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Monday, March 19, 2018

Wait for Putin an apology from Fox News

Many Russians struck a chord replica journalist, broadcaster Fox News, which he made in the course of the conversation with the current head of the White house. Neither much-nor a little, Vladimir Putin was named responsible for the murders.

photo: kremlin.ru

It is clear that the Kremlin immediately responded to the situation. Dmitry Peskov called the remark of the journalist of “unacceptable and offensive”. And said that Moscow hopes for an apology television before President Putin.

“MK” has dug into the history of world political scandals and found that the apology from the powers that be are not uncommon. And its sincere “regret for” often Express even the presidents of the States, national leaders.

However, on the part of repentance by the political Olympus of contemporary Russia’s information is scarce. Apparently, for the reason that our first person trying not to make mistakes or rash comments.

In the history of Soviet times, the successor of which is Russia, and there have been serious blunders. They are few, but they are extremely resonant. Tellingly, the Communist elite were stingy on the recognition of guilt. Yes, and where did it come from? After all, Lenin’s doctrine omnipotent because it is true!

In 1960 the whole world was expecting an apology from the General Secretary of the CPSU Khrushchev — that the 15th Assembly of the United Nations Nikita Khrushchev banged his Shoe on the podium. And threatened that “everything will gruel”. In the world understandably wanted to hear an apology for the improper conduct of a statesman of such a high rank. And see the mother Kuzi, as literally translated the speech of the Secretary General of the Western linguists do not know the mysterious Russian soul.

However, what ended the scandal, history is silent.

As not quite understand the ending with the tragedy of the South Korean passenger Boeing 747 in the night of 1 September, 1983 over Sakhalin was shot down by Soviet air force. According to the official version, it took a violator of air borders of our country, a reconnaissance plane. The then General Secretary of the CPSU Yuri Andropov admitted that “people are sorry, but our service air defense acted properly”..

Older people who survived the shock therapy of Yegor Gaidar, who had lost their savings in 1992, I remember that in ‘ 99, claiming his voluntary resignation, President Boris Yeltsin live apologized to the citizens of the country. For what may have underestimated the difficulties of economic reforms, made the fall of the standard of living of citizens. Act purely male, in the spirit of the first President of Russia. For that, going into retirement, he has earned additional respect from their constituents

Long or short, but we still waited for an apology from the President of Turkey Erdogan shot down in the skies of Syria in November 2015, the Russian bomber su-24. Restoring friendly relations between the two countries.

Stepped over his pride recent candidate for U.S. President from the Democrats Hillary Clinton. She apologized for the harsh comments of voters who supported the election of her rival, Donald trump.

However, it must be said that it is not always the apology to settle the conflict. An example of that — not ceasing scandal in South Korea. As recently became known to the public, the President of the Republic, Park Geun-Hye has long asked for advice not to his advisers and Ministers. And really… the shaman, the former school friend Choi sung-SIL. Taking important public decisions, it is accordingly divided secret confidential information with the psychic. Which, according to the investigation, often used the secrets for their material benefit.

And although the apology to people born, passions boil there until now.

In General, the Kremlin has all the chances to obtain moral satisfaction from the journalist of the American television. After all, even the President openly admit his mistakes…


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