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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The French presidency sociologists have given to the candidate by the Rothschilds

After françois Fillon and marine Le Pen brought a wave of dirt, a leader of the presidential race in France was Emmanuel macron – cinematic 39-year-old financier with an amazing career. According to opinion polls, it goes into the second round with Le Pen, where they will gain 66% of the vote. The outcome of the race can hardly be called successful for the French and for Europe as a whole.

Emmanuel Makron can be called the weirdest candidate for President of France. He has no real political experience. He won before he was elected. He is not a member of one of the leading parties, and three years (2006 to 2009) in the ranks of the socialists can be considered a formality – macron joined them on duty, membership dues were not paid and party activities did not attend.

“The wife’s favorite in the presidential race older than his 24 years. Macron told reporters that fell in love with his future wife when she was 15, when she taught French in his school”

By profession macron, an investment banker, a specialist in mergers and acquisitions and are happy in their career. After graduating the National school of administration, leading University of the French elite, he worked for several years as an inspector in the Ministry of economy. Then came the 2007 is a vital year in his career. Promising 29-year-old economist was noticed and invited to his Commission for the promotion of economic growth, Jacques Attali.

Jacques Attali – a person is quite interesting. Formally, he is the philosopher-globalist, writer colorful utopias about how all nation States will disappear from the face of the earth during the bloody conflict, and the survivors of humanity will unite under the banner of democracy and under the control of a world government. While Attali for many years well received in the Elysee Palace and is one of the most influential advisers to generations of French presidents from françois Mitterrand to Hollande. The local press is almost not exaggerating, calling it “the true President of France.”

What Attali was carried out by link between financial capital and the elite of the ruling Socialist party, which favors. It features the ability to deftly wrap quite predatory plans of the bankers in a beautiful left-wing slogans.

In 2008, the Attali Commission was presented to President Nicolas Sarkozy “300 proposals to change France,” plan of modernization of the economy, designed to lift it from years of stagnation. The basic idea can be formulated as follows: in order not to lose competitiveness in the world market, the state must dramatically reduce the cost of labor. One way is the increase in immigration to France – low-wage immigrants displace local production and services, but will not be able to organize themselves into trade unions. The plan also remembered a proposal to sharply cut government spending on health care, education and pensions. Sarkozy to take such a bold plan is not decided.

But back to the Macron. During the work in the Commission, he was able to appeal to Attali, and soon he presented it to his friend Francois ENRO. ENRO, in turn, was the best friend and main partner of David de Rothschild, and in 2008, the macron has been employed at Rothschild et Cie Banque, where he made rapid career and just four years of Analytics has grown to the partner. It used to more than a million euros per year. But far more were new connections in the business world and reputation, “financial Mozart”.

The biggest deal in the Bank of Rothschild for Makron was accompanied by the acquisition of a branch of Nestle infant food manufacturer Pfizer. At this point he first encountered Mathieu pegassos the Director of the French branch of the Bank of the brothers Lazare. The Bank Lazar wanted to make the same purchase for my client – Danone – but I couldn’t. In the face of Mathieu Pigasse macron made his chief enemy.

In 2010, Bigass banker leftist, a friend and patron of the French socialists planned to become economic adviser to Francois Hollande. But the ubiquitous Jacques Attali advised Hollande of Emmanuel Macron. A few years Makron, perfect English and German, carried out in the main socialist of France with foreign financial circles. As sarcastically noted by the Guardian, while Hollande shouted at rallies, “My main enemy is the financial capital!”, employee of the Rothschild Bank macron flew to the city of London and assured those bankers that under President Hollande, all will remain the same.

In 2012, Hollande becomes President, and the macron leaves the Bank of the Rothschilds and was appointed Deputy Secretary-General at the Elysee Palace. In 2014 the status of a “young reformer,” he becomes the head of the Ministry of economy, industry and digital Affairs (thereby taking the place of longtime friend and business partner Picassa Arno Montemuro). Hollande gives him carte Blanche to modernize the economy and macron represents a bill of more than 300 articles dealing with the liberalization of the French labor market. Experts argued that in essence the law Rules embodied all the ideas of the Commission Attali. It was founded and the promotion of migration, and facilitating the dismissal of workers, and increasing competition within the different professions, and the implicit increase in the working day due to Sundays and night shifts.

The workers of France the bill really do not like. Almost all the time the discussion was accompanied by mass demonstrations. The chances of adoption in the Parliament. Then Hollande has exercised its right to make some laws without the approval of Parliament and in August 2015, approved the “Macron law”. Interestingly, before becoming President, Hollande sharply criticized the President’s right and called him “fascist”.

In 2016, when the rating Hollande was already shamefully low, around Emmanuel Macron began to happen strange things. As if out of nowhere there was a movement “Youth for Makron”. So in a country with a depressed economy, the youth suddenly rallied around unpopular Minister of the economy, this is even hard to imagine. However, the movement has turned out several thousand people.

