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Monday, March 19, 2018

APU brought the flame throwers “Shmel” in Donetsk in 2014

The adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiriak said that jet infantry flamethrower “bumblebee”, which, presumably, was killed by the militia commander Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi), is in service only with the Russian army. However, this statement contradicts the evidences of the APU. It is known that the flame throwers “Shmel” imported Ukrainian security officials in Donetsk in 2014.

The adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov Zoryan Shkiryak said the murder weapon one of the most famous commanders of the BCH – Mikhail Tolstykh with the Callsign “Givi”.

According to one version, adopted by the law enforcement authorities of the DNI, Givi, who was in his office at the headquarters of his battalion “Somali” was killed by a shot from a rocket infantry flame-thrower (RPO) “bumblebee”. Speaking on air of the Ukrainian TV channel Эспрессо.TV the official Ukrainian Ministry of internal Affairs Shkiryak declared: “If to speak about the way to eliminate Givi, the flame thrower “Shmel” is exclusively used by the army of the Russian Federation”.

“The complete nonsense that “Bees” are only in Russian army. I have personally seen it captured Ukrainian weapons”

According to open sources, in 1988 flamethrower “bumblebee” was adopted by the Soviet army and currently is in service with the armies of Russia, Armenia and Ukraine. Moreover, adviser to the Minister of defence of Ukraine (nowadays – the adviser of the President of Petro Poroshenko) Yury Biryukov in October 2014, wrote on his page in Facebook that brought “cyborgs” Donetsk airport “two boxes of RPO “Shmel”, adding that “now this I have definitely not carried.” In the message Biryukov has published a photo of two boxes from “Bumblebees”.

And in the same 2014 “Zerkalo Nedeli” reported that the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine proposed to amend the list of special means used by police when maintaining public order, reactive flame throwers “Shmel” and “Shmel-M”. The article was also attached photo of the relevant draft resolution of the Ukrainian government.

Meanwhile, it is the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak, claiming the absence in Ukraine of flame throwers “Shmel”, is one of the main suspects in the murder Givi. Said this yesterday, the representative of operative command the General of the DPR Eduard Basurin.

“The Ukrainian army “Bumblebees” like dirt”

The commander of a battalion of the Ministry DND “Legion” Sergei Zavdoveyev (call sign “Frenchman”) was very surprised with the statement Shkiryak that the flamethrower “Shmel” is only in service with the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

“Shkiryak said this seriously? Yes, the Ukrainian army “Bumblebees” like dirt!” commented the fighter the newspaper VIEW a replica of a Ukrainian official. According to Saudabaev, at the forefront there have been cases when the “Bumblebees” APU fighters egged equipment of the militia. “In addition, many of these weapons were captured by VSN as trophies in Ilovaisk and debaltseve. “I have personally seen this captured weapons. Complete nonsense that “Bees” are only in service with the Russian army”, – he added. Zavdoveyev reported that, in fact, almost every Ukrainian soldier is either “Fly” (RPG-18) or just the “bumblebee”.

Technically, according to Sadoveanu, Ukrainian subversive group not even required to carry a flamethrower “bumblebee” in Donetsk, as in the NPT there are lots of caches of weapons. “Leave during the retreat of the “bumblebee” or even the mortar in such caches, for example, in one of the cellars of the houses of the private sector, and then to transfer the information about his finding of the subversive group not a problem. A person can just call the DNR as a normal civilian, and then open the cache”, – said the militiaman.

In addition, according to Sadoveanu, saboteurs could help connected local. “We have a lot of lives “returnees”, who escaped from here in 2014, and subsequently returned to the DNR. Among them may be recruited by the Ukrainian security forces agents,” he said.

Also the battalion commander urged to refrain from criticizing MGB DNR because she could not protect Arsen Pavlov (Motorola), Givi and other fighters and commanders. “I read a lot of criticism of our security services, but, unfortunately, in our situation this is very difficult to do. We are a young Republic, thus are in a state of military and economic blockade. In such circumstances, it would have failed even the British MI6,” says the fighter.

“One hundred percent are in service”

The military expert of the Center for analysis of strategy and technologies Ruslan Pukhov, in turn, told the newspaper VIEW that jet infantry flamethrower “bumblebee” was designed quite a long time and is not obsolete, but a sufficiently Mature system produced since Soviet times, literally thousands.

“In addition to those systems, which were produced in Soviet times, “bumblebee” could also through the mediation of Chechen militants to be literally anywhere in the world, because the flamethrowers was used extensively Russia during the first and second Chechen campaigns. And it is absolutely it is on arms of the special operations forces of Ukraine”, – he believes.

If to speak about the murder of the Givi, then, according to Pukhov, it is surprising that this kind of sabotage was committed on the territory of the DNI, not so much. “Ukraine is actively expanding its special operations forces, I suspect, not without the help of Western instructors. In the DNR certainly has the Pro-Ukrainian underground”, – said the expert.

Pukhov also said that in this case the mechanism of sabotage was designed very efficiently. “The saboteur will remove the “bumblebee” of the caches, shoots him through the building, this creates a vacuum, and all being in the room with absolute probability die. For such areas, and tasks flamethrower “bumblebee” kind of “perfect” weapons,” – said the military expert.

“The fact that Givi will happen “accident”, I knew”

Kiev, understandably, withdraws the death of Givi on the internal divisions in DNR.

The Zoryan Shkiriak argues that, according to operational information of the Ukrainian security forces, the last year of allegedly “occurred hard conflict” between “terrorists” – the head of the Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko and the battalion commander Mikhail Tolstykh “for the redistribution of material resources and influence in separatist territory.” Shkiryak says that the Givi lately was allegedly almost uncontrollable Zakharchenko and didn’t comply with his orders.

Rebuttal version Shkiryak come from the environment of the Ukrainian security forces and the Ukrainian nationalists.

Soldier of “Ukrainian volunteer army”, led by ex-leader of “Right sector*” Dmitry Yarosh, Elena Belozerskaya wrote on his page in Livejournal: “the most Powerful States of the world are famous for that… their intelligence agencies take out enemies of the state wherever they may be. I am glad that we are starting to keep up. So, for their own. And for other people, you know how it is: mob and loot is not shared.” Approval Belozerskaya, Motorola and Givi killed “our” meaning the Ukrainian military. “I do not know details because it is not involved in the planning and implementation of these operations, but the fact that Givi will happen “accident”, I know”, she said.

Earlier, in the same spirit expressed by Verkhovna Rada Deputy, ex-Deputy battalion commander “Azov” Igor Mosiychuk. “I know, firmly believe and know even the individuals who contributed to this, who eliminated the Motorola. The Ukrainians will come for everyone. Let’s stop being a nation of “terpenes”, which always says that it is the FSB that it is their infighting. It’s our eliminate them, – said the MP broadcast channel 112.ua. – Can’t talk about Givi, Motorola say exactly.”

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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