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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Insults to Putin in the US has caused a debate about morality

An interview with Donald trump the journalist of the TV channel Fox bill O’reilly caused a scandal on both sides of the ocean, but for different reasons. In Russia, predictably, outraged to the journalist the address of Vladimir Putin. Americans do not like the fact that trump questioned the moral superiority of the US over other countries. Meanwhile, the President merely acknowledged the obvious.

Recall that in the course of the conversation with Fox, trump said he respects Putin: “I respect Putin. I respect many people, but he is the President of Russia, and we should get along with Russia, than not to get along. Because Russia is fighting with ISIS* and the struggle with Islamism is the main battle in the world.” In response, O’reilly called the Russian leader a “murderer.” Trump shook his head: “we Have too many murderers. What do you think our country is innocent?”

“Let’s say this: Russian – not very good”

The Kremlin’s reaction was expected. According to the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, “we believe such words on the part of the correspondent of Fox News is unacceptable, offensive, and frankly, would prefer to apologize to the President from such an esteemed broadcaster”.

The response of the us President, Peskov did not comment. But American journalists and politicians together (again) offended by trump and began vying to claim that America is “she’s not like that”.

So, the Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell in an interview with CNN, called Putin a “former KGB agent” and a “thug.” “I don’t think that can be some kind of comparison between the behavior of Russians, and the United States, he noted, stressing: We in no way behave like Russians”. To explain the details, he refused, but assured that the difference is “understood by all Americans.”

With him agrees in General by the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan. “Let’s say this: Russian – not very good,” he said, adding that Russia is a “global threat”.

In turn, the former presidential candidate Marco Rubio wrote on Twitter: “We’re not like #Putin”. And the daughter of former Vice President dick Cheney, Liz (she is a Senator from Wyoming) expressed there as follows: “the Assumption of moral equivalence between Putin’s Russia and the United States are very disturbing and are infidels.”

Finally, the leader of the democratic minority in the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi invited the FBI to investigate the financial, personal and political connections trump with Russia.

From the White house was followed by a clarification. Vice-President Mike Pence, the TV channel CBS, said that he did not see in the words of trump’s claims about the moral equivalence of the two countries, but only attempt to “start all over again with Putin and start again with Russia.” However, journalist John Dickerson, as the Washington Post, insisted on a straight answer is whether America is superior to Russia in terms of morality. Penny long was evasive and finally said: “American ideals surpass the ideals of all countries of the world.”

The reaction of the American politicians and journalists clearly indicates that the environment of the American establishment is the uncertainty that their country is moral – otherwise the outrage would not be so sudden and massive. Bombing peaceful cities, plunging the country into chaos by selling weapons to terrorists, America must be religiously convinced that does it all for a higher purpose. A Russian – or just “bad” or “killer”, for whom nothing is sacred.

Evidence that USA is the country’s number one killer, very much, we will not go into details. Suffice it to recall the history of this relatively young state. The genocide of the Indians, extrajudicial killings of blacks, the seizure of Mexican territories is the XIX century. Carpet bombing Japanese and German cities with strikes on residential areas, the only one in the world’s history the use of nuclear weapons, Napalm and poisons in Vietnam, supplying weapons to all and Sundry organizations, announced its “anti-communism”, the overthrow of the legitimately elected rulers, assassinations domestically and abroad, the bombing of Yugoslav cities is an American story of the twentieth century.

XXI century has just begun, but the US has managed to Excel. The overthrow of the legitimate authorities in Iraq and Libya, supporting the rebels in Syria led to the outbreak of terrorism around the world, humanitarian catastrophe and mass flow of refugees from the Middle East and from Africa to Europe. Support a coup in Ukraine, after which came to power, the regime started a war against its own people in the Donbass. Support the totalitarian state in the face of Saudi Arabia in their military operation in Yemen. And stuff, stuff, stuff.

US as cultural and political successor of the British Empire know a lot about mass killings – it is enough just to get accustomed to modern English.

It is known that in the languages of Northern peoples, there are many synonyms for the determination of snow. English is among the Champions in the number of words that can be translated into Russian as “killer”. The most common killer, which entered the Russian language as the definition of an assassin after the appearance of this phenomenon in the 90-ies. In English for a hired killing, the term assassination, from the medieval order of assassins. Also is the word slay is, as a rule, mass murder. Criminal homicide – murder. To kill with cruelty – crucify. Even to refer to the murder uses the word homicide (literally – the destruction of man). Manslaughter – homicide. Is the word thug comes from India, where it signified a member of the sect of the Stranglers, and in English (as if was not enough) was another synonym for “killer”. All of the above is a literary word, except they have a bunch of jargon like “poke”, “kill”, “bury”, which is rich in criminal slang in any country of the world. But for some reason the “moral” Britain and the United States in so many words denoting the taking of a human life.

Therefore, do not teach US to Russia, and any country in the world of high morality. American politicians killed, kill and continue to kill. By the way, the USA is one of the few Christian countries where they still have the death penalty – Russia, like most countries in Europe and South America, refused to kill its citizens.

Well that it understands the US President. Too bad that does not understand the majority of other representatives of the American political elite.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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