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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Nowhere Lukashenko is not going anywhere”: the expert assessed the prospects of the Russian-Belarusian conflict

Russian-Belarusian political and economic conflict becomes every hour more and more intensity. How far can the confrontation? Can it lead to Alliance rupture? To the questions “MK” responds the Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Zharikhin.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

The latest news from “Belorussian front”: the introduction by the Rosselkhoznadzor restrictions on exports of beef and beef offal from all enterprises in Minsk region. Shortly before it the President of Belarus instructed the interior Ministry to initiate a criminal case against the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert. In addition, according to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus sues Russia – due to the reduction in Russian oil supplies. We also recall that two days ago the Director of the Russian FSB gave the order to set the border zone in the border with Belarus the Russian regions, which caused sharp negative reaction of Minsk.

Vladimir Leonidovich, this is after all, the first crisis in Russian-Belarusian relations. Your sense of all over, as always – cute will nabratsya, niteshade, and everything will return to normal – or at this time there is another scenario?

– Well, you were right to say everything, as always. This kind of pseudobacteremia Alexander G. arranges annually – before you haggle over the price of energy. This was another “tour”. But I this time much liked the reaction of our leadership – quite cool. Previously, she was a bit nervous: there have been attempts to declare Lukashenko abnormal, and the like. Now everything is very calm. Lukashenka has this style: If they say, don’t knock off prices, I go there. Thus he provokes some, so to speak, stir in some of our media and political circles of Russia. Our liberals are starting to say: “you see, even Lukashenko and he’s leaving us. One North Korea will remain, that we how a criminal regime”. The Communists have another song: “ay-ay-ay, Belarus offend again, should they are generally all free to give, because they have preserved the Soviet Union.” Under this choir Lukashenka arrives in Moscow to negotiate about the price of oil and gas, trying to negotiate yourself better terms. And sometimes it’s him, by the way, it is possible. Therefore, to seriously discuss all these “quirks” Alexander G., I think, not worth it. Everyone understands that he’s not going anywhere.

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“Lukashenko demanded to put the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, Dankvert under nods officials



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