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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Captured Russian sailors will have to release for a ransom

Citizens of Russia once again become prey to Nigerian pirates. Like last year, a kidnap victim was working as a seamen on a foreign ship, and coast guard, African countries did not prevent the capture of the Russians. According to experts, the incident is partly to blame for the sailors themselves. But the Navy of Russia theoretically could also help.

First about the capture of the crew of seven Russian citizens and one citizen of Ukraine reported on Wednesday, the Russian Embassy in Nigeria. It became known that on Sunday, two-decked ship BBC Caribbean, owned by the German group of companies Briese, which had no cargo from Cameroon to Ghana, was attacked by Nigerian pirates at a distance of approximately 120 nautical miles South-West from the island of Bonny in the Gulf of Guinea.

“With pirates you have to fight like terrorists, not to negotiate, not to delve into their motivation, and to destroy”

The representative of the group of companies Briese Raymond fish, according to RIA “news” reported that this business structure was formed by a team that “works in close cooperation with the German authorities in order to resolve the situation as soon as possible and to ensure that the abducted crew a speedy safe return.”

On its part, the fate of all abducted by pirates and sailors and closely involved in the Russian Embassy in Nigeria. “Our diplomats in Nigeria are in contact with the Nigerian authorities and representatives of the ship owner to establish the location of the early and safe release of the sailors,” – said on the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

At the same time the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Nigeria Artem Romanov said that the Embassy deals with the fate of all abducted by pirates and sailors, including a citizen of Ukraine: “Now the Embassy is taking all necessary efforts to establish their whereabouts, we also approached local authorities for assistance,” – said the representative of the Embassy.

Concern about the fate of their citizen on Twitter page expressed the consular Department of the MFA of Ukraine:

“The consuls in Hamburg and Nigeria are taking steps to release the captured citizen of Ukraine – crew members of the ship BBC Caribbean”.

About the fate of the captives of the Russians in the Ministry is not saying a word.

“The fact that the fate of our sailors of the Ukrainian leadership does not care at all, and the Russian foreign Ministry deals with the fate of all captured by the pirates, including a citizen of Ukraine, – the situation is understandable, he shared his belief with the newspaper VIEW doctor of military Sciences, Chairman of the Union of geopolitics, Konstantin Sivkov. – Ukraine is temporarily occupied West Russia. And perceiving its citizens as its own – our sacred duty. Because they are part of our once common powers, indivisible Slavic world”.

In turn, analyzing the situation, the chief editor of the publishing house “Maritime news of Russia” Anatoly Kuznetsov has criticized the behavior of the victims themselves:

“Of course we do not know in what time of day was perfect capture, but nevertheless, I don’t understand why the crew is passing through a dangerous area, so relaxed? – shared the expert his bewilderment with the newspaper LOOK. – They could have spotted him approaching the boat and begin to signal SOS, could roll out water cannons and use them to fend off the attackers, tie sides with barbed wire to the invaders was inconvenient to climb on them. In the end, each boat must be equipped with a “citadel” – a place known only to the crew, with supplies of food and water, where in a critical situation of its members can be closed to wait out the danger, to send out distress signals”.

Kuznetsov also made a claim to the owners of the ship who, knowing that the ship will pass through dangerous territory, not hired guards:

“Now I work private security Firms, which spetsializiruyutsya on the security of such courts. Cheaper would be out! Now, I think, every sailor will have a million to give. To pay, of course, the owners. If the ship was under the flag of Germany, on Board all the rules was also German laws, respectively, to redeem the hostages also have the German side. Although, of course, Russia also needs to help its citizens in trouble by diplomatic means”.

The expert is sure that the hostages are most likely alive, because they were captured for ransom. And locate them in time.

“This is not the first situation with the Russians in the waters of Nigeria, and, notably, the coast guard of this country has never prevented the seizure of ships – surprised the expert. – I think it makes sense to talk about the naval presence of Russia in the region. If in international waters would be the Russian cruiser, it would, I am sure, have many cool hot heads”.

I agree with this opinion and Konstantin Sivkov:

“With pirates you have to fight like terrorists, not to negotiate, not to delve into their motivation, and to destroy, – says the expert. But not only those who go on the pirate boats, and especially those who benefit to create these pirates: financial corporations, business organizations, terrorist organizations that operate in a dense spike with them. You need to beat the root”.


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