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Monday, March 19, 2018

Kiev again underestimates information about their military casualties in the Donbas

The leadership of the DNI announced the data about losses of the enemy since the beginning of renewed large-scale fighting – 200 killed and 300 wounded. The disparate messages of the Ukrainian side appear much smaller numbers. How to count the losses during the civil war in Ukraine and how much it underestimates the number of victims?

On Tuesday, the head of the Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko said that the Ukrainian military since the beginning of aggravation of the situation in the Donbass lost 200 killed and about 300 wounded. This is directly at odds with the data that lead to this account Ukrainian officials. For example, earlier the first Deputy chief of the joint operational headquarters of the Ukrainian “ATO” major-General Andrey Tsvetkov said that during the fighting under Avdiyivka Armed forces of Ukraine (APU) lost 10 soldiers, another 66 were injured.

“Kiev does not name the exact data on losses, trying to understate the number of deaths, not to create panic”

Last Tuesday, the Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin stated Ukrainian intercepted data on actual losses APU only a few days of fighting.

“Exploration DNR received the report of the chief of the General staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko about the real losses of the Ukrainian security forces for 29 and 30 January, presented to the President of Ukraine and became the reason for his emergency return from Germany, Basurin said. – According to the available materials for the specified period in the morgue, Ukraine received: in Selidovo – 29 bodies Krasnoarmeysk – 41 body, New Labour – 8 dead bodies and 14 wounded, chasov Yar – 62 wounded soldier,” – quoted “Donetsk news Agency”.

“We will announce this information in order to enable Petro Poroshenko over time, personally, looking into the eyes of the mothers of dead and maimed soldiers, to give explanations, for the sake of ambition he has ruined so many people and what his victory has brought over 70 sent to the light fighters”, – said Eduard Basurin.

In open sources, in turn, referred to the Ukrainian official data on losses in January 2017. According to this data, Ukrainian security forces have lost 36 people.

“About the way it is”

As explained by the newspaper VIEW one of the commanders of the militia DND, who requested anonymity, usually the loss of the opposite side are calculated “of intelligence, upon finding bodies, and average calculations of expected losses in the artillery preparation”.

According to the source, data about two hundred dead from the Ukrainian side is very similar to the truth. “Most likely, about the way it is” – said the fighter.

The representative of the Centre of unmanned aircraft of the DND Alexander Zhuchkovsky, in turn, also believes that the data announced by Zakharchenko, close to reality. “However, we must note that precise data on the losses of the Ukrainian side no one will call. To us it is often difficult to count how many people have lost the enemy. Kiev does not name the exact data on losses, trying to understate the number of deaths, not to create a panic,” he told the newspaper VIEW.

Zhuchkovsky reported that the visual combat contacts often can see exactly how many enemies were destroyed during the battle or after shelling. However, added Zhuchkovsky, because of the large scatter of the victims on the front line exploration it is difficult to calculate the losses.

Kiev underestimates information about their losses

The founder of the movement “Donetsk Republic”, the former speaker of the national Council DND Andrey Burgin in conversation with the newspaper LOOK difficult to assume, where did Zakharchenko has information on losses of the Ukrainian military.

He confirmed that the Kiev authorities themselves officially understate the data on the losses in the Donbass. He also does not believe in the possibility of Ukrainian media to obtain this information through official channels. According to him, he himself had problems and difficulties with obtaining such data. “Moreover, these data needed for trial — That is, it was official. I think that’s classified, so we can say that all these figures are virtual. We can say, at least 500, and 100”, – Purgin told the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, at the behest of intelligence agencies to the Ukrainian media have to disclose data on losses in the Donbass.

“The data are very closed. These statistics can lead, but give her voice? SBU and other power structures work very hard. Even large funeral, which was held recently on independence, recommended not to show to avoid escalating the situation. And the bulk of TV channels prefer not to show. It is in fact censorship. Everyone knows everything, but you that information anywhere will not find printed,” – said Purgin.

Note that on Tuesday of non-combat losses of the enemy is reported and the people’s militia LNR. “During the preparation for the next challenge with the installation of minefields in the “gray area” in the center of the village Lugansk from-for inept actions killed two soldiers of the 54th brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine”, – said the Agency “new Russia” the official representative of the militia Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko. Three, according to Marochko, were injured.

However it’s not close

Discussion about the number of casualties from the Ukrainian side are not new. Data began to diverge since the beginning of the conflict, and different law enforcement agencies of Ukraine cited their figures. Information about the loss of Ukraine was initially questioned for the reason that these figures included data on the victims in various national battalions and the national guard. The former Deputy of Ukraine, speaker of the Parliament of new Russia Oleg Tsarev reported that Kiev is on average underestimates the number of military casualties in 2-2,5 times.

At the end of last year, APU intensified on the debaltsevsky direction. If Kiev has said that the loss amounted to five security forces, and another 16 were injured (a figure called the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine on the military operation Andrei Lysenko), the military of the 54th mechanized brigade APU called completely different numbers. “We have 25 “two hundredth” (meaning “cargo 200”, that is, dead) was only three hours of battle. It’s confirmed, I saw it in person. And somewhere in the 35 “three hundredth” (wounded). There were six that came out of this attack,” – said the soldier.

However, the press-service of a regiment “Azov” led other data. Citing information from volunteers press service reported the death of Debaltsevo at least 19 people from the Ukrainian side.

A former foreign Minister DND Alexander Kofman argued that the loss of the Ukrainian side in the recent fighting near debaltseve was about 100 people. “The command of the ATO is lying to you. In the result of the attack on the position of DNR/LNR in today’s fighting killed more than 100 soldiers of the APU. More than 400 wounds of considerable severity are delivered in hospitals of Donetsk continue,” said Coffman.

That Kiev hides the real data losses, said the international experts, in particular in one of the reports about results of work of the UN monitoring mission, published in the fall of 2014. “The monitoring mission of the UN on human rights in Ukraine and who believe that data on the number of victims of the Ukrainian military, civil, and members of armed groups was underestimated during the whole period of the antiterrorist operation”, – said in the report.

As an example cited the fact that the NSDC of Ukraine reported on the 151 who died in the period from 24 August to 12 September 2014, while the Ministry of defence of Ukraine stated that only in the area of transfer and certain other areas of the most intensive fighting has killed 181 fighter of anti-terrorist operation forces. “The level of underreporting military casualties by the government, you may notice, comparing the data about the wounded, provided by the national security Council (3277), with the number of troops treated at the main military and civil hospitals, located nearest to the fighting regions – Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Zaporizhia. Their number was not less than 4800 people…” – said in the report.

UN experts came to the conclusion that the real number of victims may exceed the officially announced figures at least twice.


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