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Monday, March 12, 2018

DNI is an urgent need to restructure the system of internal security

On Wednesday, the authorities of the DNI submitted consistent with the OSCE plan of normalization of the situation along the contact line in the Donbass. This is a good plan, but it is already clear that Kiev rejects it, and the priority of Donetsk should become the new system of homeland security. Thanks to a series of disadvantages became possible murder Givi (Mikhail Tolstykh).

“We have prepared their proposals for a complete ceasefire and withdrawal of the parties along the line of contact. He was ready on 4 February, and to date the document has passed several approvals, including from the OSCE,” – said in an operational command of the DNI. The plan includes five items, including “immediate and comprehensive” cease-fire, the removal of all prohibited weapons and providing unimpeded access to representatives of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE.

“There is evidence of mining Avdiivka coke plant”

DNR also propose to establish within a radius of one kilometer from the Donetsk filtering station zone without weapons and any military units. As noted, it is necessary to rebuild infrastructure, as well as the normalization of the lives of civilians in the area Yasinovataya and Avdeyevka, caught in the middle of another military crisis. In the last paragraph contains the prohibition of any offensive action and bring the parties together.

“All suggestions were documented and transferred to Ukrainian command, but there completely ignored the initiative of the Republic. The first Deputy head of the OSCE SMM Alexander hug has refused to mediate in the negotiation process and left the territory of the region”, – explained in the command of the DNI.

You need to understand that the Ukrainian side rejects the threshold of any such offers from Donetsk and Lugansk. They can be passed though with the OSCE mission, even with a carrier pigeon – they still will not be perceived in Kiev for many reasons, the main one being the interest of Petro Poroshenko in support of the war in the Donbass. Stressing this fact, you can go into the legal details: – recognition of the legitimacy of the Kiev authorities of the DNI and LC, the absence of Amnesty, the reluctance to negotiate directly and, therefore, to accept direct offers of the opposing side.

In parallel, the AFU continue to build up forces of the first echelon on the traditional pain points of the front – from Mariupol to Avdeevka. In this case, the front line of additionally arrive exactly offensive means, including, for example, the pontoon bridges for the village Lugansk, where the natural front line for two years remains the Seversky Donets river. There is evidence of Avdiivka coke plant mining enterprise, where an accident or something worse, a deliberate undermining will lead to the effect of the chemical bombs.

Through a variety of conspiracy theories around major enterprises in the town, some attribute the current crisis with the fight of oligarchic clans in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the war in the Donbass has long outgrown the scope of economic warfare, no matter how big amount of possible profit they neither appeared, and the habit to blame everything on “the war of the oligarchs” and “secret communications” clearly come from the late Soviet past.

But the main news of the day by far was the death of Mikhail Tolstoy (call sign “Givi”) – commander of a separate motorized rifle (assault) battalion in Ilovaisk/h 08828, which had been known as the battalion “Somalia”. In his office at the headquarters of the battalion was released RPO charge jet infantry flamethrower “bumblebee”, even in Afghanistan earned him the nickname “Shaitan-pipe”. The assassination attempt must have involved a major subversive group, some time waging observation of Thick and set his route, after February 1, he refused hospitalization after a slight injury in the leg under the Avdeevka.

Shot high-class professional is to get from 200 feet away out the window, even non-standard (larger than usual) size is very difficult. A signal shot was apparently the light that lit Thick in his office, going into it at 6 in the morning with two of his colleagues.

Declared “the plan-interception” is, of course, no one caught. Such saboteurs are not suicide bombers and pre-plan escape routes. And in Donetsk have been living a carefree life, as strange as it may sound in the backdrop of the bloody war. There are no checkpoints, regular checks of transport, patrols, the MVD and MGB, no one will ask the documents of a suspicious person. Curfew – the only thing left from the “enhanced security measures”, is causing discontent among the population. But only at night somehow check random cars, this violates the curfew.

The death of Mikhail Tolstykh is a serious blow to the image of the DNI. Of course, his battalion did not fall apart, not broken up “Sparta” after the death of Arseniy Pavlov (“Motorola”). Do not collapse and the front will not change the configuration of the army DNI, despite numerous rumors about internal conflicts in it. We are losing a generation of young nuggets, persevered in the most difficult time of the war, and then managed to find the strength to accept the new rules of the game, abandoning the “freemen” militia.

The main issues in connection with the assassination attempt on Mikhail Tolstykh to ask MGB DNR and other entities that were supposed to provide protection the most important. Despite the “training” Russian instructors and continues to experience many Donetsk “budiharto” in the Ukrainian security services, the protection of the first persons in the DND is very similar to how behave Russian palaichori and nedobachii in the 90-ies. It’s more show-off than security. For example, Tolstoy was not a permanent place of residence in Donetsk, there was family, there was not a permanent route. “Hook” it was only in the battalion headquarters, a building which was bristling with cameras and it seems like it was guarded by soldiers under the Charter. But the shot of the “Bumblebee” with 200 meters proved to be a successful solution.

Certainly a part of the subversive group were the local natives whose motives can be very diverse. Right was General Eduard Basurin, when he said that the security necessary to reinforce and reorganize.


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