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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Kremlin “has shown teeth” of the new US administration

Moscow has said it will continue to be friends with Iran and will not exchange the lifting of sanctions on nuclear reduction. And he leaked that the US Ambassador may be sent to the most famous “hawk” the Russian foreign Ministry. After a period of “reverence” and mutual compliments, the Kremlin demonstrates the White house that he intends to play with the “strong” position.

Start of a new week was marked by several news, which together can be called the arrangement of checkboxes in the relations between Russia and the United States from Moscow.

“The last thing Moscow is demonstrating that it will play based on the “strong” position and does not intend to give way only for pleasant words in my address”

First, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin does not consider Iran a terrorist state, as stated by the President of the United States Donald trump, and intends to develop relations with this country. Similar comment was made by Sergei Lavrov.

Second, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow will not even discuss with US the criteria for the lifting of sanctions, and the idea of lifting sanctions in exchange for nuclear reductions, which some time ago announced the new President of the United States, called “totally unworkable”.

Thirdly, the main candidate for the post of Russian Ambassador to the US insiders call one of the Deputy – Minister of foreign Affairs Anatoly Antonov, who until quite recently occupied the post of Deputy defense Minister and who is considered a supporter of “hard-line” in relations with the West. However, the Russian defense Ministry is also hinted.

It is no secret that with the arrival of Donald trump in the White house so many has helped the warming or at least just more constructive approach in the relations between Russia and the United States. The official position of Moscow in recent time also shows a very cautious but optimistic about Russian-American prospects. However, the latest news leave no doubt that the Kremlin has decided for the first time the “teeth” of the new US administration. Simultaneously, he delineates two important aspects in the relations between the two countries.

On the one hand, information messages demonstrate that the Kremlin does not intend to take a “weak” position in relations with the White house.

The victory of the “Pro” Donald trump caused a surge of enthusiasm, and sometimes even euphoria, in the politically active circles of Russian society. In this regard, skeptics have repeatedly expressed fears that in the hope to improve relations with the United States the Kremlin may make “advances”, which will remain one-sided concessions.

The last steps, demonstrate that such developments will not.

Unlike the General public, the Kremlin is well aware that trump in any way is not “Pro”. He is definitely “Pro-American” President of the United States. The new leader of the United States is an open pragmatism, additionally, on methods of doing business he is known as a talented, constructive, but tough negotiator. Accordingly, the notoriously “weak” position when building relationships with them can have long-term negative consequences.

The last thing Moscow is demonstrating that it will play based on the “strong” position and does not intend to give way only for pleasant words in my address.

On the other hand, one of the three above-mentioned news is something more than just an occasion to indicate the position of the Kremlin. Rather, it indicates a possible extremely serious stumbling block in relations between the two countries. We are talking about Iran.

Apparently, it is Iran the new administration as “enemy number one”. The rhetoric on this issue as the Donald trump and members of his team is characterized by extreme rigidity. Voiced plans to abolish nuclear deal, which has become one of the most important achievements of the previous administration. The first anti-Iranian steps in the form of another extension of sanctions already done.

At the same time for the new President of the USA the situation is complicated by steadily establish relations of Moscow with Teheran.

In fact, the Kremlin forms the geopolitical triangle Russia – Iran – Turkey, which should stabilize the region. Right in the moment these plans are embodied in the negotiations on Syria in Astana.

Accordingly, for effective implementation in the reality of tough anti-Iran rhetoric, Washington must first deprive Tehran of support of Moscow. Leakage of such plans is also already appeared in the media. However, it is highly unlikely the success of these plans.

The Kremlin had to make a very serious effort to smooth out the negative in relations with Iran after freezing the deal on s-300. Moreover, it is crucial that Russia has frozen the deal and made a serious blow to its reputation as a reliable partner in the sphere of military-technical cooperation for the sake of improving relations with the United States. The overall result is known, and it was disappointing.

In this situation, to expect that Russia will repeat the mistake for the White house would be extremely naive. In fact, ensuing from Russia’s unequivocal reaction to the recent anti-Iranian attacks Washington just finally puts points on the i and offers the White house to decide on their further steps taking into account the position of Moscow on this issue. However, while the Kremlin is ready to offer its good offices to both parties.


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