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Sunday, March 18, 2018

In German politics will be a new important figure

Martin Schulz, who for four years of his stay in the European Parliament became a living symbol of the Brussels bureaucracy, has announced his decision to return to German politics. In Berlin he is already tipped as foreign Minister or even Chancellor if Schultz, of course, be able to beat in the elections of Angela Merkel. How big are his chances?

On Thursday, the head of the European Parliament (EP) Martin Schulz has announced his intention to leave his post which he has held since 2012. “I will not run for another term next year I will head the list of his party in the Federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia”, – he promised, referring to the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD).

“Schultz, I know Italian producer, who is now making a film about Nazi concentration camps. I think you’d make a great performer of the role of the supervisor”

“It was a tough decision, confessed Schultz. – During the work in the European Parliament I tried to strengthen the credibility of European politics. From now on, I will fight for the Europa project at the national level,” he added.

From a football player in “the Nazis”

Schultz was born in Western Germany and from childhood, he said, wanted to be a footballer. However, in his youth, future politician was seriously injured, which had to say goodbye to football. In an interview with the Financial Times Schulz once admitted, then fell into a deep depression and almost drank himself to death. He managed to get off the alcohol, but the addiction was so strong that since then, Schultz is afraid to even look at alcohol.

Already in the European Parliament Schultz for the hard style in the quest to cobble together from Europe a single state called “Nazi”.

Fame came to Schultz back in 2003, when he was just an ordinary MEP. During a speech of Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi Schultz stood up and shouted to the whole room, interrupting the speaker. He aggressively criticized Berlusconi in the betrayal of the ideals of democracy. Italian Prime Minister was forced to interrupt it and reply, “Schultz, I know Italian producer, who is now making a film about Nazi concentration camps. I think you’d make a great performer of the role of warden. You just come”. This comparison offended Schultz, but remember many MEPs. After that, he’s many called “a Nazi”.

Schultz could become a rival to Merkel

In the SPD consider Schultz as a possible applicant for the post of Chancellor, along with the current Vice-Chancellor and party Chairman Sigmar Gabriel. To determine the candidate needs in January.

In addition, in Berlin to discuss the possibility of appointing Schulz for the post of foreign Minister is Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who at the beginning of the year, most likely, will become the new President of the country. The Chancellor Angela Merkel this week announced that it is ready to run for a fourth term.

Meanwhile, Merkel’s ratings because of the crisis, with migrants from spring to fall. After the July terrorist attacks in Bavaria, polls showed that more than 64% of German citizens do not want Merkel has once again topped the government. However, the ratings rose again. In August, the company Emnid for ordering the newspaper Bild am Sonntag conducted a survey, “do you Want Angela Merkel has held the post of Federal Chancellor after the election of 2017?”, and then voted against it only every second German. However, Schultz, like Merkel, has advocated an open door policy for migrants, which distinguishes it from other social Democrats. Therefore, in this field, he beat the current Chancellor certainly will not.

Together with the Chancellor is losing popularity and the ruling HDZ. Against this background, on the sidelines of the party members of the CDU is not the first month discuss the need to provide the public with a fresh face, which would symbolize a new policy (Merkel is at the head of the CDU since 2000). We will remind, the Chancellor of Germany chooses the lower house of Parliament, meaning the party that won the most votes or the coalition of political forces offers its own candidate.

Schultz will be replaced by Steinmeier

The head of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe RAS Vladislav Belov said that the decision by Schultz to go into the German policy arises. “This, in my opinion, is a natural and promising continuation of his political career. However, it is still unclear what position he will take in the end”, – said political scientist newspaper VIEW.

The expert is inclined to think that Schultz will be one of the candidates for the post of foreign Minister. But the prospects to take the post of Chancellor of Germany from Schultz is not high, the expert believes: “Indeed, the SPD has not yet decided on the candidature of the Chancellor, and then Schultz will have to compete with Sigmar Gabriel, who is also one of the candidates for the post of Minister of foreign Affairs, as well as with Olaf Holzem. For the right to run for the post of Chancellor from the SPD, in my opinion, will compete with at least these three candidates. In the SPD, Martin Schulz, will definitely be heavyweight. However, all three candidates from the SPD’s popularity is still significantly inferior to Angela Merkel,” – says Belov.

Not a gift for Russia

“Schultz can head the Ministry of foreign Affairs, and then disappear the Pro-Russian shift in foreign policy, which is clearly felt when Steinmeier. Martin Schulz in unison with Angela Merkel sings about the need to save Western liberal values”, – said the scientific Director of the German-Russian forum Alexander Rahr in an interview with the newspaper LOOK. He believes that for Moscow, it would be better if this position was held by Sigmar Gabriel – then we can hope to maintain a Pro-Russian line.

Speaking about the prospects of Schultz in the inner politics, the political scientist noted that it is difficult to imagine a man that embodies the policy of the Brussels bureaucracy, political correctness and Western values, will be able to protect in Germany social justice, the interests of ordinary people. And so, Schultz is unlikely to win the election of the Chancellor.

However, according to Rahr, Schultz may as well become a rival to Merkel in that case, if the head of the party Sigmar Gabriel will come to the conclusion about the inevitability of defeat. “In this situation everything depends on the decision of Gabriel: if he for some reason finds that, after losing the election to Merkel, he may lose all his posts in the Social democratic party at a young age for a politician, it is a pleasure to lose to Angela Merkel, he will give Martin Schulz,” – explained the expert.


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