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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Russia restores the state border with Belarus: there is the “orange revolution”

Between Russia and Belarus there was a state border. About it Monday evening, said the Russian FSB. On Thursday the head of the press service of the foreign Ministry of Belarus Maria Vanshina only rebuked Moscow in Minsk inconsistent with the movements in this direction with the apparent hope that nothing will happen. And that TSOs FSB casually reported, which establishes a border zone, which “will not limit opportunities for citizens.” The country, which two decades was the “Union government”, will now share the border posts. About what happened, “MK” told the Deputy of the state Duma, Director of the Institute of CIS countries Konstantin Zatulin.

photo: pixabay.com

In the Center of public relations (TSOs) FSB of Russia dryly explained that according to the Russian authorities in this border zone does not restrict to citizens the possibility of crossing the border, and it does not contradict the norms of international treaties of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

The FSB noted that the border zone is needed to detect and suppress illegal migration, drug shipments and illegal cross-border movement of inventory. The border zone on the Russian-Belarusian section will appear along the border in Smolensk, Pskov and Bryansk regions.

What is real, not made detailed reports, behind what is happening?

The reality is that the Minsk gradually began to distance themselves from the previous years of acquisitions, “the Union state of Russia and Belarus.” And — to provoke Russia to action, which you can then explain to Belarusians why the Union state does not become, – has told “MK” Konstantin ZATULIN. – Didn’t have to go to the fortuneteller to understand that if during the period of anti-Russian sanctions, the Belarusian government announces visa-free entry for up to eight from dozens of countries, then Moscow will have to react. Russia is already several years living in an atmosphere outgoing from the outside tension. Lukashenko may not know about it. If he currently wanted to show what he is a friend of Europe and the world, and had at least a moment to remember what he promised to be a friend of Russia. The Belarusian authorities did not, and now, in the Russian expression, “roll the fool”. When the Director of the FSB has announced that it introduces operational control on the border with Belarus territories in response to visa-free entry into this country of the citizens of Europe and Africa — that otherwise could not be. Well, we have potential enemies in countries that Minsk was let in without a visa. And it is not clear what intentions they then go on the open border with Russia.

The presence or absence of borders is a matter of trust. There is trust — there is no border, and Vice versa. Recent years, the Belarusian leadership is trust destroying. It did not support Russia in the situation with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, in 2014, have distanced themselves from our line to prevent the genocide of the Russian Ukraine. But it never ceases to reason, and no reason to speak about “brotherly Ukraine that Minsk is well aware of and sympathize with”. And says nothing about the Russians in the East of Ukraine, which are now under fire.

Lukashenko reckons their maps Crimea as part of Ukraine and it is the official position of Minsk. He wants to please everyone, except us, but in such a situation the question of trust becomes elusive and it makes the boundaries of the real.

I loudly criticized the Russian authorities when she’s with insufficient attention to initiatives Lukashenko about uniting. Now unfortunately I have to admit that these initiatives do not. Lukashenka politically reborn and is trying to play the same game, which at the time was trying to play in Ukraine President Kuchma. Ukraine this led to the “orange revolution”. It’s not bad to look at and Alexander Lukashenko. If he continues the policy of scrapping against Russia and Belarus, the hero for Europe, he will not, and will be “a moor who has done his job and should go away”.

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