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Friday, March 16, 2018

In Austria detained dozens of natives of Chechnya with weapons

The Vienna police arrested more than 20 natives of Chechnya. During the RAID they had found a pistol, a rifle and a large quantity of ammunition. The detainees themselves say that just walking, and some were returning from the wedding. Chechen Diaspora in Austria – one of the largest. Only in the capital there are at least 15 thousand people.

On Saturday it became known that yesterday the police of Vienna was arrested in the district of Floridsdorf more than 20 people from Chechnya (ages 25 to 50 years) and seized weapons from them. Operation has become one of the most extensive in respect of the representatives of the Chechen Diaspora.

“Most of the radicals out of these, in particular, the Chechen, Bosnian and Albanian communities”

Police learned about the gathering of the Chechens from the locals. Arrived on the scene, police heard from the suspects that they were “just hanging out”, some have argued that is a wedding celebration. However, after the police found next to the snow gun and the machine, and then seized a large quantity of ammunition, the place was called operational group “VEGA”.

“All were in place, 22 people were arrested,” police said, adding that the search was made of the cars of suspects.

On Saturday, the interrogation continued. The circumstances of the case have not yet been clarified until the end. However, we know that an investigation under the article “Hostile to the state of communication,” this means that some of the detainees may be accused of terrorist activities.

As noted by the Austrian press, the local police is closely monitoring the country, the activity of numerous diasporas, particularly careful attention to the Chechen, which makes authorities more fear than Bosnian and Albanian communities.

According to the Austrian office for the protection of the Constitution, the Islamic religious community of Austria controls many community mosques (in Vienna about a hundred of them), some of which do not cooperate with local authorities. As mentioned in one of the reports of the Ministry, most of the radicals out of these, in particular, the Chechen, Bosnian and Albanian communities.

Young people in these Diaspora communities prone to radicalism for different reasons. As written, the newspaper Die Presse, in recent years the Chechens have actively participated in the fighting in Syria and in Ukraine. “In 2015, the total number of those who went to Syria to fight on the side of the IG*, is greatly reduced, but this does not mean that potential terrorists became less. The IG urged his supporters to act in the countries where they live. Apparently, this call fell in Vienna on fertile ground”, the paper said.

The Austrian foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, to mention the status of the Chechen Diaspora, noted that “integration and the fight against radicalism in our societies – a global problem, affecting both Austria and Russia.” “We can only work together on a solution, strengthening the legal framework, as well as to enhance educational activities and to conduct advocacy work,” urged the Minister.

Only in Austria, according to preliminary data, lives of 30 thousand people, one of the largest in Europe, the Chechen Diaspora, and 15 thousand – in Vienna. In Europe overall, according to various estimates, there are between 120 to 150 thousand Chechens in Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Norway and other countries.

As he wrote the German edition of Focus, “every second jihadi who travelled from Austria to Syria” – the Chechen. “In Europe, the presence of Chechen refugees has long been noted… For example, in 2014 in Celle, Germany was the brutal street clashes between Chechens and Yazidis (Kurdish ethno-confessional group), a lot of people suffered, and the Chechens “distinguished” chanting Islamic slogans. Even in refugee camps in recent times between the two ethnic groups broke out repeatedly conflicts,” the paper said.

In 2015, Austria, was sentenced to a group of ethnic Chechens for trying to join radical Islamists in Syria. They received sentences of up to 34 months in prison. Through adolescence one of the accused got suspended for a year in prison.

In 2014 in Graz in Austria on suspicion of forming a terrorist organization, was arrested 41-year-old Imam of a Chechen. This was preceded by two police operations in the local Muslim Association, were seized documents and audiovisual materials, which led to the arrest of the cleric. Claimed as a consequence, the Imam had managed to convince a couple of young Chechens from the Austrian province of Styria to go to war in Syria against the forces of President Bashar al-Assad. Subsequently, these young men joined the militants of the terrorist organization “al-Nusra Front”. It is known that four of them were killed and two were missing.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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