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Friday, March 23, 2018

Why Vladimir Putin is a pity it was surrounded by Ukrainians

Why Vladimir Putin is a pity it was surrounded by Ukrainians

August 29, 2014, 21:05

Text: Peter Akopov


The appeal of Vladimir Putin to the militia of new Russia in his speech at Seliger was not only fixed our position on the current phase of the Ukrainian crisis, but also marked the fundamental principles that explain the essence of Russia’s relationship to Ukraine.

Suddenly appeared in the night from Thursday to Friday message from the President of Russia to the militia of new Russia, in fact, was a response to the hysteria of Kiev on Russian troops. Putin asked the militias to go through humanitarian corridor surrounded by Ukrainian part, “to avoid senseless victims,” and again called on Kiev for a ceasefire and negotiations with representatives of the rebels.

Putin’s address, as the recent history of humanitarian convoy was intended as a literal saving of lives and the political and propaganda effect. Putin asks not to kill each other Kyiv to stop fighting, and the militia to let go (of course, without a weapon) caught in pots connection. The militias agreed, Kiev refused – that is, the position is fixed. And this is happening at a very important moment when, according to Putin, “it is obvious that the militia had reached considerable success in curbing the military operation in Kiev”, and immediately after the statements of Kiev on Russian troops in Ukraine, not taken up European countries, you realize that they want more deeply to tighten in the confrontation with Russia.

The impending defeat of the Ukrainian army on the territory of new Russia will lead to very serious consequences for Kiev will have to answer the questions their own citizens about why killing thousands of volunteers and soldiers. Of course that Poroshenko will be around to blame Russia, but he immediately let me remind you that Russia proposed a cease-fire, and the new Russia was willing to let go laid down their arms. Abandoning the truce, Poroshenko will lose people and territory – agreeing, he will save many lives of its military.

Speaking at Seliger, Putin called the rejection of the proposed option (and the Ukrainian command decided to fight to break out of the encirclement) “colossal mistake that will lead to greater casualties”. It’s terrible, Putin added. Indeed, in this war there are friends and foes – both sides of the front fighting the Russian people. “What is happening in Ukraine today is our great common tragedy. And we must do everything to stop it as soon as possible” ‒ Putin says it’s not for effect, thinks and feels the absolute majority of the Russian people. Because we are one people – and on Friday, Putin again said it clearly:

“I think that Russian and Ukrainian people are practically one people, that whatever anybody said. You will correct me, of course, but look. We do not have the Russian people once were Slavic tribes. How many of them there were 16, 32, different consider: the Slavs, Drevlyans, and so forth. After the baptism of Rus – by the way, first Vladimir himself was baptized in Chersonesos, so in this sense, the Crimea and for us a Holy place, and then came to Kiev and there began to baptize all of Russia – started to develop the Russian nation, but it was originally developed as a multinational. The people who lived on the current territory of Ukraine, or as Russians themselves called.

Yes, there are Galicia, there are areas that are adjacent to the West, to Western Europe. They have naturally formed a special relationship with the Catholic world, naturally formed relationships with their neighbors, there is a mutual penetration of languages and cultures. But they should not impose their views on all the people of Ukraine”.

Galicia, i.e. Western Ukraine, constituting one-tenth of the whole of Ukraine, – this is what the West wants to turn all of Ukraine. Galicia before 1939 centuries lived under Polish and German rule was not part of Russia. In the XIII century the Russian land, in fact, separated himself from the rest of Russia – and fell under Western influence (primarily religious, and it became apparent then in the Uniate Church) and management, has embarked on the same path that several centuries divides one people into two, as it were, for example, with half the people, disintegrated in the end, Orthodox Serbs, and Catholic Croats.

After 1991 from the Russian and Ukrainians, who lived on happened to be an independent Ukraine, began to make Ukrainians zapadensky, Galician pattern. Russia weakly resisted it – there were too many internal problems – and the people of Ukraine allowed to carry this game “Bandera”. Not all, but many.

