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Friday, March 16, 2018

Stanislav Krysin: Eliminating all traces of the old heritage

“Entrenched for a quarter century, the mentality has not changed, and in some cases even break,” – said the newspaper VIEW the mayor of one of the most ancient cities of the Crimea – Feodosia – Stanislav Krysin. He told how the city gets rid of the corrupt orders of the Ukrainian time and attracts new tourists.

Demonstrated last year’s record attendance by tourists, Crimea starts getting ready for the new season. The largest numbers of tourist growth was recorded in the most “untwisted” resort Peninsula Feodosiya. The head of the city administration Stanislav Krysin became the head of the Executive authority of the municipality only few months ago. Example Feodosiya seems to be quite indicative from the point of view of the Crimea is trying to become a civilized place of a beach holiday.

“How can you talk about a comfortable stay in the city where no one scene? Where not built any supermarket?”

OPINION: Stanislav Nikolayevich, what has changed on the Peninsula in General and in Feodosia in particular during the return of the territory to Russia? How difficult was it to adapt to a new reality?

Stanislav Krysin: Reality is only relatively new. Not even in the easiest times we thought we were the Russian, not the Ukrainian Peninsula. As for the changes… were Rooted out over a quarter century, the mentality has not changed, and in some cases even breaking. I run a municipality only six months, however, today we are eliminating all traces of the old heritage.

OPINION: So heavy legacy?

S. K.: a Simple example. Until recently in Feodosia was listed seven Deputy chief Executive, and the staff of the local utilities, there were only two scythe grass. Here’s a personnel inflection.

Or else. In the city for several years in a row not planted on beds of roses. The reason is simple – the balance of local utilities was written off last watering machine.

Non-working fountain near the house-Museum of Aivazovsky in the last five years was a clear publicity of the city. Bowl structures has become a big trash can. Began to understand the problem. Turned out to be just zachys valve pressure tap. Turned – fountain earned. Just no years at all was not engaged in such questions.

For decades, the developers embedded the sewers of houses under construction directly to the storm drain system. People didn’t even understand that hurt in the first place itself. What tourist would go to the city, where the sea is directly derived from feces? Of course, we started fighting with such frames. Very hard. To the extent that the steel using special equipment to turn fetid flows backwards. The turning point in this struggle has already begun. For the summer season on the beaches of Feodosia will not go any sewage.

Stanislav Krysin (photo: from personal archive)

OPINION: it Seems you have to work extremely straightforward methods.

S. K.: Not quite. In the extreme do not fall. People need to be clear. I tell them, for example: Theodosius – the most underrated resort in the Crimea. Why? Yes, that is the reason why. Here’s another example – at the current sad tradition, the carriers of urban passenger transport, close to power, took away profitable routes, and other contests regularly frustrated. Gathered businessmen, explained that not anymore. Routes are now drawn at the kit for a fair tender. With contractors on repair of roads the same system. Tell them: guys, you are all equidistant from me, and looking for friends in power makes no sense. Just do your job honestly and responsibly. Begin to drive hack – find the levers, and you have won’t work. I have people openly explain everything.

OPINION: The city is going to attract tourists in the new season?

S. K.: My team is working to ensure that people were interesting Theodosius at any time of the year. The city is rich in history. Us 2545 years. Theodosius in terms of their geographical location has always been at the crossroads of different civilizations and faiths. Where else can you see live, not restored frescoes of Theophanes the Greek? See how many famous names associated with Theodosius: Voloshin, Tsvetaeva, green, Bogaevsky, Poddubny. To get around the places associated with these names, tourists and a week is not enough. Of course, Aivazovsky. We explore the masterpieces of the master, and it’s almost 600 works, without the crush and queues.

OPINION: it is Unlikely that the tourist will go to the Crimea only for Aivazovsky.

S. K.: of Course, we need a regulated service. How can we talk about a comfortable stay in the city where no one scene? Where not built any supermarket? Where not more than 10 percent of cafes and restaurants operate year-round? Of course, directly the city authorities are unable to influence it, because the hotel and resort network has long been in private hands. But I am pleased to note that lately this base through investments from Russia is much modernizarea. Without any advertising I will say that, for example, the hotel “Scarlet sails” is one of the best in Crimea. In the municipality there are a number of other certified hotels with the highest level of service. Many businessmen have finally realized that to attract tourists to the city need not only in high season. Last year Theodosius was visited by only 300 thousand visitors, which, in my opinion, unacceptable. Sure, this season carried out work will allow to increase the tourist flow at least two times.

LOOK: by the Way, as for Aivazovsky – after all, his town house-Museum is not in the best condition.

S. K.: In what condition can be just a building, if it is a quarter of a century did not invest a penny? The Museum needs major repairs, and restoration work. About the unenviable fate of the heritage of Aivazovsky know all the way up to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The first part of the money allocated, there is an endless series of approvals. I would like to speed up the process and something significant to do by July this year, when the whole world will celebrate the 200th birthday of the great master.

OPINION: What is the relationship of the city and UNESCO, particularly with regards to plans vesting of the frescoes of Theophanes the Greek protected status?

S. K.: Contacts with UNESCO regarding the wall paintings of the temple Demetrios was initiated by the Ukrainian side in 2011. Then the critics often came to Feodosia, and questions arose. However, after the events of the Crimean spring, the activity of officials of the organization responsible for the preservation of cultural heritage, came to naught. In the fall I was sent to UNESCO a letter with a request to continue work in this direction, but as yet no reply received. I hope the long silence of the international officials has nothing to do with politics. In any case, if you believe the first line of the Charter of the organization, this should not be.

OPINION: As you affects what abroad is called international isolation of Crimea?

S. K.: a Very conventional concept. To us regularly visited by foreign visitors. While at the informal level. Expressing wishes about cooperation. One Bulgarian city took the initiative to become our sister. At the international competitions in France parachuting among athletes with disabilities, our countryman Leonid elms took second place and showed the world the flag of Feodosia.

OPINION: As for the most part are citizens of Feodosiya to what is happening in Ukraine?

S. K.: Ukraine is a fraternal country, which today suffered a big trouble. In relation to this state we have no hatred, no anger, only pain and empathy. Especially to people. Last year, when the Paralympic team of Russia was not admitted to the events we have organized in solidarity with the mileage for people with disabilities. For the competition arrived from all Crimean coast. All who could. And the participants of the rally unfurled the flags of their country. Nobody was embarrassed that our flag and the Belarusian flag one girl unfurled the flag of Ukraine. Do you think a similar situation, for example, in Kiev? And we all passed without incident, and at the end of the run all participants, including the athlete, chanted in unison one word: “Russia!”.


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