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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

To declare homeopathy pseudoscience hurriedly failed

RAS attempt to put an end to the question of homoeopathy, declaring it a pseudoscience, crashed on the standards of the world health organization. Exactly what this organization is officially recognized homeopathy, Ministry of health gave reason to speak in a very different position. And the homeopaths and all are outraged.

The Memorandum of the Commission to combat pseudoscience and falsification of scientific research of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) “On the false scientific character of homeopathy” was published on the website of the Commission. Signatures to expert opinion, the accompanying text, delivered more than three dozen scientists and physicians.

Treatment or quackery?

“To ban a huge business, bringing to 115 billion dollars in revenue per year, it is impossible”

“The principles of homeopathy and is based on their means and methods of diagnosis and treatment are contrary to the principles of evidence-based (science-based) medicine, based on the achievements of the natural and medical Sciences: chemistry, physics, biology, and physiology and topics such as biochemistry, Biophysics, immunology, molecular biology, pathological physiology and pharmacology, – the document says. – Homeopathic methods of diagnosis and treatment of pseudo-scientific and don’t work. The conviction of individual doctors and patients about the effectiveness of homeopathy “personal experience” has other explanations that do not contradict said.”

According to the authors of the Memorandum, “homeopathy is not harmless: people who spend considerable sums on non-performing drugs and neglected means of treatment with proven efficacy”. In their opinion, the replacement of traditional methods of treatment homeopathic in the end “can lead to adverse outcomes, including death to patients.”

Refer members of the Commission and on international experience:

“In 2016, the Federal trade Commission (FTC) concluded that “statements about the effectiveness of traditional over-the-counter homeopathic medicines are supported solely homeopathic theories and provings, that are not recognized by modern experts in the field of medicine and are not reliable scientific evidence of effectiveness.” On this basis, the FTC proposed to restrict advertising of homeopathic remedies the following measures: in the absence of adequate clinical studies confirming the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, the consumer must be informed that a proven therapeutic values of the drug. Similar requirements for labeling homeopathic preparations are formulated in a recent decision of the Council of the Eurasian economic Commission No. 76 of 03.11.2016 “On approval of requirements to labeling of medicinal products for medical use and veterinary medicinal products”.

The Memorandum provides guidance to state institutions and pharmacies, universities, the media, doctors, patients and even by the homeopaths. In particular is the exemption of homeopathic drugs from medical use, not to include homeopathy in a new and updated standards of medical care, clinical guidelines, not to sell homeopathic remedies in conjunction with medications in pharmacies to label them with the label “homeopathy”, in the instructions to such drugs is necessary to specify their composition, and on packages to give “guidance in the absence of proven clinical efficacy and indications for use.”

Doctors vs magic

“Homeopathy began to penetrate in our health system, once weakened the grip of the state, i.e. in the nineties, and managed well to be legalized. It got to the point that by order of the Ministry of health was introduced homeopathic method, in the leading universities opened departments of homeopathy and organized courses for doctors in this area, it fell to the level of government purchases and standards of care, which can not but cause concern among the medical community, – told the newspaper OPINION about the relevance of the problem one of the signatories of the expert conclusion of the Memorandum “On the false scientific character of homeopathy,” the practitioner, the scientific editor of the magazine “ABC”, member of the Association of medical journalists Alexey Vodovozov.

According to experts, the authors of the Memorandum are in line with global trends:

“In the US now while homeopathic remedies is mandatory specify that it is made for obsolete technology, and its therapeutic effect has not been proven. In the UK, despite the fact that the services of the homeopath uses the Royal family – they have your regular Royal homeopath, in the national health system cannot be obtain a homeopathic remedy, it will not recommend a homeopathic therapy, but only if somewhere in a private clinic”.

Water carriers submits that the document of the Commission to combat pseudoscience is only a guide, because “to deny a huge business, bringing to 115 billion dollars in revenue per year, it is impossible”:

“It is likely they are, if you want, you can disable scientists, – said the medic. Again, homeopathy exists because human nature is a craving for the mystical. How to forbid magical thinking? We just want to give a tool to the doctors and teachers of medical universities, which imposes homeopathy”.

With this opinion does not agree with the representative of the Professional Association of homeopathic physicians of the CIS countries, capital therapist Natalia Eremenko, what she told the newspaper VIEW:

“Of course, the emergence of such Memorandum only as nonsense can not be named – believes the homeopath. Homeopathy operates on a higher level than conventional medicine. The latter works with the patient on only one level – the level of pathology, we – three, dealing with the whole person. In the Memorandum it is written that the results of our practices has not been proven, but there is objective data, same indications of ultrasound, for example. At the time, official medical community also did not recognize genetics and histology… I think wrestling with our direction of lobbying for pharmaceutical companies, the main motivation is that more and more people are turning to the dietary Supplement than to drugs”.

Diplomatic course, Ministry of health

At the same time the reaction of state institutions to the emergence of the Memorandum was different. As reported TASS, the first to offer scientists responded to the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS).

“We fully support the decision of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was quoted by the Agency head of the Department for control over social sphere and trade Department Timofey Nizhegorodtsev. We believe it to be correct, precise, long-awaited”.

However, the reaction of the Ministry of health was not so clear. In particular, TASS quoted Minister Tatyana Nikolaevna, who said that “homeopathy is recognised officially by the world health organization and the Ministry of health of Russia”.

In turn to the question of the newspaper OPINION on how the Agency intends to respond to the Memorandum and the recommendations contained therein, his press service said the following:

“Currently, methods of homeopathy in varying degrees, acceptable for use in most countries of the world. We believe that within the treatment process of public procurement and should be used only drugs with proven clinical efficacy. In this regard, the Ministry will establish a working group that includes representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences, leading medical institutions and specialists in the field of homeopathy. The main goal will be to develop proposals for further regulation of this area taking into account modern international requirements of evidence”.

With this approach, the Ministry agreed and the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on health protection, the main therapist of Moscow region Natalia Sanina:

“Of course, we trust the Russian Academy of Sciences, but I also think that the decision of the Ministry of health to establish a working group – the right decision, – the Deputy considers. And the legislature should not interfere in its work. To properly examine the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies empirically. For example, I as a doctor will never prescribe the remedy, which I’m not sure. At the same time, conventional drugs go through four phases of research: first tests on animals, the second is the volunteers, the third – the information comes from independent research centers located around the world, the fourth is conducted after the drug was. I’m not sure that homeopathic remedies go through the same test system. But clear conclusion should be given to each of them. And then it will be clear rightness of one side or another”.


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