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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Why Putin paid a visit to the Vatican

The meeting of Vladimir Putin with the new Roman Pontiff was not a mere formality

Nov 26, 2013, 08:13

Text: Peter Akopov


Vladimir Putin paid a visit to the Vatican, where he met with the Roman Pontiff Francis. For the Russian President this is the fourth visit to the city-state and the third Pope, with whom he negotiates. Topics for discussion with Francis clearly more than previous popes, and it is not in the age of the pontiffs, and the situation in our globalizing world.

Immediately after the presidential plane arrived in the Italian capital, Vladimir Putin went to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis. After a conversation face to face, which lasted 35 minutes (twice scheduled), the President and the Pope exchanged gifts. Putin gave the Pope an icon of the Mother of God and received the gift of a majolica depicting the Vatican gardens. When parting, the Pope asked the President to convey his best wishes to Patriarch Kirill.

Putin also in the presence of members of the delegation met with state Secretary of Vatican Pietro parolin.

The Putin meeting with Pope Francis is not a tribute to the Protocol. The Vatican has one of the world’s best intelligence services, powerful information-analytical structures, not only affect polutoramilliardnuyu flock, but also with a network of organizations working with the elites (such as the Jesuits, the order of Malta and Opus Dei, which unites tens of thousands, not ordinary members), continues to be one of the main centers of global power. And dad – not only the pastor, but also the head of a unique supranational state. So Putin pays special attention to personal contacts with key figures in world politics could be a lot of common topics of conversation with the Pontiff.

On the eve of visit of the Russian Ambassador to the Vatican Alexander Avdeev said that the meeting will discuss key international problems, chief among which is the situation in Syria. According to Avdeev, Russia and the Vatican are close to the need to protect the Christian population in the middle East and in conflict areas, in particular in Lebanon and in Syria. In September, during the summit of “twenty” in St. Petersburg, Francis Pope appealed to Vladimir Putin with a message on the Syrian issue.

“This message was aimed at strengthening the authority of the Pope as peacemaker, says an expert on politics of the Vatican, associate Professor of history and politics of the countries of Europe and America, MGIMO, candidate of historical Sciences Olga Chetverikova. – During the Libyan events of the previous Pope Benedict XVI discredited, not opposing the intervention, and after the brutal murder of Gaddafi described him as a tyrant, supported the new regime. This has led to a sharp decline in the authority of the Pope among Christian communities in the Middle East and North Africa. Against this background, the behavior of Pope Francis looks contrast, restoration of spiritual authority. Not only my father, a Democrat, dad-poor people’s dad, but dad is a peacemaker. For the Vatican this is a very important propaganda campaign to bolster its credibility. But no specific consequences it will not have – if Francis wanted real action, he could appeal to the Secretary of state of the United States – Catholic Kerry. It would be a serious act that could cause retaliation that dad would have to hold. A formal letter to world leaders is no danger neither for the Pope nor for the forces that are waging war in Syria.”

Among the most important topics that could be addressed in a conversation, quite possibly, could be Ukraine. Which for centuries was the main point of entry of Catholicism in Russia and the Orthodox world, a place where there was a Uniate Church – formally Orthodox parishes, obeying the Roman Pontiff and the recognition of the Catholic doctrines.

“Ukraine’s integration into the EU means not only economic and political but also, primarily, ideological unity, – says Olga Chetverikova. – And Catholicism – one of the instruments of integration of the Orthodox of Ukraine into the Western community. Therefore, in the first place, integration resists the Orthodox community of Ukraine. Now Ukrainian society is intense competition at all levels, primarily at the level of spiritual confrontation. The West and the Vatican sees Ukraine as part of its geopolitical space.”

“To paraphrase the Danilevsky about Constantinople, I said about Ukraine: the only benefit to the West from Ukraine’s involvement is measured only by the harm they cause to think of Russia, – says the Chairman of the Paris branch of the Institute of democracy and cooperation Natalia Narochnitskaya. – Because Ukraine itself is for them a burden, and the EU in its current form – a heavy burden for Ukraine. So this is pure politics, intended to prevent any form of our Union, build barriers, giving nothing in return.

The role of the Vatican and in the transformation of the European Union, especially in light of the relationship of the Old world with the United States, and in General in the globalization process. Including the Russian attempts to instill “European values”.

“The Catholic Church is used as a tool and mechanism of integration of Russia in the civilizational space of Europe, but by integrating itself into this space, we lose the spiritual sovereignty, – says Olga Chetverikova. – Now the role of the Pope as a spiritual leader who justifies the new world order, so the rapprochement with Europe must be sanctified by the authority of the Pope. Vatican for a meeting with the Russian President is strengthening the authority of the Pope, and, therefore, the European Union and the Council of Europe, i.e. the entire Western community. Any visit, any appeal to the Pope they perceive as the recognition and strengthening of its authority – it is very important symbols and signs for the global community. Regardless of what purpose they serve those who met him. You have to understand the system of relationships that exists in the West on the higher elites”.

