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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The presidency of marine Le Pen depends on its “gray cardinal”

Speaking at the meeting in Lyon, marine Le Pen has promised to “bring France in order” if the French will give her the victory in the struggle for the presidential post. “I am a candidate of the people, against the right and against the money left from the money,” she declared. Now Le Pen, the leader of the race. And she owes much of the “gray cardinal” of the party – shy gay Filippo.

Seven years ago the national front were in France polumarginalnyh party with a mixed reputation. Today it is one of the largest parties in the country, and its leader marine Le Pen – a clear favorite in the presidential race. This success, experts largely attribute the “gray cardinal” of the party Florian Filippo.

“Holding a grudge, father Le Pen was pleased public aphorisms of the type “Gays are like salt in the soup. No you can not, but when its too much, you can’t eat soup”

By the standards of European political gerontocracy Florian Filippo indecent young: Vice-President of the National front has recently turned thirty-five. However, for the past seven years, he is the second person in the party, determining its rhetoric, and in many respects the policy. If marine Le Pen becomes President of France, we most likely will see Filippo on one of the key government posts. And, of course, hear it – since the arrival of the party he is the chief speechwriter Le Pen.

Filippo spent his childhood in Lille, in the industrial North of France. His parents – a teacher and Director of the school – were people not poor, however, de-industrialization, closure of factories, the leaders of heavy industry, the impoverishment of the population, a sharp rise in crime (Lille today in this respect is not inferior to Marcel that’s not normal for the North of France) Filippo saw with my own eyes and remember it very well. His first political experience he calls the signing by France of the Maastricht Treaty: on learning that French francs will be replaced by the Euro, Florian burst into tears. “The gray cardinal” of the National front was only 11 years old.

In Paris he studied at the prestigious University of the country that issued many politicians and public figures – Ecole Nationale d’administration, where he quickly was known as a freak. Surrounded by left-liberal teachers and even more leftist students Filippo remained stubborn holliston, believed in the great France, and openly spoke out against the EU, and it would be like to preach Marxism in the Russian Economics. Despite the lack of understanding of others, Filippo continued to visit the grave of de Gaulle and withdraw from any internship in the structures of the European Union he considered and considers them “illegal and undemocratic”.

Filippo was 28 years old when he met marine Le Pen. This, according to witnesses, was “the intellectual love at first sight”. Young but already high-ranking official from the General Inspectorate of the Ministry of internal Affairs fully supported the ideas of Le Pen and went under the impression of her autobiography. In it the leader of the National front, in particular, told how a teacher at the school called her and her sisters “daughters fascist” and how the house tried to blow up together with all its inhabitants.

Marine Le Pen, in turn, quickly realized how it can be useful for party this young hollist. Filippo is really suggested for the National front innovative agenda, which successfully combined the traditional values of the party and the modernist ideas that can attract millions of new voters.

For starters Filippo proposed to do with racist rhetoric. Shortly after meeting with him, as Le Pen once compared Muslims praying on the streets of Paris with the Nazi occupiers – and hit because of this trial. The idea of Filippo was not to frighten the respectable bourgeois as sharp comparisons and to emphasize on the real harm that brings to people and the economy of mass migration and the Islamization of the country.

In addition, it is very useful to experience life in a dysfunctional Lille. Speeches, written and edited by Filippo, the leader natsfronta managed to attract to the party steadily ravage the proletariat and the middle class. It has a requirement of protectionism, state control over business, reduce retirement age, increase of salaries and pensions.

When Filippo in NetFront was gone, and with anti-Semitic rhetoric, which is sadly famous founder of the party – Daddy Le Pen, as it is called in France.

Another idea Filippo was to reconcile with NetFront gained considerable influence sexual minorities. At his insistence, Le Pen with party members not to take part in mass protests against the legalization of gay marriage in 2013. In the end the national front demonstrations were only Marion Marechal – Le Pen – niece Marin and independent member of Parliament. Many then had doubts – after all, the party initially focused on the traditional values and the Patriarchal family. However, Filippo convinced Marin that she will be able to bring to the NetFront part of the LGBT community, first voted for the left.

By 2016, when Filippo became Director of the presidential campaign, marine Le Pen, the party’s image has changed dramatically. Of refuge mossy conservatives with a touch of zealous anti-Semitism and homophobia NetFront was the perky modern party, close in ideas to the English-language “Alt-right”, who made important contributions to the victory of Donald trump. As a result, her electorate has increased significantly and is much younger. Filippo managed to win the support of even such notorious leftists like Peta – one of their informal leaders, the actress Brigitte Bardot is in a wonderful relationship with NetFront.

I must say that the renovation of the party was largely dictated by the personalities of its leaders. Twice-divorced marine Le Pen, single-handedly raised three children, could not like French women. And Filippo, himself being openly gay, committed with homophobic image of the party that first frightened part of her potential electorate. However, he skillfully played on the threat that mass migration from Muslim countries poses to the rights of sexual minorities in France. The speaker of the English Alt-right (though he himself to them will not consider), the star of Breitbart News and campaigns trump Milo Giannopoulos speaks about migrants as follows: “I, as a gay man, do not wish to have me stoned or cut off my head.” Discreet intellectual Filippo, of course, peremptory freak provocateur, which is Giannopoulos. However, his figure in the natsfronta carries the same message.

It is worth noting that so far career of Filippo in the National front was cloudless. Despite the fact that he had no data for public policy, it quickly became the right hand of marine Le Pen and actually led the reform party. Having overcome the shyness, learned how to speak on TV and meetings with no “fear chamber.” However, most of the time prefers to work in a remote office is the only open-space party headquarters, quite content with the role of “gray cardinal” (by the way, this is a popular definition from French history). The first two years, we all worked on the party incognito as she combined it with public service. His relationship with marine Le Pen have become almost family.

This idyll was disturbed only founding father natsfronta Jean-Marie Le Pen. For several years in the triangle Filippo Marin – POPs raging passion, worthy of “Santa Barbara”. Le Pen senior is understandable seen as a threat in the EA daughter – Filippo turned his party, his family business into something entirely new. In this NetFront Jean-Marie Le pen had nothing to do.

Dad even made an account on Twitter, where he began to incite shy and proud Filippo. The proposed Marin to marry his Deputy to marry. Then delighted the audience with aphorisms of the type “Gays are like salt in the soup. No you can not, but when its too much, you can’t eat soup”. We laughed at the suit plump Filippo cosplay medieval knight.

Over the family political quarrels than you know: marine Le Pen took the decision to exclude father from the National front, and evil tongues say that Filippo had asked her to do it.

Despite the General scandal of history, the expulsion of Le pen the elder brought the National front more political points, the party proved its commitment to the new style and new program obviously painful for her leader method. NetFront focused not on hatred, but on a positive agenda, and a xenophobic slogans had replaced the adjusted socio-economic programme aimed at improving the lives of the French. All the traditional attacks of left-wing parties with “racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic” NetFront now look just silly. “Don’t take us for fools,” he loves to talk of marine Le Pen.

That marine Le Pen is the leader of the presidential race in France, there is considerable merit Florian Filippo. Now the world media willing to write about the first unknown “gray cardinal” of NetFront, is pretty demonizing his figure. But, in fairness, he did only half the job. The other half successfully done the ruling socialist party and left-liberal thinkers of France. It is their suicidal policy of destroying the industry of the country, depriving people of work and encouraging mass migration, resulted in a series of monstrous terrorist attacks and the destruction of working and middle class. That the left has ensured the success of marine Le Pen and her NetFront. And Florian Filippo skillfully took advantage of their failures.


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