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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Buryatia headed by a young technocrat from the personnel reserve

“Tsydenov worked in the government at a time when the Cabinet was headed by Vladimir Putin” – with these words, the scientists describe the acting head of Buryatia appointed by the President on Tuesday. Why the choice is made in favor of Alexei Tzudenova and what challenges will face the new head of the region?

On Tuesday, President Putin asked the Federation Deputy Minister of transport Alexei Tsydenov become acting head of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn. Tsydenov agreed, and the head of state signed the relevant decrees.

“Apply a clear system of evaluation of activities of the regional chapters: economic efficiency, electoral performance, “corruption”filter

According to the former head of Buryatia, “the situation dictates” that the country needs change, reports TASS.

We will remind, on Monday the Governor of Perm region Viktor Basargin, who held the post since 2012, was submitted to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the letter of resignation. The acting Governor was appointed head of the Department of economic policy and development of Moscow Maxim Reshetnikov.

From the personnel reserve of the President

As informs RIA “news” in 2006-2009, the native of the Chita region Tsydenov held the position of Deputy Director of the Department of state policy in the field of railway transport of the Ministry of transport. In 2008, policies have been included in the list of persons of the reserve of administrative shots under patronage of the President.

Further Tsydenov served as Deputy Director of the Department of industry and infrastructure of government and head of the Federal Agency for railway transport. 13 Jun 2012 Tsydenov was appointed Deputy Minister of transport.

“The rate for young and energetic professionals”

Commenting on the reshuffle of governors, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that for replacements in the Governor’s case is a personnel reserve, the bench is long enough.

“You can see for yourself the assignments last months, last years, perhaps, that the emphasis is on energetic, young, charismatic professionals who already have some experience and have proven to be really effective managers”, – said Peskov.

Also Peskov said that the Kremlin does not rely on representatives of any specific “unit” nomenclature and considering various options and candidates. “All appointments associated with the security forces? No. All assignments associated with the business? No. All appointments are associated only with the bureaucrats? Either. So here is the absolute multivariate”, – he said.

“Demand the type of the young technocrat”

The political scientist, the head of the holding “Minchenko consulting” Evgenie Minchenko, commenting on the newspaper VIEW, the appointment of the new head of Buryatia noted that the decision was based on managerial experience Alexei Tzudenova.

“Tsydenov, remember, worked in the government at a time when the Cabinet was headed by Vladimir Putin,” – said the expert. Also Minchenko stressed that the new head of the Buryatia Republic is relatively young and in fact “is a very in demand now, as can be seen in recent appointments, the type of young technocrat”. According to the analyst, although decisions on new staff positions the President takes, also apply a clear system of criteria for evaluating the activities of the regional chapters. “This is economic efficiency, electoral performance, and the “corrupt-filter”, – considers Minchenko.

Speaking about the retired former head of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn, the political scientist noted that it was unlikely the Kremlin had a reason to be particularly unhappy with his work.

Tsydenova have to show the quality of public policy

As for the specifics of the region, Minchenko said that Buryatia economically depressed region, subsidized, with many distressed companies. It is no accident in the meeting with Putin talking about how to use the tourist potential of Buryatia, which is “really quite big”.

“The second is a national issue, has been steadily declining in recent years, the share of Russian population. It was about 70%, and now – about 60%,” he said.

In addition, the new head of the region expects the rivalry with the local elites. As the expert explained, the position of the Communists in the Republic are very strong. Therefore, Minchenko does not rule out “serious competition” in the gubernatorial election. In this connection, the acting will have to show all his qualities as a public policy, “the more he public face.”

Tsydenov – your region

The head of VTSIOM Valery Fedorov said that the candidates for the posts of heads of regions must meet substantial professional requirements.

“Such a candidate should have a portfolio of successful projects. He should have experience of achievements. And as for yesterday’s appointee Reshetnikova today, is a fact. At a sufficiently young age Tsydenov occupies a key role in the Department. The third factor – it is for your region, not the Vikings, but has experience in Federal jobs,” – said the head of VTSIOM.

Fedorov also noted that the President appoints a Governor, and acting. “Governor elected by the people in elections in September. So he in any case can not be only a successful Executive, but a lousy public policy. Alas, these qualities are not always successfully combined in one person. Now requirements that were combined. In September he will prove it or disprove. Yet according to preliminary estimates, it became clear that Tsydenov has the necessary qualities,” he concluded, adding that the President bet on the nomination of a new generation of politicians and civil servants.


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