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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Givi killed

The Ministry of defence DND confirmed the attack on Wednesday morning was killed one of the most famous commanders of the militia – Mikhail Tolstykh with the Callsign “Givi”. Presumably, the room Thick the shot was fired from rocket thrower “bumblebee”. This attack and murder in October 2016 Arsen Pavlov (Motorola) – links in a chain, sure DNI.

“Confirmed: he was killed,” – said the newspaper VIEW Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin, commenting on reports of the deaths in the attack, the unit commander “Somalia” Colonel Mikhail Tolstoy (call sign “Givi”).

“Questions should be given not enemy dig, and those who allows them to act”

How, in turn, informs “Donetsk news Agency” with reference to the operational command of the Republic, the attack occurred at 6.02 am on Wednesday. Journalist and blogger Ivan Rakhmetov on his page in Facebook reported that the headquarters of the militia was fired from jet infantry flamethrower “bumblebee”. The body of the deceased commander have been identified, investigators are working the staff of the investigative authorities of the DNI and the Ministry of emergency situations of the Republic.

The Prosecutor’s office of the DNI said that investigators have already reached the alleged killers Michael Thick – in a terrorist attack involved the Ukrainian DRG (sabotage and reconnaissance groups). The leadership of the Republic promises to find and punish the killers of the famous commander by the laws of war.

The attack and what happened before the murder of Colonel Arsen Pavlov (call sign “Motorola”) – links in a chain. The attacks are the special services of Ukraine, said in comments to the Agency “Interfax” a source in law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Donetsk.

The security Service of Ukraine does not confirm nor deny the information about the death “of one of the leaders of the militants” DND with the Callsign “Givi”, said the TV channel “112 Ukraine” the adviser to the head of the SBU Yuriy Tandit.

We will add that last Saturday in the center of Lugansk was blown up car, qualified as a terrorist attack. Then killed the head of the national police LNR Oleg Anashchenko that, as noted by the newspaper VIEW, had decapitated this structure. The defense Ministry of the Republic of Lugansk accused to the crime Ukrainian security services.

“The enemy dig we actually go on foot”

“The enemy is the enemy and killers of the enemy was doing what it should. Questions you need to ask those who have to ensure that the territory of the republics didn’t happen,” – said the newspaper VIEW fighter BCH, publicist Paul Kucherov (call “Shakespeare”).

The source recalled that last week in the republics of Donbass there have been three terrorist attack. In particular, it is referred to the assassination of Colonel Anashchenko, one of the commanders of the militia, in fact, defense Minister of the LPR, the explosion in the area of the Motel (at the exit to the town) on the evening of 2 February, and finally – the murder of Givi. “Sabotage, carried out with fantastic efficiency” – he described the murder Kucherov.

In his opinion, all these tragic incidents are now saying only one thing: the enemy rivergroup go through our territory on foot actually. “Again, questions should be addressed not to the enemy drivergroup, and the one who allows them to do so. Any answers to these questions our services counterintelligence and security were not given, and after the murder of Motorola, guess and do not give after the murder of Givi. But conclusions should be made. But whether or not, life will show”, – said the volunteer.

“The names of Givi and Motorola were hearing from the Ukrainian side,”

The founder of the movement “Donetsk Republic”, the former speaker of the National Council and Vice-Premier DND Andrey Purgin in comments to the newspaper OPINION noted: the assumption about the perpetrators of the death of Mikhail Tolstykh can be only one. “It is the actions of Ukraine, in fact – the Ukrainian security services, the source said. And they don’t particularly hide the fact that adopted closed documents on strategy and tactics in the Donbas.” Burgin recalled that today the situation is greatly aggravated, in line of contact maximum tightened the Ukrainian armed forces.

“Attempts to destabilize the situation, its maximum discharge, – said Purgin. Let’s not forget who advises to date, the Ukrainian side. It’s the guys who are very long and well-know technological methods of loosening of the situation, techniques such orange revolution” and so forth.

The source reminded that the names of Givi and Motorola have always been hearing from the Ukrainian side. Motorola was a symbol of Russian volunteer, a man who came here as a volunteer in his heart, and a native of Ilovaisk, Givi – a local man, which showed itself in the war and won the respect of the rest of the militia, said Purgin. “That is, those people who are very annoyed by Ukrainian state”, – he stressed, noting that there is not enough recognition of Ukraine as at the time of Israel on the actions of the Mossad, which destroyed his enemies around the world.

“Ukraine acts as a state terrorist. In the case of Motorola, and in the case of Givi is a pure terrorist acts. Of course, this is the Ukrainian state apparatus”, – concluded the source.

“You can get protection, but I’m not gonna do it”

A former driver of a diesel truck Mikhail Tolstoy came to prominence in the summer of 2014 during the battle for his home town of Ilovaysk. 34-year-old (at the time) the commander of the militia, in time to participate in the defense of Slavyansk, have played a major role during the reflection of storming Ilovaysk Ukrainian security forces and subsequent fighting in ilovaiskaya boiler.

Then scored another well-known head of the militia commander of anti-tank detachment of “Sparta” Arsene Pavlov, better known by the Callsign “Motorola”. Tandem two battalion commanders Givi and Motorola, and is remembered also for fighting for the Donetsk airport in September 2014 or January 2015, then “Sparta” and “Somalia” became perceived as hardly probable not the most effective unit of the BCH. A kind of “reward” is the inclusion of Motorola and Givi in the sanctions list of the European Union.

Colonel Arsen Pavlov died in October last year as a result of a bomb explosion, after which the Thick vowed to avenge the murder of colleague and friend.

Then the threats Ukrainian radicals began to arrive, and the address of Givi. “I read the comments that fellow Ukrainians convey greetings to me. I’m not afraid of anything, – said the commander. I have nothing to lose. I know I’m doing the right thing. I’ve been fighting for their land and free Republic.”

“I will continue to lead the lifestyle of the commander of the military unit. You can get protection in a large number, but I will not do that. I’m not afraid for my life. I don’t feel as important as Arsen. Arsene was a head taller than me,” said Tolstoy.

At the end of October, the Ministry of defense of Donetsk Republic have denied reports of the Union of paratroopers of Transnistria that Givi allegedly going to leave the NPT.

“Who the APU turns to fight?”

The other day, 3 February, the commander of “Somalia” reported that he had received a minor injury as a result of clashes in the industrial area of the Town. The wound was received, when the militia fought off their position, captured by the enemy. The operation was held jointly with the 11th regiment of the army of the DNI and battalion “Sparta”. The result, according to Givi, 99% of the lost positions were returned under the control of the Republic.

Put comments in Life about his own wound, Givi has denied the information of Ukrainian media about the fact that he supposedly shot himself in the foot: “I Hasten to disappoint – not that I ever do, moreover, already in the morning the next day I was at the front and was in command of his battalion.”

Ukrainian security forces, as stated by the commander of “Somalia”, has lost a lot of people. “They are not efficient. They can’t fight with us. And with whom (at APU) fight? Civilians, unfortunately. I apologize to those civilians who came under fire, but all that he could to make the armed forces of the Republic, they did,” he said.

Earlier, the Ukrainian side also reported about the death of one of his comrades Givi gun militiaman with the call sign “the Consul” which was denied this information by using the original video.


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