Strengthening the role of the Pontiff in the process of globalization is, according to Chetverikova, that in the West, except the Pope, no other figure that had sacred meaning for the Europeans: “As Dostoevsky wrote, the Pope might even completely abolish Christianity, but left the Church Institute, the Pontifical Institute, because they need total spiritual power that it embodies. Dad plays a very important role in the religious justification of European integration – it was from the time of the Holy Roman Empire, but today this role is even more important due to the fact that the values of liberalism and humanism have discredited themselves, based on them, the Union is impossible. Therefore it is necessary to include the religious factor, but because the core idea of preparation for a new world religion is tolerance, the Pope, if he wants to keep the role of the spiritual leader, must accept this idea of tolerance, and to maximally adapt it to the teaching of the Catholic Church.”

The Vatican ideologically serves the global elite in this condition and “keep” otherwise, if it was not necessary, they would have found a lot of ways to destroy the Church, says Olga Chetverikova: “But now they need this structure – an institutionalized ideological structure that would give the ability to control the fairly wide masses of people (1.5 billion people), recognizing the Pope is infallible. They need a perverted Christianity that fit into “the dogma of” tolerance”.

Chetverikova not see the Pope Francis sincere desire to preserve Christian values, and warns against spiritual rapprochement with the Vatican:

“If – supposing such a fantastic situation – the Pope really wanted to keep Christianity in its pristine and treated it to us, then this Union would be good. But if we see that he specifically put to dilute Christianity and integrate it into the new world religion, then everything is obvious, no arguments here do not work.”

Natalia Narochnitskaya believes that, despite all the problems that we had with Catholicism in the past, a new round of stories and new challenges must unite us in a joint business:

“Now the situation is that in the European, our common Christian civilization avalanche full growing phenomenon of de-Christianization, reorientation, mixture of sin and virtue, beauty and ugliness, truth and lies. This postmodern philosophy is especially strong in Western Europe, but we have those who perceive it. It claims to set man free from any moral restrictions, national, religious, and now also from the constraints of biological order. So time poses new challenges to Catholics and Orthodox – to join efforts in preserving the great Christian heritage, derived from his morals and values, primarily such as faith, country, honor, duty, love. All the values that are born of Christian idea embodied in the life and history of European Nations, is now subjected to a lot of pressure.

So God himself ordered us to leave aside rivalries and disputes about who carries the flag of truth, otherwise we will remain with nothing. Here, every European nation, regardless of its size and GDP can be equal player in world history. Because it’s main theme – what is man, what is the meaning of his life, what his duty before God and man, what is his responsibility. Everything else is philosophy the end of history. But all the great European nation not created a universal man, and the citizens of his country, for which metaphysical values were higher than their lives.”

Life itself encourages Christians of the Western and Eastern world have come to join forces, says Narochnitskaya, who told us that at their level, with their fellow Catholics and that is what she is trying to do in the Paris branch of the Institute of democracy and cooperation:

“We are not clerical organization, but for us the sacred principles and traditions. Including classic literature that we all raised, otherwise the next generation will no longer understand what “honor more than life” and why Ivan – a peasant’s son, when he went on some kind of noble act with a risk of life, saying that two deaths will not happen, but one can not escape. But all of this goes somewhere. Although in Europe most people still intuitively profess these values, but the most aggressive and taken possession of almost all information field part of the society imposes the rejection of them, literally defies all traditional values. Think in this way and dialog between President Putin and Pope Francis on the unification of efforts in this field”.

According to Narochnitskaya, Western analysts have noticed that the only compliments Francis Pope on his election, which included a reference to Christian values, was the congratulation of Vladimir Putin: “Everyone else talked about peace, democracy, kindness, the President of Argentina glad that the post is her brother. No one, not even the head of one of the Catholic States made no mention of Christianity. Apparently, they were so afraid that they talk about this already taboo.”

Not afraid of Vladimir Putin and speak openly and to support laws restricting offensive tolerant dictatorship. Being exposed for this reproach by European LGBT activists. And public figures, such as Narochnitskaya already faced with physical pressure, as it was last Saturday in Germany.

“The other day I was speaking in Leipzig at the conference on family values – it aggressively tried to disrupt the LGBT community, – says Natalya Narochnitskaya. – Moreover, none of the participants did not say anything bad about gays, on the contrary, recognized them and condemned those times when it is considered a crime, said that it was a violation of human rights, but for them it doesn’t matter. Now she support traditional values, not a liberal is perceived by LGBT people as hate them. Don’t you dare support something else, tell us. This is a new totalitarianism, which is developing before our eyes. It turns out that we have no right to Express their position. I never, post-Soviet intellectual thought and never imagined that I would have to talk in Western Europe about the need to preserve freedom of opinion, expression, Assembly.”

Activists have increasingly pressured tolerance and Catholics, says Narochnitskaya:

“As soon as the Catholic Church begins to raise his voice on such themes, anti-clerical lobby immediately begins to draw out any scandals and history. And twenty years ago, which has long been discussed and condemned in the press – to show the Church that she does not dare to say anything, and thus to silence. The same thing we see we have a few campaigns of defamation were last year against the Church, to deprive her of that authority, which she, contrary to all rational circumstances, it does. This is a General trend – anti-clerical, anti-Christian forces since the French revolution very vigilantly, not to give to be a voice of religious conscience. But the current problem is that the Church was in such a voice – it is separated from the state, but she can’t separate yourself from society, because then it will simply cease to be the Church. She is obliged to speak on a variety of phenomena of life, to evaluate them – not to require them to behave in a certain way, but to assess, on the basis of religious values.”

