus and Kaliningrad region, which was designed by Rosatom.

The most ardent foe of nuclear power plants remains Lithuania. She called for a boycott in the future energy is “dangerous”, according to her version, NPP. The authorities of Latvia and Estonia promised to support future boycott. The Ministry of energy of Poland also said that electricity from unsafe nuclear power plants should not enter the market. But Finland, for example, to give such promises are refused.

As noted portal Eadaily.com Vilnius for many years unproven claims that the NPP in Ostrovets and Kaliningrad allegedly pose a threat to the environment, and from a purely economic point of view will create unfair competition in the electricity market.

Accusations of Baku to the address of the Metsamor station Nigmatulin reminded similar statements of the Baltic authorities who opposed the Ostrovets NPP. “In order to prove the danger of this or that stations, it is necessary to conduct serious research work, to engage with a broad team. The study can not be delayed for one year. If such works as in the case of Lithuania and Azerbaijan, are not made, then such claims are nothing but unsubstantiated political statements”, – concluded the expert.


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