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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ukrainian social policy Minister abandoned the people of Donbass

Each time it seems that Ukraine is no longer anything to surprise, and the authorities have been unable to demonstrate even greater depths of moral decay, we should remind ourselves: “These can.” This time, the distinguished Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva, from the words which followed: the people of Donbass does not need Ukraine, and the Ukrainians the UN is not a decree.

In response to the statement of the coordinator system, the UN in Ukraine Neil Walker about what obligations to pay pensions to residents of Donbass with Kiev has not been removed, the Minister of social policy of this country Andrei Reva said on air of radio “Freedom”:

“Ukraine is one of the few countries where international assistance, including humanitarian, tax free”

“Such brazen interference in the internal Affairs of Ukraine I have not seen. What concerns the questions about what, for example, killing our soldiers, that is war, that foreign troops are on our territory. He doesn’t care. He cares about only one thing: Ukraine to pay pensions to people who are on uncontrolled territories. The resumption of social payments is the eighth paragraph of the Minsk agreements. The previous seven points, which are connected with the cease-fire, withdrawal of heavy weapons, are not met. The eighth item will be executed only when will be finished the first seven,” he threatened Roar.

Recall that in his interview to the edition “Mirror of week”, in addition to concern non-payment of pensions, Walker said: “I’m not authorized to evaluate, how and who violated the regime of silence, but in a situation of such a crisis the first step towards solution must be the actual ceasefire.” This is what Kiev refuses to do.

According to the UN official, “we have also asked the government to compile a list of immediate needs to provide emergency assistance to the affected population”. Apparently, Kiev decided not to do this.

During the interview, Walker was forced to remind the reporter, it would seem, is obvious to every citizen of Ukraine things: “As the representative of the UN Secretary General in Ukraine, I can say: our position is that the area behind the contact line continues to remain the territory of Ukraine. No other answer is no. This Is Ukraine. I realize its work in areas outside the control of the government, as the representative of the UN Secretary General in Ukraine.”

The UN representative also recalled that “Ukraine is one of the few countries where international assistance, including humanitarian, tax free,” and that he was “a bit disappointed that the law (the abolition of this tax) is still not adopted.”

It should be emphasized that, speaking to concerns about the position of the Ministry of social policy, Walker’s not doing this on his own behalf, and on behalf of the “international community”, that is, it is not his own, and the consolidated position.

Causes some emotion then, as a UN representative explained to the Ukrainian reporter, like why the international community still has not taken Ukraine to the full content: “There are big differences between the crisis in Ukraine and in other countries. For example, in Ukraine there is no refugee camps where people lived in awful conditions… No in Ukraine, and racial, ethnic and religious differences, as in other countries.”

But by and large there is nothing to be touched, especially with the amendment to the replica Reva. In fact, the Ukrainian Minister said.

First. Ukraine does not intend to cooperate with the UN. Make money – will be (but after taxes), and to implement the recommendations of the international community will not. Any attempt to politely hint that something goes wrong, will be named as “blatant interference in the internal Affairs of Ukraine”.

Second. Ukraine does not fulfill the Minsk agreement and does not intend to carry them further. The Minister (that is official) is clearly acknowledged that Ukraine is not carried out the first eight points of the agreements. What then could be the claim to the DNI and the LC, and especially – Russia, regarding the ninth item on the restoration of full control over the state border by the government of Ukraine throughout the conflict area, or tenth – of the disarmament operating in the Donbass armed groups?

Third. Ukraine does not consider the residents of Donbass and does not intend to carry before them any social and any other obligations. Kiev doesn’t care about the old people of Donbass. The UN official said Donbass Ukraine, and Ukraine – no.

Revealing comments on “Facebook” the Ukrainian blogger Yuri Romanenko, screenshots of which are massively sold on the social networks. Romanenko offers to dream: “Imagine, in March or in may this year, Russia withdraws from the Donbass. At all without conditions. Stupidly it was this morning, in the evening no. Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky took off. Everywhere is decorated with yellow-blue flags”. Followed by the following sentence: “to limit the formation of four classes”, “lustration”, “all send to Russia”, “life imprisonment in the prisons of Western Ukraine”, “on all polygraph”, “denying the right to vote for 20 years”, “executions”, “to act consciously the most cynical methods.”

In this regard, it is worth remembering the Russian war in Chechnya. Pensions were paid, even in the midst of the fighting. Yes, the money often did not reach the addressees, were massive abuses of local officials on both sides of the conflict. But even in the period after the Khasavyurt agreements, when Chechnya became a de facto independent state, the social payments from Moscow to Grozny was – again with no guarantees that they will reach the recipient. And none of the Russian Minister in the head would not come to address to the officials: “Let them first from Chechnya will leave the Ukrainian and Arab mercenaries, and then we will think about whether to pay the Chechen to the elderly pension.”

And, by the way, Russian money went (and still go) not only in Grozny.

USA is still reeling from the fact that their President questioned vysokomarochnogo American politics. New York Times published a pathetic column in which there is no word about Vietnam, Yugoslavia and other war crimes of American soldiers, but there is the phrase “American presidents, who participated in hostilities were guided by the desire to spread peace and democracy, sometimes with extraordinary results, like Germany and Japan after the Second world war has evolved from conquered enemies into a prosperous and faithful allies.” Maybe for Russia it makes sense to follow the American example and drop into Lviv and Vinnitsa on the nuclear bomb to Ukraine has turned into our “prosperous and faithful ally”?

But Russia does not seek to carry “freedom and democracy” to other countries, dropping on noncombatants bombs and Napalm. On the contrary, when the authorities of any country refuse to comply with their social obligations, Moscow.

Residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia long before the official recognition of the independence of their republics began to receive Russian pensions, as well as residents still unrecognized Transnistria. The rebellious Donbass also largely exists due to aid from Russia – both state and collected by volunteers from ordinary citizens.

An interview with Ukrainian Minister of Reva once again confirmed what is already clear to everyone in Donbas, as soon became clear in Crimea: Ukraine needs only presented the Bolsheviks site, and people do not need.

As history shows, the state, tending in any way to Annex land, not paying attention to the living on the land of people, reaching the opposite result. Actually, the “faithful and prosperous,” a US ally Germany was divided in two for 45 years after attempts to expand the “living space”.


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