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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The United States provoke Tehran

The new US administration has chosen Iran as its main enemy and resulted in the moment does not hesitate to hard, frankly provocative rhetoric. But Tehran recently broke a longstanding anti-Iranian trend in international politics and, it seems, does not intend to help Washington bounce back.

The tension in relations between the US and Iran continues to consistently and clearly targeted vzvinchivanie. The initiator and driving force behind the current escalation certainly favored the American side.

Washington needs Tehran’s actions or even words that could be used against him”

On 8 February from an anonymous source in the Pentagon, it became known that the American military forces in the Persian Gulf are “in the highest state of readiness,” and the reason was just named the deterioration of relations with Iran.

This was the next anti-Iran defiantly step in the administration of Donald trump. A few days before the United States expanded its sanctions against Iran, adding to the black list of 13 individuals and 12 companies.

However, taken at the moment the actions are not even close in stiffness to the rhetoric of American officials, including the President of the United States. Most striking was the recent statement by Donald trump in which he called Iran “a terrorist state number one.”

Separate big topic is constantly spread by the Americans, including the President of the country, the question of possible cancellation of the nuclear deal with Tehran, which was achieved in 2015.

A serious discrepancy between the radical anti-Iranian rhetoric and sufficient softness, if not to say a Convention of real steps of the US at the moment can not draw attention to themselves that makes you wonder about the meaning of what is happening.

A possible answer lies in the actions and rhetoric of the Iranian side, which demonstrates impressive restraint in the circumstances of an open provocation for an aggressive response.

The current rhetoric by officials of Tehran very careful, and sometimes even condescending. Especially significant in this respect was a fresh review of Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who said: “We appreciate the trump!” – explaining that trump “showed the true face of America.” In fact, it is ironic mockery of the election rhetoric trump, who openly and harshly talked about the internal problems of his country, in particular its corruption.

Also revealing was the comment of the Iranian foreign Ministry over the possible cancellation by the us “nuclear deal”. The Minister admitted such a possibility, but pointed out that Iran and Europe are also participating in the agreement in the face of four countries (Russia, UK, Germany, France, plus China), will not do it.

Thus, in contrast to the extremely tough and aggressive rhetoric from the American side, Iran in their statements demonstrates consistency with notes of sarcasm.

However, in very careful rhetoric of Iran in late January – early February, made a very demonstrative steps, having tested a ballistic missile and then cruise. It is, in fact, caused a new wave of extremely emotional reactions in the ocean, however, was “launched on the brakes” and virtually ignored the rest of the world.

The totality of the circumstances suggests that Washington’s main purpose is the provocation of Tehran on sharp aggressive policy, if only in words.

Previous years have managed to reverse years of anti-Iranian trend in international politics that resulted in specific multilateral solutions, including the lifting of UN sanctions. For the new American administration, which, obviously, has chosen Iran as their main geopolitical enemy, this situation is very inconvenient, apparently, will seek to regain it back.

To do this, Washington needs Tehran’s actions or even words that could be used against him. On the one hand, will allow you to continue to inflate the worsening of bilateral relations, and with another – will give the cards to the American side against Iran in other countries.

However, judging by recent statements from Iranian officials they do not intend to help the States in this matter.


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