The aggressive promotion of anti-Christian values is causing increasing resentment in Europe, leading to the consolidation of the healthy forces of society. It is likely that soon it will be possible to talk about controllerates – after the reformation, spoke of the Counter-reformation.

“Nobody expected ateizirovano of France protests such as those that took place last year against the new family laws – says Narochnitskaya. – Most importantly, what caused the protest, is the fact that equating same-sex families to traditional, they opened the way for the adoption of children, because in France, adoption is possible only in the family. The result was the mobilization of the indifferent majority that thought it lives in a world, which is not affected, can grow all kinds of organizations, there sites. In our Institute for democracy and cooperation letters come in which to thank Russia for what it is at the state level, not afraid to speak out against the mainstream.”

Indeed, in recent years more and more conservative, traditionalist-minded Europeans – and they are not a minority as it may seem, if you look at the picture of the world’s leading media see Russia and Putin as the main supporters of the resistance of European civilization (of which they believe our country) the final separation from its Christian foundations and values. Former Communist Russia suddenly became a libertarian Europe’s last Bastion of traditionalism.

“When the summer in the state Duma held a conference on gay marriage, the French delegates clearly told us: “European civilization comes to an end, only hope for Russia and the Orthodox Church,” says Chetverikova. They said nothing about the Pope, because he did nothing to stop this process. They expect us to ensure that we uphold these values”.

Paradoxically, but now many European traditionalists Vladimir Putin “holier than the Pope”.

“Because these forces, Putin embodies the traditional Russian Orthodox, holders of traditional values – said Chetverikova. It is important for us not only to save the image, but also to make real steps. After the revolution of 1917, Russia was the experimental platform that was used to carry out the very satanic experiment, which is now being implemented in the West. Although then Stalin put an end to this project, the fact that Russia was not formally Orthodox, they played a very important role – they are always waving the anti-Communist bogey to justify a higher spiritual level of Western civilization. And now they have it there – and only Russia can really embody a Christian civilization. And European Christians are waiting for this from us. Our statesmen must realize it to be at the level of the challenge.”

“Many representatives of our political elite had a very false idea of what times we used to be Communists, that is left, then we should feel better about the current European left – says Narochnitskaya. – I always argued that on the contrary, konzervativna European politician or public figure, the more sympathy he refers to Russia if it preserves the identity, autonomy, conservatism. This gives them respect. And they are much closer to the core of Russia, which could not be crushed, no matter what the perturbations of the upper layer. And the left is now involved in the global project neotrotskistskogo dimensional world and think already liberal clichés.”

According to Narochnitskaya, many European conservatives do not know anything about Russia, used to think that we have a Communist:

“But all the things they do not like in the USSR, has moved to Brussels: the rejection of sovereignty, committed universalist promise in foreign policy, the notion that national interests now consist of democracy and human rights, the apotheosis of which are parades of sexual minorities. And when European Catholics say this, they are very surprised, they have sympathy for us. From my personal experience with European Catholic aristocracy – this small, not very noticeable, supporting very close ties around the world group – I can see how they konzervativna and how their world closer to ours. And ideological values and determines a political position. For example, I have almost with European conservatives overall judgment on many political positions, including Syria.”

New contacts, new demand recognition, says Narochnitskaya:

“I know that Catholic parents teach their children is the same as the parent-Orthodox. Our Catholic Church recognizes marriage and baptism – no one is rebaptized Catholics who converted to Orthodoxy. We never called each other heretics, only schismatics. History, of course, a burden to our relations, especially proselytizing by the Latin West. But now, I think, in Western Europe genuine Christians realize that we can no longer, as two greedy bear, divide the cheese, and it will remain only a measly scraps. We need to preserve what is, to reinvigorate the spirit that still motivates the majority of people who wonder, where did these ugly phenomenon has already been applying not just for the right to exist and to be recognized the only true.

Need to find the lost under the ashes of fires of the connection between us is long overdue. Think visionary people on both sides will find the strength to reject stereotypes and to unite efforts. Need to save any significant amount of cooperation. If it is, then both sides will feel that now is not the time to argue, we must set aside what divides tasks of the future must unite us. This does not mean no concessions, no surrender of positions”.

“Now being a very active propaganda campaign, which attempts to present the Catholic Church as our friend and colleague, as a force that works with us, – says Olga Chetverikova. – Although it is only our desire – we see in reality is quite another. Even many traditionalist Catholics recognize that the Pope actually performs an audit of Christian values and Christian morality. Besides, not Europe because integrated into our value system and we are trying to integrate into Europe – as a member of the Council of Europe we have a certain program that is based on the recognition of human rights. The game is played by their rules, and they use these rules to their advantage. We need to set their goals, to develop their programs and implement them consistently”.


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