Macron founded his own party with a vague title “Forward!” (En marche!) In his meetings began to gather huge crowds – and this at a time when the socialists had difficulty collecting on their shares for a few hundred people. The program Rules were too vague. Sharply condemning the attacks, he did not plan to close borders and restrict migration. Promising to increase military spending, is not going to withdraw from NATO. In fact, the macron was still a globalist, an exemplary pupil of Jacques Attali, but with a focus on the slogans about the unity of Europe. He was criticized by the left and right, trying to divert the electorate traditionally voted for the socialists, and at the same time to attract those for whom the front national marine Le Pen is too radical a choice.

Things have suddenly on the policy of Macron went up the hill, just amazing pace. Journalists literally wore it on his hands. Women’s magazines called his new sex-symbol and dream of the French. Influential Newspapers touted the benefits of its centrist position. Pollsters had predicted a victory. And nobody dug him any serious dirt. And in January, when the revelations pretty spoiled the chances of his main competitors – marine Le Pen and françois Fillon, the Makron were out of scandals.

Paradoxical – and thus, potentially deadly for French politics – would seem personal life Makron. But out of it, the media portrayed a purely romantic story. The fact that the wife of presidential frontrunner older than his 24 years. In 2007, the day of the wedding he was 29 and she was 53. Macron told reporters that fell in love with his future wife when she was 15, when she taught French in his school. Since he graduated from high school and College, traveled the world, made a career, but all 14 years kept true to his first love.

Emmanuel macron, with his wife Bridget Trone (photo: Philippe Wojazer/Reuters)

Despite the improbability, the story like the reporters. Photos of Macron, strolling the handle with the spouse, or Macron with a bottle of baby food, nursing her grandchildren, has bypassed all Newspapers of the country. Fashion magazines proclaimed his wife “the style icon”. From the point of view of political technology, it was a good move, France is aging, and among voters, more and more ladies in the retirement age. For them is now an abundance of films in which a handsome young man falls in love with the old lady. They also designed and family idyll Makron. However, the “yellow press” periodically fanning the rumors that the Makron is the lover of the President of Radio France, Mathieu Halle, but no evidence of this.

In General, the career of the young politician had developed so successfully, and the media supported it so hard that it was impossible not to suspect anybody’s influence. Once the Makron has announced that it is entering the presidential race, the French nicknamed him “the candidate of the Rothschilds.” The conspiracy in this: the French branch of the Rothschild family, which controls assets in the tens of billions of euros, quite naturally keen to have their man in the Elysee Palace. Friendships and business relationships with the famous family supported generations of French politicians, from de Gaulle to Georges Pompidou, from Edouard Balladur to Nicolas Sarkozy. Directly to the Rothschilds worked for former Secretary-General of the Elysee Palace, Francois Perol and Director of the Cabinet of Ministers at the premiere Beregovoi Nicolas Basire. Historians believe that large-scale privatization in the mid-1990s were held by the Prime Minister Ballajura not without effort on the part of the Rothschilds.

The main competitor in the political struggle for the Rothschilds and the Bank is the brothers Lazare, a French Department which is headed by the worst enemy of Macron Mathieu Pigass. The Bank Lazar he plays roughly the same role that Jacques Attali played at the Bank of Rothschild. Pigass loves punk rock and reality show, plays the guitar, buys influential newspaper, citywatch in an interview with left-wing philosophers and actively make friends with leftist politicians. Like the Rothschilds, Lazars successfully Spud the socialists: in 2007, Mathieu Pigass sponsored the election campaign of ségolène Royal, and this time supported Arno Montemuro. After his friend was forced to withdraw from the elections because of the extremely low popularity, Bigass switched to Benoit Amon. Amon promises to the French unconditional income of 750 Euro, but the bankers know what is pre-election rhetoric of the left.

Press the left accuses Pigasse that he has split the socialists. In fact, the banker just cleared the way to his proteges in the party, and at the same time avenged Francois Hollande because he never brought him to the Elysee Palace. The latest blow to sickly the rating Hollande began the book of Le Monde journalists “would be Better if the President didn’t say that…”, which was skillfully chosen quotations, issuing the President a hypocrite, a racist and a liar. Shortly after this publication, Hollande appeared on television and refused the nomination for a new term. A large part of the shares in Le Monde belongs to just Picasso.

In addition to Le Monde, the French Director of the Bank Lazare controls several influential media. That there is only one threat to the candidate Rules. If we see him compromising, first publish it in their publications Mathieu Pigass.

In the presidential race Emmanuel macron looks like a complete product of political technologies. In his image has thought of everything – and the appearance, touching story of love, and politically correct program. But therein lies its weakness – the French voter can feel the artificiality of the image of the candidate and his lack of independence as leader of the nation. The problem is not that bankers take on the policy content – this happens all the time, and a strong President will be able to impose its agenda of the most influential sponsors. Cute but macron did not look such a President. This homunculus, derived by all the rules of processing of public opinion.

Today sociologists unanimously predicted Macron victory in the presidential elections. However, at the election of the President of the United States sociologists as unanimously promised victory, Hillary Clinton. But no matter the fate of the Macron, it remains a good example of how financial capital of the bow and left-wing parties of Europe. And the fact that the presidents of France are replaced regularly, but the people, moving them to the Elysee Palace, remain in place.


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