European integration was politically to sustain this process – but the coup of February 2014, and the tough stance of Russia brought the Ukraine. The outbreak of civil war between the Russian, who consider themselves Ukrainians and Russians, remembering that they are Russian, will inevitably end in a Russian victory (first victory inside the Russian “Ukrainian”) – because the present always overcomes artificial, and because Russia has clearly outlined its position: we will not allow the West to continue recoding part of our people. The path to victory may be long and bloody – but the story (and not only Russian – ask, for example, the Germans) shows that there are no forces able to prevent the reunification of the nation. The more such people as Russian, with its great civilization and powerful state.

But the forms of the struggle for the reunification of all branches of the Russian people can be different – in the case of Belarus and Kazakhstan (which Putin spoke a lot on lake Seliger) there is a General desire to move towards integration through the Eurasian Union. That is, the reunification will be peaceful and voluntary – largely due to the fact that in Minsk and Astana in power after the collapse of the USSR turned out to be people who understand the impossibility of breaking the historical unity of our lands and peoples. And Ukraine was dominated by stupid and short-sighted politicians that allowed the West to try to forcibly wrest her from the Russian world – as a result of the civil war and the disintegration of the country.

This decay is not beneficial for Russia – no matter what our “limited nationalists,” yesterday, calls to separate the Caucasus, and today insist on only one accession of new Russia and refusing to consider “Ukrainians” little Russians Russians, because it brings new victims, and complicating the reintegration of little Russia with great. Russian people will be reunited with all its parts – regardless of what you think overseas strategy and national national reducers. Simply because of its vitality and ability to heal and unite even after the worst defeats. The inevitability that understands and works on its approach and ultimate power. Vladimir Putin, speaking about the Russian world and the unity of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, more specifically than “hints” at this reunion is to require him now greater openness would be simply naive.

But it is a strategy. And now on the agenda are much narrower tactical problems. Here’s how they described Putin at Seliger:

“We need to sit down at the negotiating table. You know, the position of our partners, it’s what comes, I have this clear: Yes, you have to sit at the negotiating table, but still need to give the Ukrainian authorities a little shoot – maybe they will quickly bring order there. Does not work, you have to realize it. And it is necessary to force the Ukrainian authorities in this subject to begin these negotiations in detail! Not on technical issues, which is extremely important, of course, they are of a humanitarian nature: the exchange of prisoners, as they say, still some issues need substantive diplomats love to use this word – talk, essentially to understand what rights will the people of Donbass, Lugansk, just South-East of the country. In the framework of modern civilized rules should be worded legal rights and provided legal interests of these people. Here we must speak.

Then it is easy, I’m sure – is relatively easy, but still it will address issues related to border security and so on and so forth. It is important to agree in fact. In fact don’t want to talk, that’s the problem.”

Negotiations, to which Putin is now pushing Kiev is not the surrender of new Russia, has long been actually recognized by Russia, and not the desire to impose some form of Federation under the control of the Kiev elite. It is a form of struggle for Ukraine. First, you need to secure the independence of new Russia – and the goal of the talks is not only to pause or to stop the war, but to force Kiev to recognize the new Russia.

This is primarily tactical and psychological importance because in the real geopolitics recognition of Kiev Donetsk has a great long-term value. It would be important that if Russia fought with Kiev for the new Russia, but Russia is fighting for Ukraine with the West. By the end of this struggle, the current government in Kiev will change – and possibly more than once. And the new Ukraine (little Russia or a new Federation, incorporating the new Russia) will be part of the Eurasian Union. These are bets that is the goal.

And now we need to sit at the table in Kiev to the negotiating table with the Donetsk – for the sake of fact (and that will be their main achievement). Negotiations from the point of view of the result of the senseless, long and dreary, broken – alas – fighting, but as a necessary step towards the achievement of the task. Negotiations, of course, secondary because the main thing will be decided on the battlefield and on the geopolitical front as the transition of Russia (and build her coalition) on the offensive on the key and most vulnerable positions of the Anglo-Saxon order.

Developments in Ukraine in the next six months, multivariate and depends on many internal and external factors and the final design of the independence of new Russia (with its official recognition by Moscow), and the fall of Kiev under the onslaught of the rebels, and the capture of power in Ukraine and change of power in Kiev in a coup, and the division of the country into several parts. But all these different paths ultimately, thanks to the efforts that will make Russia withdraw to the high road of Russian history, will lead to unity. Because we are one people.


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