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Friday, March 23, 2018

The power comes a generation of “young professionals”

The appointment of 37-year-old Maxim Reshetnikov, the acting Governor of Perm is logical in the light of previous appearances of the youngest heads of regions in Kaliningrad and Sevastopol. The Kremlin has demonstrated to update the governors at the expense of the 30-40-year-old highly educated technocrats. What is this approach and exactly how candidates are selected?

On Monday, President Vladimir Putin accepted the resignation of the Minister from a post of the Governor of the Perm region. The acting head of the region appointed Maxim Reshetnikov, head of the still Department of economic policy and development of Moscow.

“It is the policy of rapid integration into power both at the Federal and at the regional level, young professional, 30-40 years old technocrats”

The meeting of Putin with Reshetnikov was held in Novo-Ogaryovo. “Reshetnikov, you nee Permyak, went there and started working,” said President and offered Reshetnikov to return to their hometown as acting Governor. He replied that it would be a great honor for him and a lot of trust, reports RIA “Novosti”.

According to Reshetnikova, Perm Krai has a great potential, but much remains to be done, to bring this potential to a greater extent work for the benefit of residents of the region. Putin noted that Reshetnikov know the situation in the region and expressed hope that he will do everything possible to meet the expectations of the residents of the region. The President stressed that the need to solve the problems based on what has been done by the previous team.

The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin noted the effectiveness of Reshetnikov in Moscow government, saying that he got huge practical experience in the largest metropolis. “Proved to be an effective Manager,” – wrote the mayor on his page “Vkontakte”, Reshetnikov and wished success in implementing the President’s tasks. As expected, on Tuesday Reshetnikov will be formally presented to officials and public figures in Perm.

“Earned the new evaluation criteria the governors”

General Director of media holding “Expert” Valery Fadeyev said the newspaper VIEW: according to him, the presidential administration prepared an assessment of the regional leaders and candidates for these high positions – and this system seems to work. “Maxim Reshetnikov has passed through this sieve, and his appointment to the high and very responsible and difficult post of acting head of the Perm region is the result of the fact that earned the current system of professional selection. Previously often such decisions are taken according to the subjective criteria now earned criteria are objective,” – said the expert.

The performance of the governors, according to Fadeeva, will be evaluated on the basis of indicators. First and foremost, the analyst believes, on the socio-economic results of management of regions, attraction of investments, creation of jobs, the high wage in the region.

In addition, said Fadeyev, important in the evaluation is the electoral factor, how well acts on elections of the Governor himself, as an honest and professionally conducted local elections in the region. “And finally, the third group of factors is the trust of the President. And here plays a big role zameranost regional heads in corruption scandals. It can serve as a ground for loss of trust,” he added.

The expert thinks that if there is a new dismissal and reshuffle of governors, they will be due primarily to the fact that they earned the new assessment criteria.

“Rotation for the rotation does not make sense”

The head of the Foundation for civil society development Konstantin Kostin opting Reshetnikov called “a very precise and logical solution.” Kostin believes that there is every reason to expect that the MP will be a unifying figure and will offer the program, which will bring together the regional elite and appeal to the citizens of the region.

The expert suggested not to link the rotation of the governors with the coming 2018 presidential election. “Rotation governors, the improvement of legislation in this field aims (…) to improve the quality of life of people, more rapid solutions to existing problems” – quoted Kostin newspaper VIEW.

“Basargin tried to work honestly, he is a seasoned Executive. I think his experience may be useful in another job. The arising problems were not associated with any corruption claims, serious miscalculations. But the Governor should be not only economic Manager, it needs to be a political leader in the region, a consolidating figure,” – said Kostin.

The rapid integration of the power of the “young professionals”

According to the scientists, in assignments last semester of governors is already a noticeable trend of political heavyweights being replaced by young professionals. So, the head of his administration the President has appointed Anton Vaino, the Minister of economy Maxim Oreshkin, and the heads of regions in Kaliningrad and Sevastopol sent two young managers – Anton Alikhanov and Dmitry Ovsyannikov.

“The appointment Reshetnikova continues the trend which has developed in the last year. It is the policy of rapid integration into power both at the Federal and at the regional level, young professional, 30-40 years old technocrats,” said the radio “Kommersant FM” political analyst Vladimir Slatinov.

“First, they all have a good education, and secondly have experience of the civil service, it is very significant, they all worked in the government, and not on the top positions, but on symbolic positions at the time of appointment to those positions, they suggested, is already at a high level. They understand how functioning in the state machine,” said Slatinov.

In his opinion, serious modernisation strategies that will be implemented in the coming years, will cope better young professionals to downtown. Perm Krai is a major economic asset of the state, the expert reminded, and the choice fell on depoliticized technocrat-professional, who will implement the goals of the center, but will attempt to harmonize them with the local elites. “Perm elite, in General, are not born yesterday,” said Slatinov.

From the “hundred” of the President

Reshetnikov was born in July 1979 in Perm. In 2000 he graduated from the Perm state University, specialty “economist-mathematician”, in 2002 he received the specialty “linguist-translator”. Candidate of economic Sciences.

In 2000-2005, Reshetnikov was the chief of the division of planning budget revenues and expenditures, head of regional Finance and investment, Deputy head of the main Department of economy of administration of the Perm region. In 2005-2007 – first Deputy Chairman of the planning Department of the Perm region, first Deputy head of administration of Governor of Perm region.

From 2007 to 2009 he held the position of Deputy Director of Department of interbudgetary relations, then Director of the Department of monitoring and evaluation of efficiency of activity of bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation. In 2009 he headed the administration of the Governor of the Perm region.

At the same time in 2009, included in the first hundred personnel reserve of the President of the Russian Federation. In 2009-2010, the Director of the Department of public administration, regional development and local self-government of the Russian Federation. Since 2010 – first Deputy head of the office of the mayor and government of Moscow. In April 2012 appointed Moscow government Minister, head of Department of economic policy and development.

Reshetnikov married, has two daughters and a son.

Basargin, of course, “be in demand”

As for Perm, the outgoing Governor, Valery Fadeev reported that they personally know, and he knows the Minister as a decent man. “So I do not think that his resignation is connected with some part in the corruption scandal,” said the expert, adding that it is not necessary to write off Perm Krai, this is not the last region in terms of economic development in Russia.

The outgoing Governor will be in demand in new positions, and believes Konstantin Kostin. “Basargin – experienced Manager. He has experience both at the regional and at the Federal level. Of course, I think that he will be in demand,” he said.

Kostin also noted that in the presidential administration, formulated in a systematic and objective approach according to which the efficiency of heads of regions is assessed by three main criteria: the dynamics of socio-economic development; the political situation, the complex issues relating to social wellbeing, trust in the government; the absence of claims associated with conflict of interest and corruption.

Kostin believes that all the existing problems will be solved by replacing the frames. “Not everywhere in the problematic territories, I think, to solve problems will benefit from an approach of rotation, because rotation for the rotation does not make sense. It is important that as a result of rotation came to upgrade public administration and policy who are able to improve the situation”, – said the expert.


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